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(Newsday)   Teen who sued to prevent two others from being co-valedictorians with her gets caught plagiarizing articles -- claims she didn't realize it was wrong to copy Supreme Court decisions and presidential proclamations   ( divider line
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2003-06-05 6:20:14 AM  
1) Highest GPA in class, while incidentally not actually attending class, interesting.
2) Accepted at Harvard
3) Dad is a judge

And she doesnt know about plagarism? Suuure...That shiat was drilled into us as freshman. The idea that she as a senior with a judge for a dad and having gotten into Harvard doesnt know that anytime you use someone elses work you need to cite/attribute it is kind of like a pilot not knowing how to fly a plane. I sincerely hope that the girl and her parents are tarred and feathered and that the offer of admission from Harvard is rescinded. We dont need any more self important busybody eithically challenged farks in the world.
2003-06-05 6:26:36 AM  
That town has more money than sense, and live in a different world.

If I could pick one town in New Jersey to suffer a horrendous accident, that'd be the one.
2003-06-05 6:37:11 AM  
I don't believe this. I suspect her parents plagiarised it for her.
2003-06-05 7:01:30 AM  
Probably bought the in home teachers as well. Ill be she has some immune system problems. Easier for her parents to do her work if she stays at home.
2003-06-05 7:02:31 AM  
More seriously, it really pissed me off in an earlier thread when so many people stood up for her just because she's disabled. She had no plans to actually attend graduation to give a speech, which I understand is the whole point of being valedictorian (we don't have this in the UK). The school were not going to prevent her from getting this, they were just going to make someone else a co-valedictorian because they were taking into account that she had extra time to achieve the grades she did as she didn't do gym etc. "Affirmative action" is discrimination, and Affirmative action by lawsuit just makes me want to retch. I can't think of a better way to promote anti-disabled discrimination than this. Now this cheating example brings into question how much help from her parents she had on the work she did at home. She is the definition of a "sore loser" and I hope she gets everything that's coming to her.
2003-06-05 7:04:31 AM  
Oh, and quite how any of this warrants 2.7mill is beyond me. She's already got into Harvard anyway. No-one's going to give a shiat if she was valedictorian in future.
2003-06-05 7:59:15 AM  
/unfocussed rant which made me sound like a nutter
2003-06-05 7:59:37 AM  
Sounds like a troublemaker who F's with people who get in her way. Skip Harvard undergrad and just put her in the law school now.
2003-06-05 8:00:36 AM  
How is she going to deal with her immune deficiency at Harvard? Will she all of a sudden get better? Or sue again, this time for unequal treatment?
2003-06-05 8:01:29 AM  
Yep she's a winner...yep
2003-06-05 8:02:18 AM  
I thought things like Supreme Court decisions were a matter of public record, and did not need to be cited...

I dunno, I can't remember, my brain is full, I need more coffee...

Either way, a boobies post would have been more fun!
2003-06-05 8:03:06 AM  
Forgive my ignorance but what is a valedictorian and what are the advantages of having been one?
2003-06-05 8:04:08 AM  
Its a shame when the smart ones copy,
She shouldn't have been so sloppy,
Her sources un-cited,
A firestorm ignited,
This should make for one ashamed poppy.
2003-06-05 8:04:17 AM  
From day one, I was taught when writing a paper to cite sources. You cannot tell me a girl with the highest GPA in her class did not know this.
2003-06-05 8:04:41 AM  
Someone cough on her and end her pitiful existance.
2003-06-05 8:05:51 AM  
Plagiarism is wrong - period! Just for doing that she should have her valedictatorship taken away.
2003-06-05 8:05:58 AM  
So all that happened was that the newspaper ran an article explaining her failure to cite sources, and allowed her to run an explanation? Seems fair.

I always thought that a good rule of thumb is to err on the side of citing more often than necessary.

Sucks for her that this would be a complete non-story if it wasn't for her litigious history. I guess it's reaping what you sow, but she's just a kid. Only time will tell if she learns from this
2003-06-05 8:06:26 AM  
Valedictorian means you have the highest GPA in the school. Of course, that usually assumes you were in even competition with all the other kids in the school, taking the same tests, professors, ect.
2003-06-05 8:06:34 AM  
Sundog_rocks: You have to cite everything but "common knowledge"

this means that if you define a term, that definition can be left uncited, even if you use the dictionary. A court decision still has to be cited -- my law professor was sure to remind me of that one.
2003-06-05 8:07:36 AM  
Binnster:- I understand it's just an award for the highest grades, and it means you get to give a speech at graduation, and because it reflects academic ability it can be a good thing to have on your CV.
2003-06-05 8:08:04 AM  
We really ought not judge her until we see a picture of her naked.
2003-06-05 8:09:31 AM  
Harvard should reject her, and accept me in her place. I deserve a Harvard education more than this biatch. and -50 point to her for unnecessary use of the word "cognizant"

I am not a professional journalist. I was a 17-year-old with no experience in writing newspaper articles," she wrote. "Upon reflection, I am now cognizant that proper citation allows scholars of the future to constantly re-evaluate and re-examine academic works." (above article).

