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24237 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jun 2003 at 1:39 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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‘’ 2012-04-20 6:26:50 AM  
Couldn't find my non-workout shorts this morning. Other than my cut offs.

Guess I'm buying knee pants in San Juan.
‘’ 2012-04-20 6:27:48 AM  
Also, something weather appropriate. Supposed to storm for a while.
‘’ 2012-04-20 10:03:30 AM  
Happy Friday!
‘’ 2012-04-20 10:14:24 AM  
Checking in.

First gig of my entire life is tomorrow. We're playing a 45-minute set at a local small town parade/ festival called Mitchellfest. Nervous but strangely pumped.
‘’ 2012-04-20 10:18:19 AM  
Break a leg...what songs ya doing?
‘’ 2012-04-20 11:21:48 AM  
He's in a Winger cover band. They also do Stryper.
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:02:23 PM  
Foo Fighters- Walk & Everlong
Alien Ant Farm- Smooth Criminal
Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon
Slipknot - Snuff
John Rzeznick - I'm Still Here
Lifehouse - Everything
And another song called You Won't Relent, but I have no idea who does it.
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:07:56 PM  
For equipment, I'm packing my American Deluxe Fat Strat, Squier Tele, Roland GT-8, NADY wireless, playing through 200 watts of Marshall MG100HD and Behringer GMX212, both set clean. All effects through the GT-8.
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:23:01 PM  
my boss is running a marathon tomorrow
I will be sleeping/hungover with the runs

so kind of the same thing
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:42:52 PM  
Go Hammer!

If I were to tweet "I'm in Pretty Rico" that would be muy maracon?

NTTWWT, hermano.
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:54:36 PM  
Even better, since this gig is at the same time as the prom, the band director of Thomson HS has offered us a slot playing at the Relay for Life in May. Most of my band kids will be at prom tomorrow, and they really want to see us play. Difficulty: 1500+ peeps at Relay.
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:58:09 PM  
what kind of p.a. are you playing thru? for that size crowd you're gonna need a decent p.a.
‘’ 2012-04-20 1:58:21 PM  
Ther is some thin ancient here in a UNC cap. ....jaxom?
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:02:37 PM  
Luckily, they won't all be gathered, simply watching us play, a couple hundred will be walking the track, hundreds more running booths and shopping in them. High School Jazz Band will also play. All the sound is simply what we bring with us. Probably no more than 200-300 people watching the band at any particular time, although we could attract more, if we're any good.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:03:24 PM  
The venue is basically a football/ soccer field behind the school.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:07:38 PM  
do you have a pa?
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:11:12 PM  
Goodnight, pa.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:12:39 PM  
I wish my room were ready or my friends would respond to my texts and emails, so I wouldn't have to hang out with you epeople.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:13:40 PM  
We might can make use of the one the Jazz Band will use, but I have no idea how to mic the amps, really. I'm kinda afraid of damaging something. That's why I'm taking 200 personal watts.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:14:34 PM  
Your room, meds?

‘’ 2012-04-20 2:28:22 PM  
well...what's the singer gonna sing out of?
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:31:15 PM  
Meds went to PR to hang. Wonder who he is not drinking with there?
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:36:47 PM  
He's got two amps as well.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:37:50 PM  
We're not trying to project throughout the entire venue, just provide music within a good 200' radius. I think we've got that covered.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:51:22 PM  
Good luck and have fun (that's what its all about). Try not to play Too loud.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:52:44 PM  
That's a definite concern. These southern baptists don't appreciate a rocking good time after they hit 30 or so.
‘’ 2012-04-20 2:53:27 PM  
Basically, I'm just shooting not not overpower the drums or vocals.
‘’ 2012-04-20 3:00:20 PM  
if the drums aren't miked he'll have to bang the shiat out of them and the singer will have to scream until the veins start popping out of his neck
‘’ 2012-04-20 3:21:25 PM  
Just ordered up a new lightweight rain jacket for my trip. Hoping shipping ETAs are reliable, because I'm cutting it close. Also waiting on my camera rain cover that I ordered a few days ago.
‘’ 2012-04-20 3:37:18 PM  
muff diving?
‘’ 2012-04-20 3:50:43 PM  

knobglobbler55: if the drums aren't miked he'll have to bang the shiat out of them and the singer will have to scream until the veins start popping out of his neck

Why are you miking the drums?
Because I can't hear them over the the guitars.
Why were guitars amped up in the first place?
Because people couldn't hear them over the drums.

