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2003-06-11 1:32:29 PM  
Its obvious to everyone but the courts that this whiny bench doesn't deserve to be valedictorian
2003-06-11 1:37:23 PM  
Maybe they can burn an effigy of her outside the graduation ceremony... or even during the graduation ceremony. I'd make a request to go up on stage and verbally attack her in a cleverly worded speech a la Wrestling call-out with her not being there. Then I'd give a round of applause to those who should be the REAL valedictorians.
2003-06-11 1:41:01 PM  
"... The hostile environment at the school has traumatized Blair both physically and emotionally, to the point that she cannot and will not attend the graduation ceremonies," states Jacobs' letter to John B. Comegno II, lawyer for the board.

Wahh wahh waaaaaahhhh. Might have thought about that before you sued the freakin' school, missy.
2003-06-11 1:42:20 PM  
I just don't understand her big handicap-dealie. I know that she has an immune deficiency, making her over-fatigued, but how does she expect to make it through college with that condition, especially Harvard? IMO, she got the lucky side of immune deficiencies, a friend of mine was born with cirrosis (sp?) of the liver, contracted hepatitis when he was 12, and needs bi-annual biopsies.

Maybe someone can explain to me what's so serious about her condition, I'd understand this situation better, thanks.
2003-06-11 1:43:10 PM  
I hope the class gives "non-validictorian" Kenneth Mirkin a standing-O.
2003-06-11 1:58:30 PM  
I hope the class gives "non-validictorian" Kenneth Mirkin a standing-O.

I think this bizatch needs to give him a BIG-O.
2003-06-11 2:04:03 PM  
Jesus, is this biatch just trying to piss off as many people as possible? Every time she's in the news I think "what a biatch". She sues to be Valedictorian, is found to have plagerized alot in articles she wrote, and now isn't even going to go to the graduation? fark that burn her like a witch.
2003-06-11 2:25:46 PM  
"Hornstine, who finished school early, is believed to have left town and was not available for comment."

Yeah, with her tail between her legs. Apparently, Harvard doesn't want her either from what I've heard has been published in their newspaper after her plagiarism debacle. (Don't have actual evidence of this, but that's the rumor.)
2003-06-11 2:27:40 PM  
She's a testicle.
2003-06-11 2:28:42 PM  
Everybody has a disability these days. I especially like the students who all of a sudden claim ADD or something before they have their SATs, so they will be given more time to complete them.

She started this nonsense by suing to get something she didn't deserve; now let this be her first grown-up lesson learned as an adult.
2003-06-11 2:57:02 PM  
I guess this proves something I've thought for a long time. Even the "smartest" people in the world can be complete and utter jackasses given the proper environment.
2003-06-11 2:57:12 PM  
It's not that she didn't deserve valedictorian status; it's just that that a) she wasn't the only one who deserves it, or b) she completely overreacted to not being the sole winner of a title that will ultimately mean nothing outside of college.

If she were thinking clearly, I would think that she couldn't possibly believe that her actions have been worth the consequences. Judging from the debacle, though, I'd imagine that her mind works in such twisted ways that she sees herself as the slighted hero in all of this, fighting for what's right against the opposed masses.
2003-06-11 3:31:14 PM  
I'll lay odds that this farking waste of oxygens "immune deficiency" is something along the lines of a pollen allergy. Karma biatch.
2003-06-11 3:41:36 PM  
isnt this the same biatch that forged newspaper articles?
2003-06-11 4:04:12 PM  
One and the same Supichoo.
2003-06-11 4:18:24 PM  
Good riddance.
2003-06-11 4:31:18 PM  
I love that they are both going to go to harvard. There is just sooo much potential there for pay back.
2003-06-11 5:19:46 PM  

Next in the line of "I'm the victim" whines:

"Mommy and Daddy put me up to it. Daddy's a lawyer and a
control freak. I had no say in the matter. Now everybody
hates me. Why does everybody hate me?"

/Have fun flunking college... then suing your professors.
2003-06-11 5:20:37 PM  
I Hate this biatch I havent liked her since the first article I dont believe she deserves she aint even going GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
2003-06-11 5:22:39 PM  
If some how this waste of space makes it to Harvard, I hope she gets roomed with an evil evil girl who will make her life a living hell. Even if she gets a single, her dormmates will probably make her want to go back to NJ.
2003-06-11 5:22:43 PM  
It still amazes me that people sue over petty crap like this and are surprised when there is a backlash. Hello cause, meet effect.....
2003-06-11 5:22:49 PM  
Allow me to reiterate: Why would Harvard pick her over me? I use Fark and stuff, all she does it die from allergens. It's an easy choice. Come on Harvard admissions..
2003-06-11 5:24:55 PM  
I'm really not very bothered by any of this.
2003-06-11 5:25:15 PM  
Anybody see or sign the online petition to keep her out of Harvard? I can't remember the link or I'd post it. I think I was number 1500 or so, and that was the same day the link about her plagerizing (sp, I know) was up. Must be an ass-load of signatures by now.
2003-06-11 5:26:02 PM  
If I were her mother, I'd make her go.
This is a wonderful chance for a life-lesson, and she and her family are taking the pussy way out.
18 and off to university is a wonderful time for the first lesson on how to clean up and face up to a mess you've made.
2003-06-11 5:26:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-11 5:26:37 PM  
"Have fun flunking college... then suing your professors."

