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(Washington Post)   Republicans to learn Spanish to get Hispanic votes. Phrases "Yo quiero para usted a tener un corte de impuestos" and "Soy un uniter, no un divisor" emphasized   ( divider line
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2198 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jun 2003 at 1:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-09 11:16:55 AM  
Uno mas cervesa. Donde es tu bano?
2003-06-09 11:26:32 AM

For those of you who need translating - this is Babelfish. Go and translate, so that thy comments will be coherent and Fark-worthy.
2003-06-09 11:41:50 AM  

California has the largest latino population and many will remember the fact that during elections in cities like Anaheim, the republicans hired armed guards to make sure that no ileagal Mexican immigrants were trying to vote. Now they are trying to get their vote.
2003-06-09 01:48:55 PM  
Mil puntos de luz
2003-06-09 01:49:17 PM  
My favortie joke in Spanish:

Q: Cual es el pollo mas lindo?
A: [pointing to self] po-llo.

It's much better in person.
2003-06-09 01:49:38 PM  
I'm sure most of this thread will be filled with the slightly bashing variety of posts. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I think it's a good thing.
2003-06-09 01:49:38 PM  
Yo quiero chupar la panocha de NB.
2003-06-09 01:50:08 PM  
No hablo espanol. Would like to learn, but I know no one who speaks it. I think learning ASL would be pretty cool, too.
2003-06-09 01:51:23 PM  
Wouldn't the Republicans have a better chance of getting their votes if they couldn't understant what they were saying?!
2003-06-09 01:51:55 PM  
Su madre come mi carne.
2003-06-09 01:52:41 PM  
Tadpole & MisterPickles....which one of the sentences are correct? they are slightly different...
2003-06-09 01:53:31 PM  
Oh, I understand now...

"Hey latinos, get your traseros out of my pais!"
2003-06-09 01:53:54 PM  
See, this is why I mow my own lawn.
2003-06-09 01:55:23 PM  
You know what bugs me out?

Volkswagon commercials in Spanish. In the middle of an English TV show.

2003-06-09 01:55:33 PM  
Democratos = Diablos!!!
2003-06-09 01:55:54 PM  
Translation from headline: I want for you to be having one tax court.

/dying from awful grammar

2003-06-09 01:55:54 PM  
A Californian Republicans two favorite spanish words are La Migra.
2003-06-09 01:56:11 PM  
los republicans y democrats es los cerdos del mundo.
2003-06-09 01:56:18 PM  

Mister pickles is asking where is the bathroom and Tadpole is asking where is YOUR bathroom. Oh yeah, and it's por favor (just splitting hairs).
2003-06-09 01:56:50 PM  
Lo golpeara!
2003-06-09 01:56:51 PM  
Liberals need to retalliate by learning how to speak like republicans. There's room for bad humor there somewhere.
2003-06-09 01:57:33 PM  
illegal Mexican immigrants cannot vote so why not keep them out of polling places? Some states think that showing a driver's liscense is discrimanatory. Why? The right to vote is an American right, not for illegals, not for dead people, not for felons. Many Mexicans are actually quite conservative and have fast growing elected representation in government.
2003-06-09 01:58:35 PM  
think learning ASL would be pretty cool, too

15, F, wherever you want me, baby!

/couldn't resist...don't hurt me
2003-06-09 01:58:46 PM  
What do you get when you cross a Mexican with an octopus?
2003-06-09 01:58:47 PM  
A friend of mine works for the USGS and gets to drive around a white truck with the lights on top. He pulled into a construction site once and watched nearly everyone split because they thought he was INS. Hehehe
2003-06-09 01:59:35 PM  
or they can learn english before they are allowed to vote.
2003-06-09 01:59:37 PM  
Might I take the time to remind everyone that the USA has no official language, so you have no right to complain if someone doesn't speak your language.

...aaaaaand they're off...

