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2001-10-08 08:40:02 AM  
What a selfish fark.
2001-10-08 08:40:58 AM  
This time, all FIVE out of five doctors agree.
2001-10-08 08:42:51 AM  
Now THAT's funny.
2001-10-08 08:48:53 AM  
I wouldn't want to be stunt-man in that "movie".
2001-10-08 08:53:48 AM  
better him to do it than Fox or Warner - I prefer private pioneering in the wake of disater to corporate!!!
2001-10-08 08:54:42 AM  
It brings a whole new phase to the term "Ambulance Chaser", doesn't it?
2001-10-08 08:55:37 AM  
Any studio that tries making a movie out of this should be carpet bombed.
How asinine and cold can someone be?
2001-10-08 09:04:07 AM  
Hey, at least his address isn't blurred out on that application. Wonder what kind havoc could be pulled on him?
2001-10-08 09:05:06 AM  
shows his e-mail too...
2001-10-08 09:07:13 AM  
well, more power to him (if you read the article, you'll see his explanation)

Let's put it this way - somebody is gonna do it - why not a little guy, as opposed to a major corporation (as CrazyIvan mentioned). If you're pissed - be pissed off at the studios, since they set this precedent. They rob the public of OUR PROPERTY for their own commercial benefit. I mean, come on! Trademarking the phrase "Pearl Harbor"?? That's a public name, but it is now owned by a corporation.

This guy is not (if you believe him) trademarking "world trade center" for his own profit (he says profits fromt the trademark would be donated to relevant charities). If anything, he just made a pre-emptive move to protect the name from corporate america (hold it in the public trust).
2001-10-08 09:21:33 AM  
Frksamor: why not make a movie? There's movies of a lot of the big battles of WWII. There's movies of the Holocaust. There's movies of WWI.
2001-10-08 09:27:01 AM  
there will be a movie. This man did nothing wrong. He knew it would happen sooner or later, so he did it first. It just seems tactless, but in a few years from now, when the studios do want to make a movie, I think we will all be wishing we thought of it first.
2001-10-08 09:38:16 AM  
2001-10-08 09:47:56 AM  
Ummm...there's not much need to make a movie, we've all seen it on telly enough times...
2001-10-08 09:51:23 AM  
We can't stop anyone from making a movie. But this man has made it to where something good can come out of it. All of you who are going to flame his mail just take a second to think. Would you rather profits goto victims, or in stockholders wallets?
2001-10-08 10:08:06 AM  
Oh please. This guy isn't a crusader. He's looking to make money from the situation. Don't think that he wouldn't sell it to one of "the big guys" in a second.
2001-10-08 10:15:44 AM  
Good-ole American ingenuity. This guy was thinking big. No nickel and dime eBAY postcards here, he's shooting for the moon. God Bless America.
2001-10-08 10:33:14 AM  
Seems fishy, I believe you can only get trademarks registered for products that are already marketed.
2001-10-08 10:35:36 AM  
Then again, I'm probably wrong...
2001-10-08 11:05:51 AM  
I saw 'Jackass' and instantly thought it was Johnny Knocksville
2001-10-08 11:18:29 AM  
Sad thing is, if he didn't do it, then Paramount, Universal, or some other studio would have eventually done it. If not now, a couple of years from now. I mean they've done movies about Pearl Harbor, the Titanic, the Hindenberg. Pretty obvious that the WTC will suffer the same fate and someday become a major motion picture starring the hunk of the month and babe of the year.
2001-10-08 11:19:14 AM  
fb - ditto

2001-10-08 11:38:39 AM  
Chilly Willie and Fb: You guys too?
2001-10-08 11:56:16 AM  
ummm, the building owners quite obviously already trademarked the name... did it lapse? how can someone else trademark the same phrase? Their use doesn't specifically ention film and tv, but does every trademark need to mention everything?? I would think it is inclusive.

other trademarks with world trade center in them.
2001-10-08 11:57:12 AM  
hmmm... second link seems to have been dropped...

try 2
2001-10-08 12:02:45 PM  
some of his other trademarks listed here

Anyone ever eat at his restaurant, Chakra?
2001-10-08 12:08:59 PM  
Why's this guy a jackass?
2001-10-08 12:10:58 PM  
let me get this straight...there's going to be a Jackass episode about the WTC? I hope Wee Man is in it, he cracks me up.
2001-10-08 12:42:45 PM  
I think it is lame because it is carpet bagging, like all the domain squatters. I hope he really has an interest in it, as he does have a film company trademark, but it still seems a bit smarmy. At any rate, things like this happen all of the time and I can't say he is worse than anyone else trying to make easy money...
2001-10-08 01:07:22 PM  
I don't see what the problem with this is, other than I wish I'd thought of it.
2001-10-08 01:39:42 PM  
Let's all IM him and tell him he's lame or something.
2001-10-08 02:30:34 PM  
Am I the only one is wondering why this is so bad? I mean, come on, there's GOING TO BE A farkING MOVIE MADE. No doubt about it.

So I suppose anybody involved in making movies about Pearl Harbor or Vietnam or anything like that is a farking jackass, too?

Pull your heads out of your asses, it is a sensitive time right now, but you have to realize that there will be movies made. Lots of them. Movies about the terrorist attacks and this war that's starting. There's no stopping it, and frankly I don't see it as a bad thing.
2001-10-08 02:34:46 PM  
well, on closer look, the other one I listed (which seemed to have timed out) is actually listed as registered, while this one isn't. So, I think it is only an application in process and not really going to be granted. Though I could be wrong on this...

Seems the system should kick out applications that already are registered word for word...
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-10-08 03:09:02 PM  
i dunno, i thought americans were supposed to be capitalists. this guys just going after what he wants.

its sorta odd that he did it the same day...but oh well, hes just prompt.
2001-10-08 03:35:33 PM  
i too thought it was knoxville. the word jackass is forever associated to knoxville.
2001-10-08 03:43:36 PM  
Cam i buy the rights to the word 'the'? Cuz then i'd be quite, quite rich!
Hey i could be, like, a word dealer. Buy important words then sell to the needy talkative people for an inflated price!

2001-10-08 03:44:21 PM  
I'm thinking it will be a "TV Movie of the Week". Anyone remember the HORRIBLE one about David Koresh? Unbelievably terrible, but Mark Snow (composer of XFiles music) did the score.. Still couldn't save it.
If there is a movie, I want to star as that poor fire chief that Bush kept blasting in the ear with his bullhorn on his first visit to Ground Zero. I'll bet he's still deaf!
2001-10-08 04:20:25 PM  
Jackass or Genius? I say genius good on him!
2001-10-08 04:57:06 PM  
It will just be more likely that they'll name the movie "WTC" or "Terror On the 81st Floor" or something like that. Maybe "Osama" or "The Ultimate Terror." There are plenty of things they could name it that aren't World Trade Center. I don't think this is going to be the cash cow that the guy hopes it will.
2001-10-08 05:39:56 PM  
I thought it was Jackass the show, too. Then I remembered it has been cancelled.
2001-10-08 06:06:40 PM  
oh, wah wah wah.
cry me a farking river.
2001-10-09 11:49:24 AM  
Sad thing is its only a matter of time before someone makes a movie out of it.
2001-10-09 03:43:31 PM  
There are different "classes" for which you can trademark the same phrase. This guy happened to be first to apply under the class "entertainment" as in TV or film production.
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