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(The Smoking Gun)   Barbra Streisand sues photographer for inadvertantly taking aerial images of her coastal home in the California Coastal Records Project. Seems to think people want to visit her at home rather than flee in terror   ( divider line
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2003-05-30 11:10:24 AM  
Nice move with the lawsuit. Now when you go to, you don't have to even search for her house--it's right there at the top of the first page.
2003-05-30 11:22:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-30 11:46:11 AM  
Much like PETA, Babs has become a parody of herself.
2003-05-30 11:48:22 AM  
Stuck up biatch. You get a good view of her nose from that distance.
2003-05-30 11:54:04 AM  

The correct address is:

The other is trying to sell you a domain name.
2003-05-30 12:13:27 PM  
She sucks. I hope she dies.
2003-05-30 12:27:29 PM  
How come this biatch didn't keep her promise and move out of the US after Bush got elected? What a farking waste of oxygen.
2003-05-30 12:50:15 PM  
ZzzZzzzzz... Boring.. I heard about this on Phil Hendrie a week ago.
2003-05-30 12:50:38 PM  
i thought when you own a house, the airspace doesn't belong to you. you just own the land, no?
2003-05-30 12:50:40 PM  
She is so Butta!!
2003-05-30 12:51:19 PM  
I don't know who is worse, her or Liza Minelli...
2003-05-30 12:52:39 PM  
If that house ain't begging to fall into the sea, I don't know what is
2003-05-30 12:52:41 PM  
She can go to h3ll after watching that house roll into the Pacific.
2003-05-30 12:53:37 PM  
People suck

/Nuff said
2003-05-30 12:53:52 PM  
I would certainly enjoy the aerial photogs of her house in the ocean.
2003-05-30 12:54:38 PM  
What on earth does Barbara Steisand need six chimneys for?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-30 12:54:47 PM  
One could probably take out some windows by firing a potato/frog cannon from the beach below.
2003-05-30 12:55:04 PM  
That is one heck of a nice house.

Anyone else looking forward to hearing her next batch of idiotic political comments?
2003-05-30 12:55:48 PM  
I've been wanting to break into her house for ages. At long last, I have the final piece of the puzzle. So all I need, based on that pic, is a jetpack and an invisiblity cloak!

2003-05-30 12:55:49 PM  
Barbra Streisand, known for espousing pro-environmental views and criticizing those who don't, has sued the California Coastal Records Project, a landmark photographic database of over 12,000 frames of the California coast shot since 2002, asserting that the inclusion of a single frame that includes her blufftop Malibu estate invades her privacy, violates the "anti-paparazzi" statute, seeks to profit from her name, and threatens her security.

Hat, meet Ass...
Ass, Hat...
2003-05-30 12:56:00 PM  
HEY! She starred in such films as Funny Girl and Nuts. What else does she have to do to be a respected voice on global politics?!

/biatch irritates me and I'm a liberal
2003-05-30 12:56:03 PM  
And to think that just last week this same biatch was biatching about the freedom of speech.

/flaming liberal hypocrites ever since the Shnozz started her career
2003-05-30 12:56:30 PM  
Theres nothing that legally protects you from being photographed in public. Wouldnt the outside of your house be considered "in public"? I mean, you can be forced to clean up your house if its really ugly to the public.
2003-05-30 12:56:48 PM  
Ha-ha! She thinks she's a god or something. She's so full of herself, pre-op Carny Wilson could fit inside her. Can't wait for her downfall. Maybe she'll get Nose cancer or something.

This is another case of "Look at me! Look at me! Hey - you over there in the blue shirt! Why aren't you looking at me! Guards - arrest him for not looking at me!"

Say it with me folks - ATTENTION WHORE. She's got it bad like and addiction and needs a fix.
2003-05-30 12:56:57 PM  
I knwo I am Semi-Sane. God know I love those crazy celebs who think they are relevant in politics.
2003-05-30 12:57:19 PM  
Is it just me or is Barbara Streisand is becoming more of a freak?? Then again, isn't she friends with Wacko Jacko?
2003-05-30 12:59:02 PM  
What about the rights of the poor guy walking on the beach below her house? (look close!) Doesn't he have the right to sue too?

What an ass hat... sigh.
2003-05-30 12:59:09 PM  
Why isn't this a photoshop??
2003-05-30 12:59:09 PM  
Regardless, DAMN, what a house!
2003-05-30 12:59:45 PM  
LemurBoy2000, oh, it will be. Maybe not officially, but it will be....
2003-05-30 01:00:42 PM  
I'm shocked that an extreme liberal would have such a nice house on the coast. I'm sure she has droves of San Francisco homeless coming in and out of there to take showers and detox, that's why her house is so big.
2003-05-30 01:00:59 PM  
I just wish she was outside nude sunbathing at the moment.

Mmmmm....nude post-50 year old Barbra.....
2003-05-30 01:01:48 PM  
Didn't that house used to belong to Mary Fisher? She prolly couldn't afford it after "Love in the Rinse Cycle" bombed...
2003-05-30 01:02:27 PM  
Only fags like Barbara what's her name. But I'm a fag and I can't stand her. My homo-card will be revoked.
2003-05-30 01:02:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
DANG.... that woman is freaky...
2003-05-30 01:03:06 PM  
For those of you not on a dial-up connection, here's the uncropped high-resolution photo.​=​big&last mode=sequential&flags=0

Also, I was just wondering ... How can you be "pro-environmental" and have a house that big? Think of all the resources it took to build that thing.
2003-05-30 01:03:10 PM  
She sues everyone that takes a picture of her or her property. The last guy that got a shot of her in a public place was arrested and had his film taken by the cops.

Pity a boulder doesnt fall out of the sky and land on her head.
2003-05-30 01:04:46 PM  
LukeLightning, with a pic like this:

[image from too old to be available]

... in your bio, you don't have to TELL us you're a fag!
2003-05-30 01:05:02 PM  
One hurricane please
2003-05-30 01:05:08 PM  
Not only would I like that house, I'd pay the photographer for a big blow-up to to frame.

I'd also pay him to destroy the film if he took a picture of her...
2003-05-30 01:05:30 PM  

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to reposess your sensible shoes and quiche recipe.
2003-05-30 01:05:31 PM  
05-30-03 12:56:57 PM AVisgoth

I knwo I am Semi-Sane. God know I love those crazy celebs who think they are relevant in politics.

Relevant enough to get people pissed off at everything she says.
2003-05-30 01:05:33 PM  
I heard she keeps a pet bear called Yentl Ben.
2003-05-30 01:05:42 PM  
PLEASE photoshop this - Where's LordArgent when we need him!
2003-05-30 01:06:00 PM  
One good thing about this, is her house is so close to the cliff, maybe the next quake will swallow her house, and drop her into the ocean.
2003-05-30 01:06:19 PM  
So I guess they'll sue TerraServer next.
2003-05-30 01:07:10 PM  
You call that an estate? What a shiat hole.
2003-05-30 01:07:19 PM  
Damn that's a nice house. I wouldn't have the slightest clue what to do with all that space though.
2003-05-30 01:08:25 PM  
Wonder how many blocks of C4 on the base of that cliff it would take to bring that sucker down. 6 or 7? Spaced out every 100 feet or so.
2003-05-30 01:09:17 PM  

Let me know if you need a wingman on that project.
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