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2001-10-08 12:05:26 AM  
Rudolph Giuliani = Hero

Barry Bonds = Not a hero
2001-10-08 12:10:13 AM  
god damn it lordtimboat... your farking site isnt even up.
2001-10-08 12:15:29 AM  
I am sure Barry Bonds risked his life by hitting 73...Yeah right. Why the fark is there a hero tag. I might think he was a hero, if he knocked Bin Ladin's head off with that bat. The worst that could have happened to Bonds was being hit by a pitch. He isn't fighting for this country, he just plays a game and makes millions of dollars.
2001-10-08 12:17:44 AM  
Hero??? Please.. this ass gets paid to whine and play a game....

the heros are the ones down there peeling melted skin off the metal and concrete for idenification of lost loved ones and the others are over in a hilly country where females cook over a dung fire dodging bullets so we can sit here and speak our minds. Those are heros.
2001-10-08 12:22:06 AM  
I agree. This is a pretty disgraceful misuse of the "hero" tag. Especially in light of recent events.

Can we save the damned thing for actual, honest-to-goodness heroes?
2001-10-08 12:25:15 AM  
arrogant asshole......man, when i think of all the firemen and cops who wont get a hero tag b/c there are too many stories to tell, and then this arrogant asshole gets one....man that just burns me.
2001-10-08 12:25:32 AM  
Bonds Sets World Ego Record
2001-10-08 12:29:01 AM  
He donated hundred thousand dollars. What did you do?
2001-10-08 12:37:11 AM  
Bonds + HERO = Hell No.

OOhh look at me I hit balls for money.
And not because I love the game. Don't get me wrong I could never play baseball like him but there are a lot more people out there that do a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less.

When someone fines a cure for cancer do you think anyone will remember their names NOOO. But if you like to hit balls around.. Yes.
2001-10-08 12:37:23 AM  
Caveman Lawyer: I know for a fact, I'd donate more than that If I were an athlete like him. That's purely pocket change to him. I've given blood and donated as well.
2001-10-08 12:40:05 AM  
I said something about this earlier in another thread and got no response..... I swear I remember him spitting on a woman and hitting a guy fan when I was younger and really followed baseball. Can anyone else remember this or am I just mistaken?
2001-10-08 12:41:40 AM  
yeah and as for him donating a hundred thousand dollars.... his agent is gonna sign him a contract for 20 mill a year for the next 5 years.....
2001-10-08 12:49:16 AM  
Feeble: I think he did as well, I remember that... It was in his rookie season back in 87 If I remember correctly.
2001-10-08 12:53:44 AM  
It really chaps my ass that he is now holding the most famed record in all of baseball. After spitting on a fan?
2001-10-08 12:55:55 AM  
Isn't Barry Bonds an asshole who everyone hates? Just cause the dude broke a record that no one wanted him to break doesn't make him a hero.
2001-10-08 12:57:09 AM  
I think that may have been Vince Coleman. First Grade Arse Wipe

Bonds Sets World Ego Record doo dah doo dah
2001-10-08 12:59:41 AM  

2001-10-08 01:01:10 AM  
nope, not coleman evidently...
he did throw a firecracker and injured two boys and a woman.
2001-10-08 01:06:53 AM  
Just checked the same website that I got the info on coleman... doesn't mention spitting on anyone for

Does mention the incident where Roberto Alomar spit on Mark Hirschbeck (umpire)
2001-10-08 01:12:28 AM  
Yeah....it was Vince Coleman.. my bad..

He kinda faded out of the picture after that incident as well consequently... good farking riddance.
2001-10-08 02:42:22 AM  
Screw you, Caveman! It doesn't matter what anyone else here did; they don't get the hero graphic. This is exactly why I didn't want to see it introduced. This tag needs to go, or I (and lots of other folks) will keep biAtching about it. Personally, I say keep the tag, but it's got to have better moderation than this. BTW, I don't mean to yell at you personally, caveman. You're pretty new here, but you summarized why the hero tag should go.
2001-10-08 02:46:01 AM  
jeez dude, it's just a harmless graphic on a website, don't bust a blood vessel about it.
2001-10-08 03:07:21 AM  
with all this fanfare around the home runs...... does anyone else realize that the Giants are DONE.. no post season play, people..........

why pay that much for a player and STILL not be able to get it on for the playoffs AT LEAST.........

I say dump him and get some talent that will get them some post-season action......
2001-10-08 03:09:19 AM  
I would just like to say Ditto in agreement with everyone who thinks the is a gross misuse of the Hero tag.