I mean if you are going to make such a weak argument as that, don't try to dress it up and make yourself appear more intelligent by using words like "cognizant." I always hated that guy. Its so farking pompous.
2003-06-05 8:09:50 AM  
Is there a NY Times joke to be had from this story?
2003-06-05 8:12:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-05 8:13:06 AM  
And this little girl grew up to be Stephen E. Ambrose
2003-06-05 8:13:14 AM  
I have a feeling it may be the parents who are the asshats in this case and not the girl.

I can't imagine any student really caring if they were valedictorian as opposed to co-valedictorian. On the other hand, I do know of one parent who was not happy that her daughter shared the #1 spot as opposed to having it on her own.

It's like the parents who get arrested for fighting at little league games. Grow the hell up BEFORE you have children.
2003-06-05 8:14:08 AM  
should this one have had a DUMBASS tag?
2003-06-05 8:14:19 AM  
Salmon_pink is right. The real issue at hand she hot?
2003-06-05 8:15:01 AM  
Blair "Xerox" Hornstine, 18, explained her actions in a column published in the newspaper Tuesday, but she did not apologize.

"I am not a professional journalist. I was a 17-year-old with no experience in writing newspaper articles," she wrote. "Upon reflection, I am now cognizant that proper citation allows scholars of the future to constantly re-evaluate and re-examine academic works."***

*** June 4, 2003, 7:33 PM EDT

There, that wasn't so hard Blair, was it?

Validictorian and Harvard?
2003-06-05 8:15:35 AM  
Even if she did not know the papers policy, how can you be a high school honor student and not know enough to credit others when your write paraphrase Bill Clinton... as the Supreme Court found... to add credibility to your opinion if not to comply with the law.

She will fall into obscurity or ugly notoriety very soon.
2003-06-05 8:16:48 AM  
Indeed she should be tarred, feathered and forced to live in Afghanistan then rest of her life.
2003-06-05 8:17:00 AM  
ReBurninator:- With a name like Hornstein, she should definitely be doing porno.
2003-06-05 8:18:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I don't know Jay_vee
2003-06-05 8:18:57 AM  
with a name like Blair she'll obviously be a dab hand at making shiat up and not attributing sources
2003-06-05 8:20:34 AM  
hit it i wouldn't.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-05 8:20:43 AM  
If she had kept her fat yap shut, none of this would have come to light. I love the sound of chickens coming home to roost.

I think a valedictorian is broadly similar to a dux medallist in the UK.
2003-06-05 8:23:53 AM  
It seemd the girl was a swot,
her grades were top of the lot,
her future looked set,
but she got her work of the net,
now Farkers want photos of her twat.
2003-06-05 8:25:11 AM  
ReBurninator:- That image reminds me of someone-

[image from too old to be available]
2003-06-05 8:26:10 AM  
"I always thought that a good rule of thumb is to err on the side of citing more often than necessary."

Or, you could be like some of my former classmates. When the teacher says you have to have 5 books in your bibliography, and you only used one, just make up books. Not joking. These guys (probably, *hopefully* now selling pencils on streets corners) MADE UP author, name, publisher, etc. just to fill the quota. It was funnier when the teacher caught wind of it, threatened to go to the library to try and find the books, and these guys managed to BS their way out of it.

Oh, and this biatch deserves the chair. If she was smart enough to be valedictorian (plus $2.7M in "damages") and get into Harvard, how can she claim "no experience"?
2003-06-05 8:26:25 AM  
The Times has a job opening she'd be perfect for...
2003-06-05 8:27:32 AM  
I can just imagine her speech as valedictorian:-

"Four score years and seven ago ...
2003-06-05 8:28:09 AM  
Got that wrong, didn't I. You get the idea.
2003-06-05 8:31:40 AM  
Complaining is not where its at,
When Mom and Dad are attorneys and Phat!
Just do your best,
and be like the rest,
Don't whine and be an asshat!
2003-06-05 8:31:53 AM  
I'd sue it.
[image from too old to be available]

And I really do mean, "It." WOOF!
2003-06-05 8:32:01 AM  
Urge to kill, rising....
2003-06-05 8:33:03 AM  
She's got a face for newspaper writing.
2003-06-05 8:34:06 AM  
No Jay_vee, that would be ok. That is paraphrasing not plagiarism.
2003-06-05 8:34:15 AM  
She comes from a town full of asshat lawers... but at least the whip cream girl from Varsity Blues is from there. Hooray boobies!
2003-06-05 8:37:32 AM  
Only solice is that she will not make it far in the real world.
2003-06-05 8:38:53 AM  
It gets better!
"Four score and seven years ago, I had a dream..."
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