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(BBC)   Could Barry Manilow be cool one day? Walls give a resounding "no"   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely  
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3698 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jun 2003 at 12:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-06-08 12:48:57 PM  
LMAO, great headline
2003-06-08 01:02:26 PM  
I don't even think my parents think Barry Manilow is cool, but he IS talented. The elusive element for him seems to be making music that people younger than 65 want to listen to.
2003-06-08 01:02:48 PM  
<----------- She doesn't think so.
2003-06-08 01:04:32 PM  
barry manilow broke his nose this week.. he woke up 'disoriented' and walked into a wall in his bedroom, and then passed out for 4 hours.
2003-06-08 01:05:11 PM  
Zorba's Top Stock Tip of the Week:

Invest in rhinoplasty.
2003-06-08 01:05:15 PM  
The pictures on that SbB ad need to change fast. It's impossible to concentrate with a bikini-clad Colene staring at me.
2003-06-08 01:06:37 PM  
Barry Manilow even thinks he's lame.
2003-06-08 01:07:38 PM  
Craig Kilborn certainly seems to like him.

I'm not sure what that means though...
2003-06-08 01:08:28 PM  
Musically speaking, yeah the guy is talented. However the stuff he writes just plain sucks. It's the same deal with the BeeGees. Sure they're good instrumentalists and (I guess) "good" falsetto singers, but it's hard to take them seriously. The only other group I can think of that fits in this category is Mr. Bungle. You can tell by the way they play that they're honestly good musicians, but the subject they produce is so farked up, I can't listen to it for more than 30 seconds at a time. And that's coming from a musician who likes screwy meter like you find in Tool.
2003-06-08 01:08:33 PM  
Barry's last name is Manilow? - Road Trip
2003-06-08 01:09:49 PM  
wow, that rant went nowhere.
2003-06-08 01:11:13 PM  
Barry Manilow? Nope.

However, Barry White = King of Cool.
2003-06-08 01:12:09 PM  

You man you don't love the musical genius that is "Squeeze Me Macaroni"?

I do like the song Carosel alot but Mr. Bungle really is too weird. I will say that I would never have believed someone could succesfully compare Barry Mnilow and Mr Bungle though.
2003-06-08 01:13:28 PM  
I will not apologize for the fact that I like at least SOME of what Manilow has put out over the years. I'm not too macho to admit that "Even Now" has brought tear to my eye on more than one occasion.

Now if only he could stop calling Bette Midler a "genius" every farking time he hears her name...
2003-06-08 01:16:05 PM  
Not ever
2003-06-08 01:16:46 PM  
Barry Manilow is fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Not cool, or uncool, just Barry. A lot like Neil Diamond in that regard, although I like the latter much more than the former.
2003-06-08 01:17:39 PM  

Bette was the person that helped him get going in showbiz. A little loyalty is refreshing in that town.
2003-06-08 01:20:21 PM  
Barry Manilow is cooler than this guy
2003-06-08 01:20:51 PM  
i like the song "copacabana"... apart from that, he blows.
2003-06-08 01:21:17 PM  
I don't know guys it's worked for Wayne Newton.
I think thats the kind of "cool" they are talking about.
Dont expect Barry videos to start showing up on MTV but do expect him to become a Vegas staple like Wayne.
2003-06-08 01:21:33 PM  
neil diamond > barry manilow
2003-06-08 01:21:59 PM  
Yeah, I hear Barry will have a role in the next James Bond film.
2003-06-08 01:22:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-08 01:22:26 PM  
card carrying holder of the ** Barry Manilow fan club **