Oh and I also agree with JayS, this tag definately needs some moderation. If Bonds flew to Ground Zero and helped the rescure workers wade threw all the bodies and wreckage, then AND ONLY THEN should he have this tag.
2001-10-08 03:19:53 AM  
You're all pathetic.
2001-10-08 03:21:38 AM  
BAH to all of you. He works hard and has skill, thats why he gets paid. OK he's no pu$$y a$$ mcgwire trying to keep his "all american, everybody must love me, family values". BS to mcgwire. Bonds keeps it real, rather than all that mcgwire boy band image crap.

Bonds is a hero (in sports terms).
2001-10-08 03:31:24 AM  
get over it he is a good player so shut the fark up about him already
2001-10-08 03:35:14 AM  
Big deal
2001-10-08 04:34:15 AM  
The applicable definition for hero from Merriam-Webster:

"a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities"

This means Bonds has one half of the necessary qualifications. Guess which part he missed out on?
2001-10-08 06:08:10 AM  
How about a ZERO tag for this one?
2001-10-08 06:10:01 AM  
Hero tag is WRONG.
This "Feat" doesn't remotely deserve a hero tag.
A hero is someone who risks life and limb in an effort to save/rescue/protect others.
This guy plays a friggin game for more money than he deserves, with a pissy attitude to boot.
DUMB choice of tags.
2001-10-08 06:14:35 AM  
yeah really
2001-10-08 06:51:50 AM  
Why must every thread even relating to baseball wind up as a thread knocking Barry Bonds? Let the guy be, he's been obviously taking lessons to not be such a jackass as he used to be.
2001-10-08 07:22:17 AM  
WAAAA... People are teasing Barry... Waahhh...
Hey, Bill, go blow a pudding pop.
2001-10-08 07:22:40 AM  
I'm for more misuse of the Hero tag!
2001-10-08 08:14:23 AM  
Yeah, Bonds is an A$$...but don't worry, it's a record that will continue to be broken as ballparks become more home run friendly, and athletes get stronger. Pitching has become so weak due to expansion, that it's a record that will be broken a few more times in the next 10 to 15 years. I'm not a Sammy Sosa fan, but here's a guy that'shiat 60+ homers in 3 of the last 4 years.

Not even weighing in on the "HERO" tag.
2001-10-08 08:14:38 AM  
"Noone will ever do this again..."

-Barry Bonds, after hitting #73.
2001-10-08 08:18:21 AM  
2001-10-08 08:29:30 AM  
Barry Bonds is a jerk.
2001-10-08 08:51:03 AM  
Hilarious, the reaction to the hero tag. I'll go back into the archives and see if everyone responded like this when Magic Johnson got a hero tag for opening up some more fast food restaurants.
2001-10-08 08:57:50 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

I think we need an A-Hole tag
2001-10-08 09:40:40 AM  
This man is hated even by his own team mates. When he hit HR 500, only the batgirl came out to congratulate him.

Mark McGwire donates several million dollars a year to St. Louis hospitals. Bonds doesn't show up for autograph sessions or team pictures.
2001-10-08 10:10:08 AM  
The next ballplayer who wipes out Bonds record should get a hero tag. I can't wait.
2001-10-08 10:20:45 AM  
La de Freakin' Dah.

Baseball sucks.
2001-10-08 10:22:42 AM  
2001-10-08 10:22:55 AM  
Hero? farking hero??? fark whoever gave this a hero tag.
2001-10-08 11:17:44 AM  
damn EQ, I was just about to say troll!...lol
2001-10-08 11:22:56 AM  
Barry Bonds is an asshole...
i can't farking believe he has the record now!
i hated baseball before this, but now, i am totally going to pretend it doesn't exist...
When people ask me who won the World Series...i'm gonna be like....."the what?....who plays in this World Series?....the USA?...then why do they call it the World Series?....makes no sense to me."
2001-10-08 11:29:52 AM  
Hey, I still love the game. I'm a die-hard Yankees fan all the way (and anyone who calls me a front runner will be shot without trial). I just think Bonds doesn't deserve this particular record.
2001-10-08 12:04:36 PM  
I heard that once he talked back to his mother. He stole some candy from the corner store a couple of times - only stopped when he was caught red-handed.

He also is black, which is an automatic strike against him. (only 2 strikes left Barry, and we're not talking baseball here) So I feel, he should be immediately imprisoned.

Plus, since he makes so much money (that he doesn't deserve) we should put him in the 95% tax bracket so that he ONLY takes home $200,000 of that easy-earned cash.

I also heard that even though he was black, his parents STILL bought him toys for christmas, so he should be shown no mercy.

Castrate him! Burn him at the stake! He is the reason why terrorism is upon us!

You guys need to lighten up. Baseball is a game. This guy is a real slugger. End of story, unless you're a jealous loser.
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