No Sh-t! I predict in 4 years that the lawsuits will be flying for valedictorian of Harvard, or wherever hell else she goes. I think she should have to attend Indiana Basin Silt college after all this crap. Or be killed.
2003-06-11 5:26:41 PM  
this is news?

you people are whining about a girl who is whiny.

i guess i'm also whining about people that are whining, but still.
2003-06-11 5:27:34 PM  
Did we keep her out of Harvard?
2003-06-11 5:27:44 PM  
06-11-03 05:26:41 PM WongFeiHong

LOL: a meta-whine.
2003-06-11 5:27:57 PM  
It doesn't matter that she isn't going to her graduation anyways: in her memory just have another student stand in her place and read a speech plagirized from the previous year's graduation.
2003-06-11 5:27:57 PM  
"Our public comment at this time is no comment,"
damn, that's deep...
2003-06-11 5:28:45 PM  
someone post her pic
2003-06-11 5:28:56 PM  
Daddy files another lawsuit in

2003-06-11 5:29:10 PM  
2003-06-11 5:29:16 PM  
2003-06-11 5:29:30 PM  
Actually, WongFeiHong,, you're whining about people
who are whining about a girl who is whining.
/And guess what that means I'm doing right now? ;)
2003-06-11 5:30:06 PM  
Handicapped? Acne isn't a handicap, missy.
2003-06-11 5:30:15 PM  
"... The hostile environment at the school has traumatized Blair both physically and emotionally, to the point that she cannot and will not attend the graduation ceremonies," states Jacobs' letter to John B. Comegno II, lawyer for the board.

No shiat. Anyway, who really gives a fark if you're the only validictorian? Is it gonna matter in four years when you go for a job interview?
2003-06-11 5:30:26 PM  
Holy crap, my first approved submitted link. I think I'm going to cry...
2003-06-11 5:30:54 PM  
Alright, it was dumb of the school to name more than one valedictorian, but Jesus -H- Christ!
My guess is this girl whined to her sue-happy mom about not being sole valedictorian and after that it was completely out of her hands and she just went along for the ride. I can't think of any reason that you would want to be sole valedictorian of a school that hates the hell out of you..

Twatwaffle. (BTW, whoever made up that word is a GENIUS!)
2003-06-11 5:31:01 PM  
What a farking biatch. Boo farking hoo, you have to share your valedictorian. We have like six. EVERY YEAR. Get over it, shiat happens.
2003-06-11 5:31:13 PM  
The stellar student, who suffers from an immune system disorder similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, sued the district to preempt its plan to change board policy and allow the school to award valedictorian honors to another student.

Kadri, who said he acted on complaints by other parents, students and members of the community, maintained that Hornstine's state classification as a disabled student gave her an advantage over other high-achieving students.

In a stinging rebuke of the Moorestown position, however, a federal judge found that Kadri and the board had discriminated against Hornstine by attempting to apply their proposed valedictorian policy to her retroactively.

Well, the first time I heard about this, a few details were left out. If she really was supposed to be the only valedictorian originally, but then a bunch of parents and the school board tried to get the rules changed after the fact to award it to someone else, that's actually pretty low. I think that's different than if she was going to share it in the first place and sued to take it all for herself.
2003-06-11 5:32:24 PM  
Oh yeah cleft-lip surgeries only cost $250, in a previous article it said her fund raising efforts raised enough to provide one surgery. Her father is a judge. Gee, who thinks daddy just gave her money so she could brag about it?
2003-06-11 5:32:33 PM  
Her forehead looks like a suitable host for a bukkake party.
2003-06-11 5:33:07 PM  
I am telling my friend that intends on attending Harvard next year to get this biatch extremely drunk, embarass her in anyway possible.

Then post them on the internet.

Step 3: Profit!
2003-06-11 5:33:56 PM  
Sign the petition to keep her sorry ass out of Harvard.
2003-06-11 5:35:08 PM  
great. now I bet her family's gonna sue because she can't make it to the ceremony because she's too traumatized by the backlash against the lawsuit for her trauma from having to share valedictorian honors.

karma is gonna hit these whiny biatches hard.
2003-06-11 5:36:13 PM  
I'm confused, I haven't read any of the previous articles but this one makes it seem as though she earned the right to be sole valedictorian but the schoolboard deemed that her 'handicap' gave her an unfair advantage and decided to give the honour to someone else.

Did I completely missunderstand the article or what?
2003-06-11 5:37:02 PM  
A petition has been started to rescind her admission to Harvard

Rescind Blair Hornstine's Admission to Harvard

I can think of no worthier cause.
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