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2001-10-05 07:03:03 PM  
Boobalicious baby!
2001-10-05 07:03:46 PM  
Wow. Guess that anthrax shiat doesnt play...
2001-10-05 07:04:38 PM  
Once you have it..your farked... the only prevention is the shot. I think I'm making an appointment Monday.
2001-10-05 07:10:26 PM  
Anthrax is such a great band, Why would they go and kill someone?
I mean, its not like Judas priest or Ozzy making you kill yourself.
2001-10-05 07:14:29 PM  

2001-10-05 07:17:30 PM  
TIME! time got the time tick tick ticking in my head TIME! got the time tick tick ticking in my head TIME! got the time tick tick ticking in my head......ticking in my head!

with that said, it is of course very sad that the man died, and my best wishes go to his family and to Anthrax, who thrashed alongside metallica, but didn't become all old and lame.
2001-10-05 07:17:33 PM  
"died at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis " ????!!!!
2001-10-05 07:20:26 PM  
Poor guy.
2001-10-05 07:21:05 PM  
Vex77: Yeah, Atlantis... you know, the underwater city off the coast of Florida! Geez where did you learn your geography?

2001-10-05 07:23:18 PM  
Who would have known anthrax was so deadly? I mean we all know that White Castle burgers are known to kill people...but anthrax? Thats unheard of!
2001-10-05 07:26:09 PM  
i heard about this guy on the radio this morning... by the way, why is it ok to make jokes about this, but it wasnt when aaliyah died? because shes a no-talent government slut and a factory product? hmm.. interesting.
2001-10-05 07:27:22 PM  
Bring the noise!
2001-10-05 07:28:26 PM  
Wraith: point well taken... I guess the humor is a way of dealing with it as tasteless as it is.
2001-10-05 07:28:59 PM  
Hmmmm..... the "Officials" are saying, don't panic......but there are just too many factors in this for me to NOT take a closer look.

* first case in a quarter of a century
* guy lived in Florida (where the hijackers lived)
* the case just so happened to surface AFTER the Sept. 11th attacks
* we've just been warned about further attacks and the possibilities of bio/chem. warfare including the use of anthrax

coincidence.......GOD i hope so, but we'll see.
2001-10-05 07:30:56 PM  
Lets all play Taliban bingo!!! B-17, F-16...
2001-10-05 07:31:34 PM  
RBX13 Not to mention the TYPE of anthrax he contracted. The airborne virus... which as far as I know, is only used in biological weapons. Someone let me know if I am wrong about this...
2001-10-05 07:31:45 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-10-05 07:32:40 PM  
There's a shocker.
2001-10-05 07:38:01 PM  
** Wolfanoz
Once you have it..your farked... the only prevention is the shot. I think I'm making an appointment Monday. **

Actually, this statment isn't EXACTLY true. You can increase your chances of survival if treated w/in hours of the first symptoms by a regime of nearly toxic levels of antibiotics. But only a little...
2001-10-05 07:39:17 PM  
I'd rather die being caught in a mosh than getting the disease itself ;-)
2001-10-05 07:39:38 PM  
pretty much, but suposedly, you can contract it by inhalation of cow snot? j/k, I don't know where it occurs naturally in the airborne variety.
2001-10-05 07:44:05 PM  
here in Florida we have armadillos that carry it

don't ever

I repeat - don't EVER let an armadillo walk around in it's own feces then let it scratch you.
2001-10-05 07:45:43 PM  
Requiescat in pace
2001-10-05 07:50:47 PM  
Wraith...umm...I'M not joking about it.

Damn, PeterNorth, that was right at the top of my "to-do" list!

BTW, anyone else laugh at this woman?
"I am nervous - what if it's in my soil? I have a dog and I have kids," said Cathy Saulter, 39, who lives across the street from the Stevens.
She mentions her DOG before her KIDS? Good to see someone has their priorities right.
2001-10-05 07:56:28 PM  
PeterNorth. I will make sure that never happens.
2001-10-05 08:26:45 PM  
Spreading the Disease!!!!!


Nice Fuggin' Life.........
2001-10-05 08:42:53 PM  
I joke about it because frankly I'm scared shiatless
2001-10-05 08:49:53 PM  
I think everyone was too afraid of her rapper friends doing random drive-bys to those who lived in communities which mocked the talentless-biatch.