2003-06-09 01:59:38 PM  
06-09-03 01:54:18 PM Shumz

I probably shouldn't laugh at that, but I am anyway.
2003-06-09 01:59:39 PM  
Better than the usual Republican statement in Spanish:

"Tengo diarrea muy mala. Llveme al hospital."
2003-06-09 02:00:28 PM  

Many mexicans are conservative, but tend to vote Democrat. I think the whole keeping illegals out of the polling places was a reaction to Bob Dornan getting beat by Loretta Sanchez in the senate or house (can't remember right now). Dornan was the uber republican and accused Sanchez of cheating and getting illegals to vote.
2003-06-09 02:00:32 PM  
What do you get when you cross a Mexican with an octopus?

I dunno but it can pick a lot of lettuce
2003-06-09 02:01:21 PM  
Skrewewe, skrewewe.
2003-06-09 02:01:26 PM  
I didn't post the punchline because I had faith that other Farkers would be up on racist jokes too.
2003-06-09 02:01:27 PM  
Pandering to the illegal immigrant lobby is pathetic.
The GOP is dead.
2003-06-09 02:02:31 PM  
mi chiste favorito:

Un hombre camina en un almacen espanol y pide calcetines. pero el no sabe decir "calcetines". Finalmente el los senala y el vendedor dice "Eso si que es". El hombre dice "si usted podria deletrearlo, por que no decirlo?"

Stupid? Yes.
2003-06-09 02:02:40 PM  
That's "una mas cerveza," pendejo!
2003-06-09 02:03:29 PM  
Xtremehkr: "California has the largest latino population and many will remember the fact that during elections in cities like Anaheim, the republicans hired armed guards to make sure that no ileagal Mexican immigrants were trying to vote. Now they are trying to get their vote."

What's the weather like on your planet? Tell me when a political party can station "armed guards" at a polling place?

Libs are now becoming hallucinogenic. Or else it's the standard college student perception.
2003-06-09 02:04:40 PM  
Deport them all...every last one.
Learn OUR language or leave I say.
2003-06-09 02:04:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
flame on!
2003-06-09 02:05:02 PM  
Most Cubans are already republicans. I don't know the leaning of the other hispanics.
2003-06-09 02:05:56 PM  
06-09-03 01:57:33 PM Bellefromhell

If you want to vote illegally (is that spelled rite?), the place where you make the critical move is in registration. Once you're registered and you have proper ID (like a driver's license), you cannot be kept from the polling place. The real purpose of the armed guards at the polling place was to intimidate people who are entitled to vote. Same as the poll tax under Jim Crow. The place to keep noncitizens from voting is at the registration step. That's not real secure however.
2003-06-09 02:06:36 PM  
Amo a republicanos
2003-06-09 02:06:39 PM  
Oh, and the other one,that ends with the wife telling her friend about her husband, "Computa todo el dia, computa toda la noche, computa las fines de semanas..."

That one is better if I tell it in person, too.
2003-06-09 02:07:03 PM  
It's the Arabs we hate now. So you can feel safe that we will protect you from that next group of horrible immigrants.
2003-06-09 02:07:08 PM  
06-09-03 02:03:29 PM Rockdrummer

You are incorrect. This actually happened in Anaheim. There was a really strong backlash, and Ms. Sanchez was elected to Congress.
2003-06-09 02:07:19 PM  
</i>, dammit.
2003-06-09 02:07:28 PM  
CatchrNdRy:I don't know but it can sure pick a hell of a lot of tomatoes.
2003-06-09 02:07:50 PM  
The border bunnies have already overtaken blacks as largest minority and are now gunning for us. We must not allow our nation to be overrun. This is for keeps folks.
2003-06-09 02:08:38 PM  
Ha, ha, so there.
2003-06-09 02:08:41 PM  
Nadie se debe forzar a aprender ingles. Si usted puede hacer su es vivir apenas espanol de speeking que eso es fino.
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