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(AP)   Alien baby found in Wyoming. Fb- is the Martian   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-05-30 12:41:15 PM  
What????? No pictures?
2003-05-30 12:41:33 PM  
This reminds me, isn't planet X supposed to show up today or tomorrrow and wipe us all out?
2003-05-30 12:42:08 PM  
It's really time to phase out the Fb- thing.
2003-05-30 12:42:09 PM  
Let's leave the tabloid stories to the WWN, hmm'kay?
2003-05-30 12:44:14 PM  
Optikeye-- it's late actually. It was due May 27th. Freakin' mystery planets are NEVER on time.
2003-05-30 12:46:45 PM  
Damn you Alien Gonzolez! Back to where you came from!
2003-05-30 12:46:51 PM  
I really hope that yahoo stop carrying these weekly world news storys.
2003-05-30 12:48:08 PM  

I got up for this?
2003-05-30 12:48:27 PM  

Fark account number: 71038

[image from reach.ucf.edu too old to be available]
2003-05-30 12:48:33 PM  
Ok, is anyone else confused? When did AP start rewritting tabloid stories and calling it news....Death to the media!
2003-05-30 12:48:35 PM  
Lets do what the FBI gal suggested and call Mulder and Scully? Heck Dogget and Rayez could come too.
2003-05-30 12:48:53 PM  
I want that part of my life back.
2003-05-30 12:48:59 PM  
[image from scifi.com too old to be available]
2003-05-30 12:49:27 PM  
2003-05-30 12:50:17 PM  
In an unrelated story, Michael Jackson announced that one of his children is missing...
2003-05-30 12:51:22 PM  
Pollexabator, I agree, I wouldn't have even clicked on the story link if it didn't have the AP icon!
2003-05-30 12:51:44 PM  

dude. what's up with the Hot or Not link in your bio? is that really you...? i mean, wtf is up with that? do a fark bio picture if you want people to make fun of you.
2003-05-30 12:51:52 PM  
[image from aliens.monstrous.com too old to be available]
2003-05-30 12:51:57 PM  
No, no, they recalculated and the death of our world is next year!!! Live in fear until then!!! And then we'll change the date again....
2003-05-30 12:52:32 PM  
He should have suggested they go see 'Bruce Almighty', get the phone number from it and call God to ask about it.
2003-05-30 12:53:35 PM  
Optikeye-- it's late actually. It was due May 27th. Freakin' mystery planets are NEVER on time.

Crap, I was looking forward to last moment wild orgy thing.
2003-05-30 12:54:58 PM  
I thrashed around for awhile trying to connect 'Signs' with this article, because there was a baby monitor in the movie and... and...


2003-05-30 12:55:21 PM  
God bless the tabloids

I once saw a special on the discovery channel about aliens who hum in mountains. Maybe they dropped their baby and went back to the mountains?? This baby humms...

2003-05-30 12:57:00 PM  
2003-05-30 12:57:24 PM  
Phil Merleson found a scaly skinned infant on the floor of his barn May 7 after hearing a humming sound emanating from the building.

I wonder how much moonshine he had on that day?
2003-05-30 12:58:02 PM  
I was driving through Casper last night. I live in Wyoming. There was a very very strange electrical storm just North of Casper.

and the strangest thing about the trip was that the Frosty I ordered at the Casper Wendi's tasted like shiat.

coincidence??? I think not. Those farking aliens screwed with my delicious ice cream treat. Where's the smoking man when you need him.
2003-05-30 12:58:09 PM  
i would also like to see the pictures.....
2003-05-30 12:58:15 PM  
throw water on it and see what happens?
2003-05-30 12:59:21 PM  
OK. I have seen this Fb- thing too many times. What is that all about?

Modernhamlet: Not mocking. I wouldn't dare. Just interested.
2003-05-30 01:01:52 PM  
savethenaugs...check the FArQ
2003-05-30 01:02:38 PM  
Alien found in Casper?

What about the ghost found in Marvin?

heh, nevermind!
2003-05-30 01:02:40 PM  
Alien baby pix here.
2003-05-30 01:02:52 PM  
Why dont we hold ALL reporters and news agencies accountable for what they tell the media?

I think I'll quit and protest...
2003-05-30 01:04:01 PM  
I'm not worried about aliens. They are only here to serve man....
2003-05-30 01:04:35 PM  
The reporter in this story doesn't seem to realize that The Weekly World News fabricates their stories more than the New York Times.
2003-05-30 01:04:39 PM  
I think it is time we phase out the whole Ayeroxor thing.
2003-05-30 01:10:48 PM  
[image from pages.infinit.net too old to be available]
2003-05-30 01:10:57 PM  
That was a useless article.

"Be more funny!"
2003-05-30 01:11:09 PM  
for an amusing glimpse into the wide world of people who spend too much time reading the illuminatus stories, go to the message boards of yahoo linked to the article.

2003-05-30 01:16:14 PM  
What the hell is Yahoo News doing posting tabloid crap from WWN?

What, slow news day?!? Some start a war, damn it, so we could get back to reality!!!
2003-05-30 01:17:15 PM  
Is it just me or did they rip this off from the plot from "V"?
2003-05-30 01:17:48 PM  
[image from sallini.com too old to be available]
2003-05-30 01:24:39 PM  
I thought a lot about aliens and this article in particular and realized that I like nothing more than a good quip. You don't see or hear a good quip too often. In fact, saying quip is good enough. The actual quip is not needed.
2003-05-30 01:26:43 PM  
Yes,they ARE among us...

(linked just to be safe for humans)

Alien Baby
2003-05-30 01:27:55 PM  
[image from ochef.com too old to be available] Documents found linking animal crackers to alien-related death.
[image from dvdhouseofhorror.com too old to be available]
2003-05-30 01:32:21 PM  

Fark account number 7334

[image from ebaumsworld.com too old to be available]
2003-05-30 01:33:42 PM  
Ran across this first thing this morning. It also made the Casper Star Tribune (http://www.trib.com). I'll be driving through Casper in a few hours on my way to a convention. Will have to keep my eyes to the sky (am sure the tequila shooters planned for the road trip will help).....
2003-05-30 01:34:23 PM  
What?? No autopsy video?
2003-05-30 01:35:49 PM  
Modernhamlet, j/k.

Just had to respond to an IMG with an IMG :)

DirkValentine - "dude. what's up with the Hot or Not link in your bio? is that really you...?"

I only answer that question if the questioner is a hot local chick.
2003-05-30 01:43:09 PM  
This is a story? A tabloid famous for making up stories about aliens prints a story about aliens and--surprise, surprise--it's made up.

Alien Baby is a cool Yo-Yo trick, though. I can almost do it!
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