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23822 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jun 2003 at 1:39 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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‘’ 2017-05-22 11:45:27 PM  
this is a legacy forum.  the only reason it's still here is because it would take effort to retire it.
‘’ 2017-06-17 8:10:12 PM  
Just got back from the World Queefing Championships.
Trump was a judge.
‘’ 2017-06-24 8:43:09 AM  
Hi kids. Just came in to say I haven't posted in a while, haven't submitted in years. Posted one thing yesterday and got a cheap green. I love Fark.
‘’ 2017-06-28 8:41:58 PM  
For those of you who remember her, rockymom passed away a couple of nights ago after a battle with cancer.
‘’ 2017-06-30 8:35:04 PM  
RIP, rock.
‘’ 2017-07-08 9:18:11 PM  
Gonna be in Seattle the next week. Anyone up for an impromptu?
‘’ 2017-07-14 10:08:08 PM  
‘’ 2017-07-20 11:19:00 PM  
‘’ 2017-07-21 2:06:15 PM  
‘’ 2017-07-26 4:08:48 AM  
Ok, everybody just shut teh fuhk up in here because y'alls just making way too much noise all up in here!
‘’ 2017-08-14 9:10:22 PM  
Rockymom, you were kind and wise. RIP.
‘’ 2017-09-08 5:34:47 PM  
Quarterbacks for the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, respectively. I suppose you could have clicked the link and taken 15 seconds to read for yourself, but I know that reading isn't really for everybody, especially people who post on a board dedicated to printed news.

Or perhaps you've come here to display some self-aggrandizing bullshiat about being above such petty things as "sportsball," in which case your Grand Edgelordity is hereby noted, and you can scurry along.
‘’ 2017-09-10 3:35:08 AM  
‘’ 2017-09-10 3:12:01 PM  
‘’ 2017-09-27 12:50:20 AM  
‘’ 2017-10-05 5:10:08 PM  
‘’ 2017-10-11 6:12:04 AM  
I'm pretty loaded right now, and I almost posted another pic of my dic, but cooler hEads I'll just say...QUEEF and impeach TRUMP. The Cheetolini. Basically a human QUEEF. How it do go this far? Nobody knows. Maybe South Park does. But fark Trump, fark Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and all those other narrow urethra 'MURICA slack jawed infidels. LINCOLN, WASHINGTON, JACKSON, and all those other guys on money be rollin' on their graves. Their Rob Graves. Oops.
‘’ 2017-10-11 6:22:11 PM  
why is this happening?
‘’ 2017-11-01 3:45:01 PM  

Also: apparently Kevin Spacey is a queer kid diddler now. Who knew?
‘’ 2017-11-09 12:25:23 AM  
too old, love ya, pal
‘’ 2017-11-10 3:28:05 PM  
What the hell?
‘’ 2017-11-10 8:40:07 PM  
Love you too-old
‘’ 2017-11-11 5:35:33 PM  
He's not dead yet
‘’ 2017-11-11 5:50:50 PM  
oldtimers, reach out to your FB buddies and let them know that this is a place to entertain, too-old.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:04:58 PM  
So many good times, Let's reminisce? Who remembers Bridey and GGracie and true love?
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:13:38 PM  
Brazillian jujitsu and captian wacky?  mutilato and consent discussions?  so far ahead of current times and so relevant?
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:16:51 PM  
butteredasian started this all.  Did we ever figure out who she was on FB? or anywhere?
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:17:47 PM  
el oh el
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:20:09 PM  
Our good friend, too-old is in hospice care.  Can we rally together and entertain him?  Ye Gods, it's been a while for me... so many new buttons.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:23:57 PM  
and you know what's funny ... this used to be a lonely hearts place, but so many of you have moved on and found love, you no longer needed this.  It's wonderful.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:28:34 PM  
hey, too-old.  I remain one of The hasn't found love ones!
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:28:53 PM  
and yet... too-old found this place when he was grieving from the death of his wife and we gave him a place to laugh and make jokes.  I found this place when I was in the middle of divorce, and loved the jokes.  I found new love and yet still loved the jokes here, my new husband didn't get this humor at all.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:30:03 PM  
''less than a minute ago
(favorite: I guess I'm just old fashioned. I like my vibrators demure and my boners turgid.)
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:31:03 PM  
Sorry, meg.  I had totally forgotten about that Fark "feature"
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:31:53 PM  
Love you too-old.  I met wib. Marveled at the sheer audacity of most everyone else.  Killing puppies is a comment I will remember forever.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:32:29 PM  

Sensei: meg12279 [ image 54x11]    
''less than a minute ago
(favorite: I guess I'm just old fashioned. I like my vibrators demure and my boners turgid.)

still true.

I came back during my divorce.  This place has some good eggs.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:32:54 PM  
Oh man.  I didnt remember my password...
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:33:48 PM  
rufie52 and wib


‘’ 2017-11-11 6:34:40 PM  
and now my husband has passed away and this place still remains.  

and too-old can use the distraction.

So post your funny stuff, you quirky life moments.  This may be easier to follow for him than those scrolls and scrolls of not news, and recipes and adverts that FB offers.

I know I find it tiresome and I'm not dying.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:36:16 PM  
I have 4 boys.  My life smells like kid feet and farts
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:37:06 PM  
oh Jaxom, was wib as hot in real life?
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:37:19 PM  
I wasn't looking for love.  I came for the pics and stayed for the anal. Though now I'm ok if I can borrow some love.  Or rent it.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:38:03 PM  
Checking in!!!
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:38:19 PM  
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:38:44 PM  
i have a beautiful child and life is good.  Divorced about 5 years ago.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:38:52 PM  
Who was the weight lifting dude?
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:38:56 PM  
czmilosz you're as hot as anyone ever was here.  4 boys!  Super sperms!
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:39:10 PM  
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:39:44 PM  
I really wish I had my old copy pasta file!

Love you, John.
‘’ 2017-11-11 6:39:57 PM  
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