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(Telegraph)   Prince William: "My father thinks I'm the laziest person on earth"   ( dailytelegraph.co.uk) divider line
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2003-05-30 02:11:24 PM  
"I do a lot of shopping - I enjoy shopping, actually," he said. "I get very carried away, you know, just food shopping. I buy lots of things and then I go back to the house and see the fridge is full of all the stuff I've just bought."

There you have 'em, folks - the future King of England staring into the fridge at the food he just bought. Wee!
But he is sort of learning Swahili. So at least he has that going for him.
That and all that money.
2003-05-30 02:16:29 PM  
Lazy is as lazy does.
2003-05-30 02:19:10 PM  
I second the motion...
2003-05-30 02:35:01 PM  
2003-05-30 02:35:37 PM  
I dunno about lazy, but he looks gay.
2003-05-30 02:35:57 PM  
[image from u-neak.com too old to be available]
And England responds together, "No shiat."
2003-05-30 02:35:59 PM  
Same here, Willie. Pass the pipe ... and the Doritos ...
2003-05-30 02:36:56 PM  
I'm lazy. He's a prince. Suck it up Britboy. Yeah, and Swahili is really going to help over there with the EU...
2003-05-30 02:37:02 PM  
He can't dance, or paint, or cook.

Nevermind, maybe he's not gay.
2003-05-30 02:38:54 PM  
Is it just me or did this article drag on... and on... and on...
2003-05-30 02:39:58 PM  
My roommate is the laziest person on earth.
2003-05-30 02:40:23 PM  
It never ceases to amaze me that the Brits can bash america for excess, and waste in govenment. But still spend millions propping up some inbreads who have never and will never work a day in their life. Well we do the same shiat I guess, we just call it Welfare in Arkansas not some pompus Monarchy. Tag could have been Ironic as well
2003-05-30 02:41:16 PM  
The Prince's room, in a flat in St Andrews which he shares with three other students - one male and two female - is his sanctuary and is distinguished by his sound system and the drapes he has hung on the walls. "I'm not particularly fussy about my room," he said. "I just want it to be somewhere I can relax - my own space.

dude, i'm going to his place.
2003-05-30 02:41:20 PM  
Finally, a future king that speaks Swahili.
2003-05-30 02:42:23 PM  
I never knew his father was such an authority on what it means to work. I learn something every day.
2003-05-30 02:44:52 PM  
Heh..talk about lazy..I was too lazy to even read the whole article.
2003-05-30 02:45:12 PM  
long live the queen, long live the ki.... nah, fark the king...
2003-05-30 02:45:55 PM  
click click chirp
swahili for-who gives a shiat!
2003-05-30 02:49:05 PM  
not a bad-looking chap considering his genetic heritage
2003-05-30 02:49:14 PM  
Willie is studying Geography. What the fark can you do with a geography major? Become a cartographer?

Great line for getting girls, "Hey, I make maps...."
2003-05-30 02:49:40 PM  
Sweet Jesus that article was long.
2003-05-30 02:49:57 PM  
Did anyone else feel that article was ripped off from the Daily Prophet?
2003-05-30 02:50:53 PM  
Actually, I thin there's a lot of Drudge Report crossover lately.
2003-05-30 02:51:06 PM  
To be fair, his father is toiling at the pit face 18 hours a day. Leaves home before it gets light and gets home after it gets dark. Hasn't had a holiday since 1974.
2003-05-30 02:53:36 PM  
Actually, it's a typo.
Charles thinks Prince William is the *gayest* person on earth.
[image from hemedia.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-05-30 02:53:49 PM  
Zorba - Right. Like he works at a real job for a living! Cripes!
2003-05-30 02:54:42 PM  
hey wait a minute....I thought I was the laziest!dammit mother your fired!
2003-05-30 02:55:11 PM  
Too bad the Pope's emissary was a bad shot with the bow 7 centuries ago. If he had decent aim we would be talking about boy buggering instead of swahili right now.
2003-05-30 02:55:28 PM  
why is it that everytime i try to read a link to this site only the links display but not the actual articles or body. is my membership fark-lite or something??
2003-05-30 02:55:29 PM  
05-30-03 02:42:23 PM NickTheShouk

I never knew his father was such an authority on what it means to work. I learn something every day.