. . .

Think about it.
The best band plays onloy loud enough to be heard at the back of the room, and can deal with anyone talking over the music.
That's why I stop playing if someone talks, and usually play something that makes them shut up and listen, anyway.
‘’ 2012-04-20 4:03:13 PM  
Dude, last gig I played was to 4 year olds at Club Med. The show must go on.
‘’ 2012-04-20 8:19:59 PM  

knobglobbler55: Dude, last gig I played was to 4 year olds at Club Med. The show must go on.

That. Actual;y sounds like fun.
‘’ 2012-04-21 8:47:38 AM  
Rubber room? No, but I do have rubbers in my room.

Lord knows why I would pack them.
‘’ 2012-04-21 10:21:04 AM  
So here's how my life goes, ridiculously abridged version:

Back in 2010 I was seeing a girl. Had been acquaintances, friends, for a while, went to the next level, things were good. But her life was pretty crazy, she went through some personal stuff, and she broke up with me. It sucked. For all intents and purposes, and from the state of both our facebooks, she moved on, I moved on, that was that. And we haven't really spoken in over a year.

Last night, I went to Columbus to check out some bands. One of the bands included a couple of guys that were in her old band. I knew there was a chance she'd be there, and had no idea how it would go. As I get to the neighborhood where the bar is, I end up driving around the block like 4-5 times looking for a parking space. Sure enough.. I find a space, start backing in, turn my head, and there she is, walking up the street.

Perfectly explainable, but... yeah.

Anyway it was good. We talked. Or mostly she talked. Been through a bunch of shiat in the past year but it sounds like she's doing better than ever, and I'm happy for her.
‘’ 2012-04-21 10:27:46 AM  
douse that torch in alcohol
‘’ 2012-04-21 11:19:22 AM  
Yeah, that was part of the "moving on" process mentioned above.

This is more about me having a good reason to clear up some of my own confusion and insecurity.
‘’ 2012-04-21 12:31:41 PM  
god, i hope not

if everyone gets there heads right, i'll have no one left to talk to
‘’ 2012-04-21 3:07:01 PM  
never gonna happen.
‘’ 2012-04-21 3:31:05 PM  
there heads? where heads?

wear heads?

ware head? ware?
‘’ 2012-04-21 3:46:40 PM  
I said some, not all. Still plenty more confusion and insecurity left.
‘’ 2012-04-21 4:20:32 PM  
i59.photobucket.comView Full Size
‘’ 2012-04-21 4:49:41 PM  
*drives by in a golf cart* Freaks!!!
‘’ 2012-04-21 5:06:54 PM  

Dreadstar: I said some, not all. Still plenty more confusion and insecurity left.

Don't stick your dick in Yappy.
‘’ 2012-04-21 6:55:34 PM  
For immediate release:

Due to waning interest, "Black Forklift Driver Monthly" and "Black Hockey Player Monthly" are now merging into the same quarterly publication.
‘’ 2012-04-21 7:46:20 PM  
Cool. Because I really needed a new magazine since my "Amish Online Bi-Annually" went chapter 15.
‘’ 2012-04-21 7:47:30 PM  

leftyblonde: [ image 160x107]

Tha's what I do every time you poke me on Fb.
/Or is Fb the father?
‘’ 2012-04-21 9:15:19 PM  
Fzzk Yeah! Mitchellfest went really well. Aside from the fact that I semi-sat on a stool most of the time while playing to keep my knees from shaking, we went over like a Heavy Metal Dirigible! Got a $100 check to boot! And a standing invitation to come back next year.
‘’ 2012-04-22 10:49:26 AM  

HAMMERTOE: Mitchellfest

Servo was there?
‘’ 2012-04-23 9:04:32 AM  
$15 a day for internet? And I almost considered having this place do my laundry, until I looked at the price list.

Well, clothes line in the shower. I guess I'll be bathtub washing.

/not rich
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