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10387 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 May 2003 at 7:04 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-29 07:08:57 AM  
Another one bites the dust.....

When are all the other papers/radio stations/TV stations/etc. going to own up?
2003-05-29 07:14:57 AM  
That sound you heard was the other shoe dropping.
2003-05-29 07:15:24 AM  
When they get caught red-handed presumably
2003-05-29 07:16:40 AM  
Well that's why I read the USA Today instead of the Times. Honest. It's not because the Times is written at a much higher grade level. Seriously. It's because of integrity. It's not because the USA Today has lots of pictures, color coded sections, lots of gossip, and is written at a 3rd grade level. It's the integrity.

2003-05-29 07:18:12 AM  
I am appalled, who knew this was going on?
2003-05-29 07:18:33 AM  
My paper route is going down the crapper, fast!
2003-05-29 07:19:06 AM  
Bragg's offense was no where near as bad as Blair's, but if he had of stayed at the paper, people would have complained about it being a double standard
2003-05-29 07:20:39 AM  
Next to go... Maureen Dowd. You can't make up stuff, unless you are on the radio.
2003-05-29 07:24:41 AM  
Maureen Dowd is the fire that ignites my loins
2003-05-29 07:28:19 AM  
There's no disgrace here. If you actually READ the story, you'll find that Bragg is quitting because of the atmosphere at the NY Times. He didn't do anything wrong other than follow the newspaper's policy (not siting free-lancers).
2003-05-29 07:30:37 AM  
Maureen Dowd is the fire that ignites my loins

Her talent ellipsis all others!
2003-05-29 07:33:01 AM  
Her talent ellipsis all others!

I've been bested again. I rue the day I met you, MonikerLewinsky.
2003-05-29 07:36:33 AM  
unless you are on the radio.

WRONG! I have had to deal with it...recently actually. The difference is it is just theft within the building and the listener never knows the difference, but most certainly it happens and people get fired for it. The sad part is, in the news biz, your integrity is all you have and some people still cant figure that out.

/Works in news radio
2003-05-29 07:45:21 AM  
"It's not because the Times is written at a much higher grade level"

What, 10th? (Presumably it's before whatever grade any budding news hounds are introduced to journalistic ethics.)

And who cares if he resigned because he failed to attribute a story correctly or if he's just unhappy with the new intolerance within the organization. Single-minded pursuit devoid of objectivity isn't anything new at the Times, it's just being turned on a new target.
2003-05-29 07:54:38 AM  
The New York Times:

If we don't have the news, we'll make it up (or hog all the credit).
2003-05-29 07:56:38 AM  
All the news that's fit to create or unfairly attribute to staff reporters.

(no voting because I piggybacked on FarkinBastage)
2003-05-29 08:03:33 AM  
Maureen Dowd gets to do some splaining now. Completely misrepresenting the president's statement is worse than what Bragg did.
2003-05-29 08:03:35 AM  
It's redundant to write "disgrace" in the same sentence as "reporter".
2003-05-29 08:05:19 AM  
BTW Nice name FarkingBastage. It's an .88 magnum...
2003-05-29 08:09:56 AM  

What happened with Maureen Dowd? Did I miss something in the article?
2003-05-29 08:11:45 AM  
More New York Times reporters who need to walk the plank:

Jeff Gertz, for his "coverage" of the Clinton scandals, extra points for the Wen Ho Lee debacle.

Judith Miller, for promoting the Liar's War by passing on Ahmad Chalabi's whoppers about Iraqi WMD as though they were facts.
2003-05-29 08:12:39 AM  
MonikerLewinsky touched on it. She used the ... to remove a crucial portion of Bush's statement to make it look like he said Al Queda was not a problem anymore when he actually said the ones in prison in Guantanamo are not a problem anymore.
2003-05-29 08:15:19 AM  
If you want reliable news, forget the US media. It's been totally co-opted, it's essentially state-run. Read the Guardian and BBC news instead, you'll have a much better chance of getting the truth.

2003-05-29 08:16:46 AM  
Darktard, when the NYT is half as much as a joke as your beloved Fox News, you can celebrate by pissing on yourself.
2003-05-29 08:37:27 AM  
FoxNews. The only network with the balls to go to court and fight for the right to lie.
2003-05-29 08:48:20 AM  
This clown stole credit for a story


2003-05-29 08:49:18 AM  
It was the best of Times, it was the worst of Times.

2003-05-29 09:08:13 AM  
No matter, reporters are prostitutes. Yes, even at the NYT. Another trick will come along for them. Howell Raines is the pimp. Raines remaining days are few.
2003-05-29 09:08:32 AM  
"The truth is the atmosphere at the Times will swing back to normal," he said. "There's going to be more bumps ahead for everybody. But eventually it will swing back to normal."

Yeah, apparently 'normal' at the NY Times is to lie through your teeth, make up whatever you need to fit your bias, and take any and all credit whether deserved or not.
2003-05-29 09:09:57 AM  
05-29-03 08:15:19 AM Grytpype

If you want reliable news, forget the US media. It's been totally co-opted, it's essentially state-run. Read the Guardian and BBC news instead

So you're we shouldn't watch one of the 8 or 9 privately owned national news channels in the US that you claim are "essentially state-run" but instead get our news from the actually state-run BBC?
2003-05-29 09:13:26 AM  

So you're saying
2003-05-29 09:20:08 AM  
Again, as Orius stated, this was not a "resigning in disgrace" story. Rick Bragg quit because of the "poisonous atmosphere" at the Times, NOT because of the allegations against him. This was no surprise to me, as he'd said he would do this in an interview published several days ago. But of course because some asshat either didn't read the article or decided to sensationalize this event, most Farkers will probably remember this headline and associate it with the story.