Anthrax? Pfft, the disease is better than the band...
Then again, they have never been good since I saw one of their rap - rock group crossover
2001-10-05 08:56:14 PM  
Yeah, joking is a way of dealing with it. I remember last year the drama class, cops, fire department, EMS and coroner all put on this really fancy skit on out on the football field about drunk driving and why NOT to drink and drive on graduation night. Well, it featured a whole lot of rescue vehicles (the only kind missing was the helicopter due to bad weather), the coroner's van, two previously wrecked cars, and "dead" drama students hanging out of the car with fake blood and guts all over the place. Well, me and my friends, being guys and sophomoric in our sophomore year (pun intended) made copious jokes about the scene and over-drama. So were a whole lot of people.
This made the Drama Department real mad, but for some reason the cops didn't mind.
2001-10-05 08:59:14 PM  
I need a Beer! I'm at work and it sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2001-10-05 09:21:17 PM  

From The Official DOD Anthrax Information Site:

Anthrax is an infectious bacterial disease spread by contact with infected animals, handling infected products, eating infected meat, or breathing weapon-dispersed anthrax spores.

So, yeah, according the the DoD, breathing anthrax == biological weapons
2001-10-05 09:24:13 PM  
From the original article posted yesterday.
"Health officials said they believe he contracted anthrax in Florida because the disease has an incubation period of up to 60 days."
60 Days! We could all have this shiat right now. I don't think I'll sleep too good tonight.
Oh, who am I kidding. I sleep like the dead no matter what.
2001-10-05 09:25:44 PM  
TheWhiteDragon, check this link. The airborne variety does occur naturally, but not since 1976 and is 90-100 percent fatal. Yikes!

2001-10-05 09:27:35 PM  
A faceless Bob has died of anthrax.

We don't know him. He wasn't in that one movie with Jett Li. We didn't hear him on the radio every three hours. We knew who she was (Aaliyah), she had a personality...

He was just Bob. Now he's Bob that died of anthrax.

Always easier to make jokes about an impersonal but scary subject - as opposed to a personalized scary one...

Having said all that... How much make-up did she have on board anyway?
2001-10-05 09:28:40 PM  
Well she didn't die soon enough in my opinion....stupid slut went and farked up the "Queen of the Damned" movie....But then again, I'm a callous biatch. So sue me.
Oh....and here in grand ole South Cakalacky we are the United State's dumping ground for nuclear waste. How do you think WE feel??! At least you don't suffer TOO much from anthrax, not nearly as much as you'd suffer from toxic waste poisoning.....yucky.
2001-10-05 09:34:45 PM  
how do they administer the antibiotics? is there an inhaler version because that seems the most logical way of getting it to where the bacteria is..??
2001-10-05 09:39:07 PM  
here is some info on Anthrax:
2001-10-05 09:44:13 PM  
From an AP story: "There is a vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease, but it is available only to the military. "

That sux00rs.
2001-10-05 09:45:28 PM  
This is the type of stroy that should get some sort of follow-up. Instead we are given feel good crap like the next story from yahoo. A cross give me a break.
1) I want to know where this man has been. Not we are looking into it.
2)I want to know how you contract this naturaly. I an unaware of the pulminary type occuring naturaly.
If the govt isn't worked up why not? Is it so the population doesn't become affraid. Why is it so hard to get reports on this?
2001-10-05 09:46:05 PM  
2001-10-05 09:46:22 PM  
I know that.... but - the antibiotics that they give u if u are unfortunate enough to be hospitalized - are they in an inhaler form??
2001-10-05 09:48:18 PM  
last try

2001-10-05 09:49:11 PM  
No, it's a shot.
2001-10-05 09:51:48 PM  
Uh, it did say Atlantis, right?
2001-10-05 09:54:30 PM  

Just try low tech Molet. I know UBB code, but I haven't looked into straight html - which I think this forum looks for.

Next time I'll be more high tech and actually learn html.
2001-10-05 09:57:50 PM  
TheWhiteDragon: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't bring Atlantis up. The McDonalds commercial for the Atlantis crap was literally one of the most irritating commercials I have ever seen.
2001-10-05 09:59:59 PM  
he didn't bring it up, did he?
2001-10-05 10:00:32 PM  
Wow, thanks for the info Molet2003 lol
2001-10-05 10:03:37 PM  
The US has experimented with and created biological weapons like this. Also the government has refused to force the military to enforce that little anti-biological weapons treaty.

Well this shiat is scary and I hope they reconsider.
2001-10-05 10:12:09 PM  
The McDonalds commercial for the Atlantis crap was literally one of the most irritating commercials I have ever seen.

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