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24204 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jun 2003 at 1:39 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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‘’ 2012-05-03 12:54:05 PM  
worse hobbies? like smoking, smoking, and drinking?
‘’ 2012-05-03 1:15:42 PM  
I only have about 7K in guitars.
‘’ 2012-05-03 2:11:37 PM  
Do you have a keytar?
‘’ 2012-05-03 2:12:12 PM  
i have a keyboard tie
‘’ 2012-05-03 2:20:10 PM  
No, but I have a tuxedo t-shirt.
‘’ 2012-05-03 2:33:23 PM  

HAMMERTOE: Th Kashmir ]

I'd like to learn that on the mandy.
Just hope I don't hear a cover by Evan Marshall first.
‘’ 2012-05-03 2:34:55 PM  
Evan Marshall can you imagine this guy arranging kashmir?
‘’ 2012-05-03 3:10:44 PM  
I've not heard a penis yet with the tonal capability of a good Les Paul. Perhaps if capped with AA maple...
‘’ 2012-05-03 3:13:04 PM  

vudukungfu: Evan Marshall

‘’ 2012-05-03 3:13:58 PM  
An $8000 Studio? Studio Les Paul?
‘’ 2012-05-03 3:28:18 PM  
tascam 8 track
‘’ 2012-05-03 3:40:59 PM  

knobglobbler55: tascam 8 track

I have the casette one, needs some 30 minute BASFs, though.
‘’ 2012-05-03 3:44:48 PM  
no full reel to reel , 1/2 tape, if I remember correctly...yeah and i had a 4 track Portastudio too
‘’ 2012-05-03 4:19:28 PM  
Looks like the cuz and I are going in on 3 bottles of Absinthe from the family distillery in Germany for teh family reunion
‘’ 2012-05-03 4:25:43 PM  

knobglobbler55: no full reel to reel , 1/2 tape, if I remember correctly...yeah and i had a 4 track Portastudio too

Got a teac 1/4" RTR in the closet.
I only pull it out in Jan when it's cold outside and I want to listen to old national lampoon shows (from masters) on tape.
‘’ 2012-05-03 4:31:17 PM  
I went straight from nothing to computer, using mp3cut. I've got multi-tracking/ midi software, but I've never used it.
‘’ 2012-05-03 4:32:37 PM  

HAMMERTOE: I've not heard a penis yet with the tonal capability of a good Les Paul. Perhaps if capped with AA maple...

you're technique is poor

probably gripping the neck too tight

doesn't help things if you shove a lit cigarette into the head either

/strum strum, with a thumb in me bum
‘’ 2012-05-03 4:33:17 PM  
your technique is poorerer than my grammerer
‘’ 2012-05-03 7:17:19 PM  
Went over the guest list for the bachelor party I'm helping with this weekend. Most have been in the local mug shot round up. Should be interesting.
I'm part of the live music. I'm not worried, though, We're taking car keys and weapons away from guests as they arrive.
‘’ 2012-05-03 8:48:15 PM  
Got food on the cheep
trailer park boy standards.
Easy to eat
easy to regurgitate
Hot dogs
Philadelphia Phil style
with buns, and pallets to burn.
A fire circle, and rain on the way to protect us from burning down the forest.
(forset, in Rikkyism)
Acoustic instruments of destruction.
and a bag full of fireworks.
Printed out a bunch of raunchy jokes to tell, because we couldn't convince any respectable pimps or strippers to go to a deer camp to entertain a bunch of recidivist miscreants.
We plan on having a neighbor show up with fake cop lights @ 2AM to shut us down, and make them all bunk out for the night.
(human engineering)
and just to make sure every thing goes as planned, We are going to
Make breakfast burritos for the surviving members of the holocaust of hilarity.
‘’ 2012-05-03 8:52:38 PM  
Everyone gets to save face, telling of a ribald time wherein just as the party peaked, and the fire was out of fuel, the cops converged, and shut it down, and since 69% of the attendees are on probation or parole, they have to spend the night. Well, fed, and leaving in the AM, they have a righteous excuse for having to be locked down for the night for their spouses, and no evidence of strippers. Unless anyone gets out of hand, in which case, I reserve the right to pour glitter inside their passed out skivvies.
, you on board with this plan?
‘’ 2012-05-03 8:54:35 PM  
Also, any one who is a real dick, gets a ciggy loaded with a firecracker parked in their pocket.
/just sayin'
‘’ 2012-05-03 9:02:47 PM  
just got the call the party has been moved indoors. and they want some hard core vids.
I'm like , ok
but all I have is hard core.
they want like girl on girl tuff stuff
All I got is serious BDSM action with monkeys and shait.
So I have to swing by the store and pick up something "lite" in the pr0n dept.
Wish me luck?
Any sugestions?
‘’ 2012-05-03 9:14:15 PM  
All I can find is (and where in the fark did my Jean Claude VanDame DVD end up?) is Tiny White Girls, (Ironic, because the bride to be is neither tiny, nor white, and definitely not feminine) and Leather Bound Dykes From Hell ( so apropos, given that the boys are such manly men.) so this should be good.
‘’ 2012-05-03 9:19:35 PM  
I should get a bunch of lady boy vids, with surprise endings, but I don't want the party to go all clockwork orange. Oh, well,
I'll be out tomorrow prepping the "zone" hiding and locking down guns, and shiat, and then saturday, getting things ready. Count on me back here Sunday PM, to spill beans on how it went downhill.