Rick Bragg is a great writer who has published countless outstanding articles. Frankly, he deserves better than the NY Times. With this resignation, the Times (and not Bragg) is on the losing end of the transaction.
2003-05-29 09:24:26 AM  
Headline should read "resigned in disgust.
2003-05-29 09:40:55 AM  
That pretentious rag can f*ck off. I love how they feel the need to refer to everyone as "Mr." or "Ms.", even if they're talking about a murderer or rapist.
2003-05-29 09:40:57 AM  
Basically when a guy quits over "bad attitude" he's saying the place is to blame when its really him. If there was no blame to give out, he'd just quit. If there was no reason to feel bitter, he'd just leave and that would be that.

One finger pointing at someone else, three fingers pointing back at himself.
2003-05-29 10:06:07 AM  
HumbleGod Have you read his autobiography All Over But Thr Shoutin' Excellent Read. The man has done a hell of a lot with his life.

Generation_D Gotta disagree with that. My boss has turned in his resignation because of the attitude that TPB back in the states have. (When two individuals started wrecking havoc around here they did nothing to stop 'em. In fact he got written up because of them. They are both gone now, but he still wants nothing to do with the agency.)
2003-05-29 10:21:20 AM  
Has CNN apologized yet for withholding that assassination attempt information about Uday Hussein?
2003-05-29 10:27:19 AM  
"Second NY Times reporter resigns in disgrace"

It's a nice start.
2003-05-29 10:45:14 AM  
Hey ASSHATS, Maureen Dowd is a COLUMNIST not a reporter. You see she is allowed to editorialize the truth. Jeebus, didn't they teach you anything in juvenile detention?
2003-05-29 11:19:05 AM  
No one should be surprised by the actions of reporters, regardless of whom they write for. As someone who has been involved in many legal actions 'reported' by the media, I was originally shocked to see how many untruths, misstatements or inaccuracies appeared in the public record. My experience has been that most reporters either don't understand or care enough to learn about their subjects. It's just a job. The only thing different about Bragg et al. is that we're talking about the NYT, not some local rag. That just means that the reporters have more initials behind their names, or went to 'better' schools.
2003-05-29 11:29:19 AM  
Generation_D, here are some facts:

from slate.com:

The editor's note bends Times policy in stating the article "should have" carried Yoder's byline in addition to Bragg's. Given the facts, I can't imagine how the Times could possibly justify giving Yoder a byline. Times spokesperson Catherine J. Mathis explains that a stringer can earn a byline "in the exceptional cases of unusual enterprise or unusual writing style"but there's nothing enterprising about the Apalachicola story, and the writing appears to be pure Bragg. Yoder's style, illustrated in this Anniston Star piece, appears to be workmanlike but not unusual.

from Newsweek:

The editor's note didn't address the fact that stringers virtually never get byline credit at the Times; indeed, the entire careers of some writers are based on their skillful crafting of facts gathered from stringers, or "legs."
When people get criticized or get in trouble, they use ploys to change the subject. It should be rather obvious what the Times is doing.
2003-05-29 11:52:21 AM  
Maureen Dowd crushed The Bushies. Just like she crushed Bubba. She is awwwweeeesssomme.
2003-05-29 12:05:04 PM  
Its all over but the resignation.

I like Bragg.
2003-05-29 12:11:08 PM  
I don't particularly blame Bragg for this. I mean, using an intern to do the grunt work for a story is fine. And I would go so far as to say he probably tried to get the kid a byline or some form of credit. But the Times doesn't like doing that (as we can see that's now getting them into trouble).

It's all beauracracy's fault. See, that way, no individual is EVER to blame!

2003-05-29 12:16:06 PM  
So you mean our media might just be a bunch of self serving buttwipes who could care less about truth or integity, as long as their own careers go forward. Gee, who would have thunk it.

It is cool though that the guy can write 2 books at once - he must be ambidextrous.
2003-05-29 12:32:29 PM  
And many more still working in disgrace.
2003-05-29 01:25:23 PM  
New Times motto:

All the news that fits, we print.
2003-05-29 01:50:56 PM  
Agree that Rick Bragg is a great writer. He doesn't have a bunch of initials after his name or hail from a bettr
school, as he didn't finish college. He was selected to
teach writing, however, at Harvard after he won his
Pulitzer Prize. I agree with those who cite his books as
good reads. I grew up about 15 miles from Rick and went to
college with him, but I was surprised to read about the
hardships his family faced in the mountains of northeast

Glad to see Rick bailing out of the NYT environment. He had
indicated earlier this year that he needed to take some
time to write a couple of books - the success of his earlier
books having allowed him to tell the NYT to fark off and
still be able to pay the bills.

Rick has made it clear that he attempted to get by lines
for interns and stringers in the past (that's his
personality - helping folks as folks had helped him) but
the culture at NYT of superstar reporters didn't allow

Most major newspapers (the few who actually write articles
rather than print wire stories)would like to secure a reporter like Rick. The question is "Where will Raines
go?" I estimate his tenure at NYT lasting less than 45
days. Rick is leaving, but not taking the bullet. NYT
will investigate until they find a scapegoat related to
the policies, and it will be Raines.

The headline should read "Nutless NYT Editors Fail to Realize That a Blue Collar Top Notch Writer Won't Tolerate Their Scapegoating Bullshiat"
2003-05-29 01:56:15 PM  
"Mostly his job was to soak up the oyster fishermen ... "

Does one do that with bread?
2003-05-29 02:44:56 PM  
Once again, things that happen in every media source in the world rears its ugly head at the NYTimes... Conservatives rip NYTimes to shreads while prottecting Fox News.

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