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2001-10-07 04:08:33 PM  
Ford. Quality is job one!

Word up Detroit!~

2001-10-07 04:14:40 PM  
"I recently received a touching letter that says a lot about the state of America in these difficult times, a letter from a fourth-grade girl with a father in the military.

"'As much as I don't want my dad to fight,' she wrote, 'I'm willing to give him to you.'

"This is a precious gift. The greatest she could give. This young girl knows what America is all about."

This about made me cry.
2001-10-07 04:22:43 PM  
i want to see that letter.
2001-10-07 04:24:11 PM  
>This about made me cry.

me too. a lot of what Bush says makes me cry.
2001-10-07 04:28:51 PM  
Bush looks like he's going to kick my ass in that picture.
2001-10-07 04:52:01 PM  
I probably wouldn't have been that understanding when I was in the fourth grade.
2001-10-07 05:04:22 PM  
I think it's great that Bush talked about the people in our armed forces. Very rarely do presidents talk so directly to them, or about them. I think it's great he talked so highly of them.

It's easy for us to take them for granted and ask stupid questions like "Will there be a draft?". We should all be so lucky to have so much character and honor to lay down our life for freedom and the American Way.
2001-10-07 06:04:41 PM  
I agree with you 100 percent. As a VET I felt pride for the women and men in our armed forces when President Bush made an effort to speak to them directly.

It is a dangerous, yet thankless job.
2001-10-07 06:10:50 PM  
Please get him to stop making this face, though:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-07 06:17:17 PM  
Haha. I dont think he would listen.
2001-10-07 06:22:19 PM  
How about if we get Laura to ask?
2001-10-07 06:57:49 PM  
that's a great face....Kudos to CNN through all this, they've caught some wonderful stills of the monkey
2001-10-07 07:07:21 PM  
Mr Bush has done a wonderful job during this time of crisis, but hey< hw would have done great anyway..

Let us just pray that we never have to endure a clinton or a Kennedy ever again....

God Bless America!
2001-10-07 07:09:24 PM  
Could someone photoshop that pic to make him look like a good leader?
2001-10-07 07:11:59 PM  
HEY Euterpe:.. Be nice..
2001-10-07 07:20:59 PM  
Here's the transcript of Tony Blair's speech.
2001-10-07 07:25:57 PM  
No one should ever have to die for their own country. It's a bunch of bull.

'i never have, i never will, pledge allegiance to their flag. You're getting used, you'll end up dead!'
2001-10-07 07:25:59 PM eyes just teared up from what that little girl wrote the Prez.
2001-10-07 07:30:22 PM  
Tooney: Looks like a "Why me?" face there...LOL
2001-10-07 07:45:42 PM  
Anti-Alias: you should be thankful you don't live in Afghanistan, if you don't fight for the Taliban, you die.
2001-10-07 07:49:24 PM  
What the fark are you talking about???
2001-10-07 08:00:30 PM  
"Mr Bush ... would have done great anyway"

"Let us just pray that we never have to endure a Clinton or a Kennedy ever again"

WALKEN: You are a funny republican. But admit it, you're a little bit of an idiot.
2001-10-07 08:04:56 PM  
Anyone please tell me.. what did Clinton and Kennedy actually do other than get sucked off and die??
2001-10-07 08:17:36 PM  
Wickensworth: I think we're talkin' a whole lotta idiot.
2001-10-07 08:35:02 PM  
When you guys maybe like "have an educated opinion", I will be waiting to hear from you, until then....
You are in my prayers...;)
2001-10-07 09:21:14 PM  
At least Kennedy got some quality Marilyn Monroe ass.
2001-10-07 09:25:37 PM  
Ok, you got me..., he did 2 things..;)
2001-10-07 09:29:55 PM  
better than that skank ho monika.
2001-10-07 09:31:24 PM  

Alright, try this:

You are dismissing two prominent democrats based on the absurdly superficial notion that they are democrats; you are also, meanwhile, putting Bush on a pedestal based on the conclusive fact that his affiliation matches yours. For you it is black and white, good and bad--you feel that you are on the good side of the political world, and can thus feel assured that you are a good person who makes up for his flaws in broad righteousness. It is unsurprising, incidentally, that you are also heavily religious--that's not necessarily a bad thing, but religion is often used in the same way. We are in your prayers, as you put it, because we are off the True path, as though we need to be somehow saved.

Read up on some psychology if this doesn't make sense to you, and keep your mind open to foreign ideas; this really has less to do with politics than it does with that. After all, I've always considered the President to be a kind of PR man for the government anyway, who has power, yes, but it is restricted and derivative. Had Gore been elected, we would be seeing the exact same situation, the exact same response--albeit with a subtly different explanation.
2001-10-07 09:37:37 PM  
Jeezus H Tapdancing Christ, will you guys give it a farking rest already? Excuse me for being pissed off, but at the present time, don't you all think it might be a good idea to forget who's a Republican, who's a Democrat, who's conservative, who's liberal, ect., and focus on the fact that the shiat hit the fan September 11th and we're all on the same farking side????
2001-10-07 10:25:12 PM  
Wickensworth:, I hear you, you missed my point. the two that I mentioned only happend to be democrats, I could have just as easily picked on republicans..

My views, quite regulary transend political parties, and I do agree with you on one point, whoever the current would be, the situations surrounding them would be the same.

My point was quite simple.., Other than Kennedy dying..., what did he do for this country?..I am sure that he did quite a bit, yet people have a short memory and what is remembered is usually either the last thing they did before dying or the most recent.

I am not religios at all, just sarcastic...

Just in case you are interested, I have a Bachelors Degree in Psycology..
2001-10-07 10:48:46 PM  
Slightly OT, but what's up with Bush's left eyebrow in that speech? I saw it on TV and it was very disturbing.

It looks like they shaved an inch off his eyebrow closest to the center of his face, then there's a brown splotch above the shaved-off area. Makeup?

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

2001-10-07 10:54:21 PM  
That is Frightening...
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