Why are you all standing around gaping like goatsee?

Wait, that's it.
I'mma rip the connection from the wifi to the Wii and get the remote to load up goatsee, and tubgrill, and put the farking shocker to them. They dont' really know what the innertubes are. This should be a night to remember, if they don't all go screaming out into the night.

Never mind. I has a plan.
and and evil one it is.

*rubs hands together maniacally*
‘’ 2012-05-03 9:21:08 PM  
not the politics thread?
‘’ 2012-05-04 1:20:55 AM  
Hammer's pic damn near aroused me.
‘’ 2012-05-04 6:57:58 AM  
New home location had to change my work hours to beat traffic now I am in the office at 6:00 AM. I am beat :( Looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.
‘’ 2012-05-04 6:58:34 AM  
Also get my new bike on Saturday :)
‘’ 2012-05-04 8:26:11 AM  
Woke up this morning to find both my cockatiels killed by a bird of prey sometime during the night.

Damn Klingons.
‘’ 2012-05-04 8:58:19 AM  

All_Lit_UP_AGAIN: Also get my new bike on Saturday :)

you rich brat, what kind did you get?
‘’ 2012-05-04 9:47:47 AM  
hammer, what was the song/band you tuned down to C#?
‘’ 2012-05-04 10:18:34 AM  
Snuff, by Slipknot.
‘’ 2012-05-04 11:10:34 AM  

HAMMERTOE: Snuff, by Slipknot.

O.K. F#m to D or if you capo the 2nd fret Em to C why hassle with the drop tuning?
‘’ 2012-05-04 11:12:21 AM  
Because I'm an anal purist.
‘’ 2012-05-04 11:16:03 AM  
Besides, what's the point of having six dicks if you're not going to whip a different one out every few minutes for each change in position?
‘’ 2012-05-04 11:20:35 AM  
I recently bought a light saber at Disney World, specifically for the purpose of removing the LED's and installing them in the cavity of my lucite Strat Copy. So, I'll have an effective stunt-cock too. Something to make everyone "Oooh and Aaahhhh..."
‘’ 2012-05-04 11:54:21 AM  
By everyone you mean 5 year old boys?
‘’ 2012-05-04 12:29:03 PM  
Happy b-day bidet!

Damn, it feels good to finally have an ass showerer. I'll save a fortune on teepee.
‘’ 2012-05-04 1:02:04 PM  
‘’ 2012-05-04 2:52:34 PM  
and then I have to poop at work and realize that there's no bidet :-(

good day turned to a poo day
‘’ 2012-05-04 3:13:09 PM  
hurray! false alarm

but with all the fibre i've been ingesting, i expect operation dumbo drop to commence post haste
‘’ 2012-05-04 3:32:26 PM  
Poop chronicles.

Anyone have any good weekend plans? I'm going to be on campus all day tomorrow-Monday for my masters' program. Booooooooooooooooo
‘’ 2012-05-04 3:34:20 PM  
Fark Poop Forum
‘’ 2012-05-04 3:52:38 PM  
Roofing work, looks like.
‘’ 2012-05-04 4:37:07 PM  
I got a funeral to be a pall bearer at, then a wedding. Busy Saturday with scarcely any fun.
‘’ 2012-05-04 4:39:51 PM  
Band practice. Likely constipation.

Anybody got a cork-screw?
‘’ 2012-05-04 5:59:19 PM  

knobglobbler55: HAMMERTOE: Snuff, by Slipknot.

O.K. F#m to D or if you capo the 2nd fret Em to C why hassle with the drop tuning?

That particular song sounds better/heavier/more depressing tuned down.

In other news:
Is same age as me: check
Married (according to social media page): check
Grandparent: check
1000 miles away: check
Asking me if I'm single: WTF?
‘’ 2012-05-04 6:04:39 PM  
Maybe they want a third.
‘’ 2012-05-04 6:11:17 PM  

vudukungfu: you on board with this plan?

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