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2003-05-31 08:25:46 AM  
Wow. This is actaully big big news. The cable news netweorks are all just starting to report this.
2003-05-31 08:26:25 AM  
In related news, Richard Jewel tells the FBI to piss off!
2003-05-31 08:31:53 AM  
Part of Rudolph's sentence should be that Richard Jewel gets to kick him in the crotch. Multiple times.
2003-05-31 08:37:38 AM  
This guy is wanted for a bunch of crap, too. They knew who he was for years and have been looking, and they still couldn't find him. It's amazing he was able to avoid capture for so long.
2003-05-31 08:55:19 AM  
Yes kids, not only Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.
2003-05-31 08:59:32 AM  
Just most of them?
2003-05-31 09:09:35 AM  
Part of Rudolph's sentence should be that Richard Jewel gets to kick him in the crotch. Multiple times.

I don't hold the FBI blameless in that debacle. They deserve a good swift kick or two as well.
2003-05-31 09:16:21 AM  
Wow. I swear, I thought they'd never find this guy. I guess he ran out of food.
2003-05-31 09:17:10 AM  
If it's not Rudolph, it may be Santa Claus, Waldo, Osama or Sadaam.
2003-05-31 09:17:48 AM  
Homeless? Behind a business? I thought this guy was some outdoor survivalist that could last forever in the woods. At least, that was how I thought he was presented. Glad to cross one off the Top Ten list.
2003-05-31 09:19:11 AM  
Somebody set up us the bomb !!

(and now this somebody are go to pound-me-in-ass prison)
2003-05-31 09:19:53 AM  
Man, I almost forgot about this guy. Wasn't he supposed to be living in caves in the Virginia woods or something?
2003-05-31 09:20:09 AM  
about FARKING time
2003-05-31 09:20:22 AM  
2003-05-31 09:21:51 AM  
Prison rapists need a little "lovin'" sometimes, too...
2003-05-31 09:22:56 AM  
Prison ass-raping will ensue.
2003-05-31 09:23:49 AM  
Maybe we'll catch the Anthrax mailer in 5 or 6 years from now.
2003-05-31 09:25:02 AM  
05-31-03 08:55:19 AM MrLonghair
Yes kids, not only Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.

Yeah, I see what you're saying. But 99.98 percent of them are.
2003-05-31 09:25:07 AM  
Atlanta Olympics bombing suspect, Eric Robert Rudolph possibly apprehended

So this is possibly a news flash?
2003-05-31 09:25:20 AM  
Longduck and Bullpen, don't forget about the media. They cultivated the image of a depressed security guard who yearned to be a hero, and just dropped the whole damn thing when it turned out he was innocent.
2003-05-31 09:26:41 AM  
boy, i hope it's him, and he's the actual person who did the bombing during the olympics.
i cannot express to you how that totally changed the character of the olympics in atlanta. never before had i seen the city so together, so alive, so happy.
here's hoping.
2003-05-31 09:27:23 AM  
Another speedy case closed. Bring back Elliot Ness.
2003-05-31 09:29:01 AM  
It's now a definitely
2003-05-31 09:29:18 AM  
NBC is confirming it is Rudolph in custody.
2003-05-31 09:30:49 AM  
You know it's gotta be him. Like all other famous killers, he has 3 names!
2003-05-31 09:32:23 AM  
This is why the Fark kicks ass! Some no-brainer-proselytizing nubile at the front of this crafts store was trying to hawk newspaper subscriptions. She asked me if I read the newspaper. I said, "No, I read the Fark." Yes, she thought I said "Fart," and blah, blah, blah...
2003-05-31 09:33:24 AM  
The clincher, BoySchwen, would be if his name was Eric "Wayne" Rudolf.
2003-05-31 09:36:30 AM  
Book and made for TV mini-series deal in the works...5...4...3..

(Actually I hope this Rudolph guy does write a book)
2003-05-31 09:39:56 AM  
You're right about media culpability, Rumbleminz...
2003-05-31 09:40:39 AM  
I blame his childhood; all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games.
2003-05-31 09:41:13 AM  
I was at the olympics when this all went down. Nasty stuff, pipe bomb filled with shrapnel and nails. Very scary.
2003-05-31 09:43:38 AM  
Being from WNC (been to Murphy and have friends from there), this is big big news. I mentioned it to my roommate, from Connecticut, who blinked and asked who Eric Rudolph was.

