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(Some Guy)   Eavesdropping on the front lines reveals Taliban is a tad short tempered (hilarious)   ( afgha.com) divider line
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2001-10-09 10:42:59 AM  
Even the cactus is described as "angry".
2001-10-09 10:51:47 AM  
I dont get it.
2001-10-09 10:55:01 AM  
Laphroig, you're not alone
2001-10-09 10:56:48 AM  
2001-10-09 10:57:48 AM  
Reciting the Koran.

From memory.

2001-10-09 10:59:21 AM  
"At 42, and after 20 years of fighting, he talks with the voices of machine gun in the background, wallpaper music that he doesn't seem to notice."

2001-10-09 11:02:59 AM  
"The control tower, its windows gone for decades, has lost part of its roof to a Taliban rocket. A Russian machine gun, the length of a car, with bullets as long as a pencil sits silent and waiting."

What happened next!?! How did the story end? My god, now can they keep us hanging like that?!
2001-10-09 11:06:33 AM  
*yawn* I feel like an allied bomber just flew over my head, totally missed this one
2001-10-09 11:06:44 AM  
What a poorly-written piece of crap! I read some paragraphs two or three times...and they still weren't clear.
2001-10-09 11:13:02 AM  
Maybe I'm dull or it's too early, but tell me that was satire.
2001-10-09 11:20:26 AM  
I'm sure the poor English translation made it a little more confusing.
2001-10-09 11:30:34 AM  
homo said what?
2001-10-09 11:31:03 AM  
"Bin-e Bin-e Ladin-e, Banana-nana Ho Ninny, Fe Fi Fo Bin-e..."

or, the afore mentioned:

"Hey mister Taliban give-a me Osama, daylight come and me bomb-a your home..."
2001-10-09 11:36:24 AM  
I think hilarious was a bit of an over estimation...
2001-10-09 11:48:56 AM  
What was that? I'm confused.
2001-10-09 11:53:01 AM  
1) Some people don't speak English.

2) They have to "translate" their "language" to English.

3) Most times this doesn't work perfectly because Star Trek isn't real.

Now go re-read the article and imagine a group of Northern Alliance guys with a walky-talky talking smack to the Taliban guys less than a couple of miles away.
2001-10-09 11:53:23 AM  
I think it's hilarious - you have to pay attention, though; it's written as a diary entry, clearly hastily considering the war that's going on. However, it's more insightful into the goings-on than media in the US, better than anything we can get from CNN:

"How long do you think you can survive without Pakistan now that Pakistan has stopped supporting you and is backing the Americans?"

"fark you and fark the Pakistanis."
2001-10-09 12:29:24 PM  
That was pretty funny. It's nice to see that the northern alliance guys have a sence of humor.

I also like their attitued. Paitent, cautious, with a general "whatever" attitued toward us getting involved. Appearently they learned from the Kurds when it comes to dealing with us...
2001-10-09 12:32:53 PM  
Alliance: Hello? I'm looking for someone named "Hug In'kiss." First name "Amantu".

bin Laden to Taliban: Hey - phone call for Amantu Hug In'Kiss. Yo! I'm looking for Amantu Hug In'Kiss!"

[snickers in the background]

bin Laden [on phone]: You filthy infidel! I will find out who you are and feed you to the goats!
2001-10-09 12:40:44 PM  
Robyn: Astute point. I hope we don't abandon them like we have with so many insurgents, etc. in the past. We've had a real bad diplomatic "fair-weather-friend" streak in our past.
2001-10-09 12:48:10 PM  
Diogenes- Yeah, like we did with the Taliban.
2001-10-09 12:49:12 PM  
I thought it was a pretty cool article. Sounds like the Taliban is pissed-off and left on their own. It also sounds like we need to be talking to the Northern Alliance and making Russia stick to their story about giving them weapons (if we really want to get this party started).
2001-10-09 01:07:31 PM  
Fun is this Commander Baba Jan.

Obviously Mister Big Shot.

"The Americans are not talking to us. Even Commanders like me."

I'll bet he's in charge of almost five men, and can both read AND write!
2001-10-09 01:07:58 PM  
And check out The Beast from the video store.
2001-10-09 01:12:25 PM  
I can't stand that infernal wallpaper music. farkin' punk kids with their hot rods and wallpaper music!
2001-10-09 01:15:28 PM  
2001-10-09 01:40:21 PM  
rat a tat
rat a tat
rat a tat

boom boom boom

2001-10-09 01:43:02 PM  
Ha ha ha thud. Whoops, just laughed my head off.
2001-10-09 01:43:16 PM  
hilarious and scary

northern alliance is just another taliban in waiting
2001-10-09 01:45:17 PM  
fairly well written but not very funny. Was that funny?
2001-10-09 02:17:23 PM  
2001-10-09 02:22:41 PM  
"In the corner a 16-year-old boy, his eyes painted with black coal, begins reciting by heart from the Koran, and older men begin to shake and moan."

i didn't know nambla had a chapter in afganistan.
2001-10-09 02:24:12 PM  
Please remember what John Lennon said!

"I've got boogers on my fingers"
2001-10-09 02:34:31 PM  
Getting circumcised at 6 years old without anaesthetic?

No WONDER they're perpetually pissed off!!
2001-10-09 04:26:16 PM  
Sonny- I think the shaking and moaning of the older men is supposed to lull the "circumcisee" to sleep. Reciting the entire Koran also helps in this aspect.
2001-10-09 04:33:55 PM  
This is a repost from a UK newspaper: the original article is at http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4273280,00.html

It's not satire: Maggie O'Kane is a well known war reporter who is in northern Afghanistan. It reads fine to me.
2001-10-09 04:42:37 PM  
fark you and fark the Pakistanis

Sound like devout and pious muslims to me.
2001-10-09 05:24:28 PM  
They use opium as an anasthetic! Maybe one of the reasons they live in such squalor is because they are all smacked out???
2001-10-09 05:37:47 PM  
I thought the article was written excellently.

Very heavy stuff going down, brothers.
2001-10-09 08:23:35 PM  
by far the best article i've read about this whole thing. i really like the "wallpaper music" thing that people don't seem to get. even if it's the result of bad translation, it's quite descriptive. think of your desktop wallpaper, always in the background. the machine gune fire is music that's always in the background. DUH FOOLS~!

cnn nausiates me
2001-10-09 09:53:04 PM  

You think they touched a nerve with the Pakistan comment?
2001-10-10 01:22:35 AM  
Sounds to me like these people are so bored with their miserable existences that U.S./British bombing is welcomed
by all just because it changes the background noise. It also seems to emphasize that while we'd really like the help of the Northern Alliance we can't get into 'bed' with them. History has proven that they would just screw up Afghanistan but in a different way then the Taliban already has. There also seems the underlying message that U.S. ground troops when they come will have major difficulty in the middle of an old and tired war among people who seem to value life very little and only have their cause and their religion to live for. Dying is easy, living is not.
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