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‘’ 2017-11-11 6:40:45 PM  

meg12279: i have a beautiful child and life is good.  Divorced about 5 years ago.

you do have a pretty damn cute kiddo.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:41:49 PM  
was that the brazillian juzitsu dude? or the felon dude, czmilosz?  The felon was stealing stuff from his employer and selling it on e-bay
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:42:23 PM  
Sensei, wib was hot.  And he bought dinner.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:42:39 PM  
oh, boo, Rillion...  LOL
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:43:52 PM  
your boy is beautiful and funny, meg like his mom
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:44:04 PM  
I met too-oldin Cleveland so long ago!  We had a blast.  And then he tried to check out my package in the men's room.  He'll deny it.  But it's true.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:44:12 PM  
Thanks, Vern.  He makes all the tough years worth it and then some.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:44:28 PM  
and the admins are wondering WTF happened in this forum....
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:45:50 PM  
This was my most favorite thing on the internet.  And too-old was a big part of that.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:46:40 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:47:22 PM  
Me too! I spent hours and hours here
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:53:13 PM  
mutilato... hmmm reggie_jefferson
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:53:14 PM  
I still can't find what's going on.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:53:20 PM  

meg12279: [ image 425x566]

I basically take notes on the awesome things you get to do with your kid and look forward to doing things like that with mine. Your Halloween costume this year was phenomenal.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:54:18 PM  
Ha!  Your posts remind me how much I miss that age....but yes you are in for loads of fun.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:54:20 PM  
Jaxdid you buy lunch?
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:57:09 PM  
I did buy drinks and lunch for you JoeQBoo.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:58:01 PM  
Too-old,you made me laugh a lot when I desperately needed it.  I wish we could have met and I'm sorry to be reconnecting over these circumstances.

You're a badass.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:00:26 PM  
wib was on expense account, I bet
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:00:38 PM  

Jaxom: I did buy drinks and lunch for you JoeQBoo.

I thought so.  I'm sure I didn't put out.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:03:43 PM  

Sensei: and the admins are wondering WTF happened in this forum....

he is worth the wonder. Thank you for the heads up.  It's great having you around again.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:13:02 PM  
vernterv,Indeed too-old is.  He is one of the true big-hearted, never say bad, folks that ever was.  I love him dearly.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:18:25 PM  

Sensei: vernterv,Indeed too-old is.  He is one of the true big-hearted, never say bad, folks that ever was.  I love him dearly.

amen, sister.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:21:59 PM  
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:32:33 PM  
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:38:03 PM  
F that. Play as loud as you can.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:38:15 PM  
You guys should make with the cesspool comments.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:41:30 PM  
The expense account is over :/
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:41:38 PM  
Hairy, hairy, hairy balls.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:47:11 PM  
Gentlemen. Long time no read.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:47:31 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

is still very much alive
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:49:36 PM  
TNJ ! another blast from the past!  How are you?   We seemed to have missed each other in the 
FB migration.  Send me an email!
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:50:16 PM  
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:52:23 PM  
Wow this thing is not mobile friendly. Only like one comment made it through.
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:55:45 PM  
Gotta love that everyone came back for too-old.  Freakin awesome.

Even you wib.  LOL
‘’ 2017-11-11 7:57:27 PM  
How could we not?  I still would not fark most of you, in case there is any question.  even at my advanced age.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:01:34 PM  
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:01:45 PM  
That goes without saying.  Though I was curiously attracted to Boo and Wib.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:11:52 PM  
I was handsome.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:24:12 PM  
You still are, boo
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:30:40 PM  
Boo was hot!

Of course it was summer at the  Oh Oh those summer nights! Wella
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:40:33 PM  
Where the white women at?
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:41:16 PM  
Awww. Now I'm blushing
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:44:45 PM  
So what do you people want to know?  Besides how attractive people were or are.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:46:28 PM  
I think my fav comment ever on here was when muti was describing sex on the lawn with a garden hose and someone said all they could think about was how dirty they would get from the lawn.......I can't believe 7 years later I still remember that.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:48:30 PM  
I just want to know how attractive people are.  For too-old.. not me. or we can give updates.  Marriages,  divorces,  kids, thoughts on anal.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:49:40 PM  
 The weight lifter dude was twistedivory.rppp01. Ram.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:53:25 PM  
Entertain too-old, and the rest of us, vicariously...

I'll start...  I'm no longer an executive at a tech company supporting legal.  Legal brought that stuff in-house.  Company I worked for was bought and sold ... I left and ended up in insurance.  My husband died.  I'm still working in insurance and trying to figure out what to do with this big house now that my kids are all grown.  I have two beautiful grandsons.
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:55:23 PM  
Jaxyou should check your profile.  There ate some award winning comments in there
‘’ 2017-11-11 8:56:24 PM  
Twistedivory wasn't the thief, though.  Twisted went to Korea to teach English.  Did he end up being gay? or not?  Thief guy was somebody from OR, IIRC.

rppp01 was the in denial guy with four daughters who were beautiful.  I hope they are all OK.
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