One of my friends has written a musical about the whole manhunt, that's getting produced at his school next year. Wonder if he's got to go into rewrites now...
2003-05-31 09:45:30 AM  
Yes kids, not only Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.

True. And while there are similarities -- Rudolph is also a deeply religious asshole -- they are not the same thing. Had Rudolph been an Arab we would be overwhelmed by professional terror-apologists telling us that America had wronged Rudolphs people in so many ways for so very long. They would be demanding that we change out ways so that Rudolph and his pack could go about their business unmolested by civilization.

Screw them and screw Rudolph. I'm glad he's been living like an animal for five years. My only lament is that he will probably be executed instead of spending the next 40 years in a tiny concrete box.
2003-05-31 09:46:49 AM  
Holy crap!!! For those that don't know he was the guy that was wanted and disappeared in the woods. They called out the dogs, a posse, and even the Special Forces to find this guy...but he was gone.
2003-05-31 09:46:49 AM  
05-31-03 09:25:07 AM Jonas

So this is possibly a news flash?

That depends. Was he found with Iraqi WMD?
2003-05-31 09:47:57 AM  

So Eric Roberts is dating Jewel?

2003-05-31 09:51:56 AM  
Holy Crap!!! Rumbleminz is here too!!!

/It should be obvious that I have nothing but a pair of shiny hook hands by now
2003-05-31 09:53:50 AM  
I remember reading something a few years back about his knowledge of the NC wilderness, although it may have been exaggerated.

You would think that he had someone helping him, as it seems he would have been apprehended long ago if scavenging was his only means. Maybe the Army of God sent care packages.
2003-05-31 09:54:13 AM  
So Eric Roberts is dating Jewel?

Yea! And then Jewel kicked Eric Roberts in the crotch! I read it in the New York Times!
2003-05-31 09:55:20 AM  

You are so right about about terror apologists. luckily this guy is against everything they stand for so they'll want him to fry just as badly as everyone else.

not only is he not arab he's christian, he blows up gay night clubs and he's part of the group that sends fake anthrax to abortion clinics. The vocal anti-death penalty crowd is going to be VERY VERY quiet when this guy gets fried.
2003-05-31 09:57:57 AM  
Ashcroft to Rudolph: "Your ass in mine BIATCH!"

[image from bootnewt.tripod.com too old to be available]
2003-05-31 09:58:55 AM  
Maybe we'll catch the Anthrax mailer in 5 or 6 years from now.

When the story is cold and the fact that he's a right-winger has been forgotten.
2003-05-31 09:59:14 AM  
As for the issue of whether or not he had direct help I can't say, but I distinctly recall two things from the 1998 manhunt era in WNC:

1) Numerous letters to the Asheville Citizen-Times wishing that the FBI would go away and leave poor Rudolph alone

2) Vendors in Murphy hawking shirts reading "Run Run Rudolph"

Can't say I agreed with the sentiment, but the community as a whole didn't exactly welcome the FBI with open arms.

One wonders why, though, Rudolph didn't relocate if he had more help. I mean, c'mon, there's a whole huge country out there... oh wait, I forgot, he HATED the whole rest of the country. Nuff said.
2003-05-31 09:59:42 AM  
MrNeutron, I believe it's more likely Ashcroft is searching for a loophole to acquit him.

"This man is a patriot, merely expressing his religious freedom..." etc
2003-05-31 10:03:51 AM  
"Ashcroft to Rudolph: "Your ass in mine BIATCH!""
Now thats an ugly mental picture.
2003-05-31 10:04:59 AM  
05-31-03 09:46:49 AM A_cure_for_gravity: That depends. Was he found with Iraqi WMD?

WMD never should have been acronymed, and acronym should never have been verbed.

God damn was that ever off topic. Sorry.
2003-05-31 10:06:51 AM  
Well, it's about time. 7 years!
2003-05-31 10:08:00 AM  
Wow, there is a $1,000,000 dollar reward for him.
2003-05-31 10:11:06 AM  
oh why couldn't this have happened during a weekday when this thread would have already been full of polarized political bulldoodie, each side blaming the other (clinton should have caught him)(yeah but bush did)(clinton owuld have but he inherited a faulty FBI)(bush set up a better FBI after he inherited the crappy one from clinton)(on and on and on with no end in sight)
2003-05-31 10:11:37 AM  
Rudolph was first listed on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted List" in 1998 when his pick-up truck was found abandoned near the scene of the January 29 bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama, women's clinic that performed abortions.

So he is a 'right to life' activist?
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