/1982 i think

lmao ...lmao....takes a breath ....lmao....lmao
2003-06-08 01:26:00 PM  
no no, yanni defies "cool" or "uncool" because he's not actually part of pop culture. he's off in new age massage therapist / old hippie / elevator music programmers culture.
2003-06-08 01:28:20 PM  
I'm just hoping this thread is a result of everyone under 40 still being in bed with a hangover.
2003-06-08 01:29:58 PM  
I raid his wardrobe. But he doesn't know it....
2003-06-08 01:31:15 PM  
Well, he's already cool. In a "Zamfir - Master-Of-The-Pan-Flute" sort of way...
2003-06-08 01:32:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

here it is...
2003-06-08 01:36:18 PM  
Nice one, OregonVet!
2003-06-08 01:36:22 PM  
Listen to this while reading the thread. For a little inspiration....
2003-06-08 01:40:48 PM  
Yannis music is actually quite nice (in a background music kind of way), he just looks so...uh...
2003-06-08 01:48:18 PM  
OK, I never really knew the lyrics to BM's songs until Me First and the Gimme Gimmes started to cover, I can proudly say that I know every word to I Write The Songs and Mandy (you came and you gave without taking)

/but Neil Diamond kicks so much more butt, and he has added chutzpa
2003-06-08 01:53:01 PM  
From the article:
"...lachrymose posturings of Johnnie Ray and Liberace's singular brand of vulgarity..."

I always friggin though Johnnie Ray was lachrymose! This proves it.

His vast house in Palm Springs, which he shares with his long-term partner Linda Allan...

Had him pegged as a poofter. You learn something new EVERYT SINGLE DAY!
2003-06-08 01:55:28 PM  
Niel Diamond farkin rocks... he's like a white smokey robinson
2003-06-08 01:57:54 PM  
Barry Manilow raids Niel Diamond's wardrobe
2003-06-08 01:58:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available] you?
2003-06-08 01:58:51 PM  
I'd hit it but I'm afraid it'd hit back
2003-06-08 02:04:56 PM  

I'm a massage therapist and I WILL NOT own any Yanni (or, for that matter, John Tesh or Enya). That stuff makes me puke.
2003-06-08 02:07:42 PM  
Copacabana - "the hottest sport north of Havana"

Excuse me, but I believe it's "the hottest spot north of Havana"!

2003-06-08 02:12:04 PM  
Looks like he made it.
2003-06-08 02:21:40 PM  
Barely Mannilow?

2003-06-08 02:30:14 PM  
Just admit it. Everyone secretly knows that Barry Manilow songs are good. You just don't want to let your friends know.

/Goes back to singing copa cabana
2003-06-08 02:38:26 PM  
Handel's Messiah is pretty damned spiffy also, but I don't go around humming it. Being a good song doesn't mean I have to like it, just like being a popular song doesn't mean I have to like it
2003-06-08 02:47:27 PM  

I'm just hoping this thread is a result of everyone under 40 still being in bed with a hangover

Age has nothing to do with this one. I'm over 40 and will soon be running to the john to puke at the thought what's his fark. It's all I can do just to read this thread. I grew up in the 70's and was basically forced to listen to his crap! It was farking everywhere.

/Neil Diamond would kick Barry Pinkus's ass!
2003-06-08 02:49:32 PM  
Mandy kicks ass. It's a good song. Yay!
2003-06-08 02:52:01 PM  
wow. I'm in the minority here, I'm 21 and like Barry Manilow and think he's kind of cool. I have even seen him in concert. But he's still nowhere near as cool as Tom Jones.
2003-06-08 02:52:28 PM  
My nightmare has come true: a Fark thread about Barry Manilow. (Yes, he is talented; no, it just doesn't do it for me.)
2003-06-08 02:57:57 PM  
Making fun of Barry Manilow...soooo cutting edge, yes?

STILL the best live show I've ever seen. And I've seen
most Old Buttrock or New Trendiness acts you care to mention.

The man is a SHOWMAN. Word.
2003-06-08 03:01:45 PM  
This article didn't mention all the commercial jingles which are Manilow's credit.

As a melody / hook writer, he is among the best.

"I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony, I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company."

"Like a good neighbor, Staet Farm is there.."

these and many others to his credit. When people talk about the Work and the Craft of making music, this Manilow guy had it. You can bet he has a card, and if I were paying money for a jingle he would get a call from me.
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