I doubt he means "toiling 40 hours a week behind a computer" work, but Prince Charles actually does seem to have a full schedule. He probably does more in a typical workday than I do.

Boss, if you're reading this, it really means how extremely busy the prince is. Really.
2003-05-30 02:56:33 PM  
and what's with the above pic. It looks like it's been Colarized.

Colarized is the process by which the hair of the subject gets that nappy Cola look.
2003-05-30 02:57:17 PM  
Someone get this guy the Hilton sisters' phone number and maybe they can amuse themselves long enough to LEAVE US ALONE!
2003-05-30 02:57:37 PM  
swahili wound bring you anywere, just lear dotch you ditch
/on my eigh t vodka orange
2003-05-30 02:57:39 PM  
It is a relief that the throne of England will be holding up the ass of such a modest and competent monarch some day.
2003-05-30 03:00:52 PM  
Pretty strong words from someone who has never worked a day in his life.
2003-05-30 03:05:26 PM  
This moss covered rock is the guy who Britney had the hots for?
2003-05-30 03:07:25 PM  

You seem to have taken my post at face value. Are you a victim of sarchasm?
2003-05-30 03:10:30 PM  
swahili wound bring you anywere, just lear dotch you ditch
/on my eigh t vodka orange

uh huh... and how many joints, hmmm?
2003-05-30 03:11:01 PM  
He does look a lot like his mom. Still don't understand why they had her killed.
2003-05-30 03:11:40 PM  
I wonder if he finds it easy to get laid.
2003-05-30 03:15:59 PM  
I'm so proud to be an american. Cause if one of England's elite is lazy then that means we are on his level if not higher up. Also USA is just better.

Maybe he's going to get that crapper that he can go online with. If he got that then he is without a doubt lazy beyond words...words that are to big for this 21yr old ummm person.....YEAH PUBLIC EDUCATION!
2003-05-30 03:17:55 PM  
This was up on Drudge only 2 1/2 days ago. I waited to click until it got posted here, though.
2003-05-30 03:18:16 PM  
Wow, VMan. Great grasp of the the issues there. Whatever you think of monarchy vs elective monarchy (Bush?)
lets get some facts straight:

i) The civil list (the process by which they are funded) costs ***significantly*** less than a presidency. The absolute cost of the monarchy to the Treasury is about 12.5m p.a. In a country pledging 3.5bn to a god-damned olympic bid...

ii) For your reference:
Inbred = Ancestors related
Inbread = Pilsbury doughboy

2003-05-30 03:19:08 PM  

This moss covered rock is the guy who Britney had the hots for?
Oh he's so hot, but I like his little bro better....mmm i love those redheads!!!!
2003-05-30 03:19:15 PM  

of course he does find it easy to get laid, he's got 2 girls right there in his place. Why do you think his dad is so pissed?

After all Prince Chuckles is next in line for the throne and can't pick up any better tail than Camilla.
2003-05-30 03:20:09 PM  

Just a nuance of sarcasm in my question...
2003-05-30 03:22:26 PM  
British kids say 'brilliant' like American kids used to say 'awesome' Like, totally.
2003-05-30 03:31:23 PM  
All I can say is that this Prince guy looks really different in concert.
2003-05-30 03:36:06 PM  
ii) For your reference:
Inbred = Ancestors related
Inbread = Pilsbury doughboy

Classic... Kudos!
2003-05-30 03:36:57 PM  
I like how he says he has friends from different backgrounds- English and Scottish. Let's hear it for cultural diverisity.
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