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(Post-Tribune)   UPS package containing discus collides with UPS package containing pistol caps. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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13428 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 May 2003 at 11:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-28 04:31:44 PM  
I've seen toilet submarines more interesting than that article.
2003-05-28 04:59:01 PM  
If I was in the back of that UPS truck, I'd be asking myself "What Can Brown Do For Your Underwear?"
2003-05-28 06:17:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 08:57:31 PM  
"Hey, you got your discus in my pistol caps!"
"Well, you got your pistol caps in my discus!"
2003-05-28 10:00:02 PM  
Is it just me, or are there a hell of a lot of links today?

2003-05-28 11:58:06 PM  
It's amazing what will happen when you start punting around random packages, eh?
2003-05-29 12:01:41 AM  
Discus Stu was talking to you.
2003-05-29 12:02:45 AM  
Sounds like UPS "ahh yeah we just tossed it in the truck and it blew up."
2003-05-29 12:05:41 AM  
Dis discus discussion disgusts.
2003-05-29 12:06:16 AM  
Burn baby burn.
Discus inferno.
2003-05-29 12:06:20 AM  
2003-05-29 12:06:24 AM  
A hole was blown through the package, which also caught fire, Westville Fire Chief Ed Forney said.

Taken out of contect, this could be a very scary precedent. But I'd like to meet the girl who could do this.
2003-05-29 12:06:26 AM  
thats also the same UPS that dropped my mac on the ground breaking 2 of those little handle-bar-thingee-whatevers...

im not losing much sleep over it tho...
2003-05-29 12:07:27 AM  
Ace Ventura: I'm looking for Ray Finkle ...

[A shotgun cocks, pointed at his head.]

Ace Ventura: ... and a clean pair of shorts.
2003-05-29 12:08:18 AM  
This is why you insure packages. It's certainly not the first package they blew up.
2003-05-29 12:12:08 AM  
That is why I e-mail all my packages. No worries about anybody breaking anything.
2003-05-29 12:12:56 AM  
This is news? Has UPS ever sent a package that arrived on time and intact?
2003-05-29 12:17:18 AM  
Yah, so anyway the ticking was just another clock. But we smashed it just to make sure.
2003-05-29 12:23:50 AM  
Let this be a lesson to UPS: Don't play football with the packages marked "explosive" or "flammable". Use the boxes marked "fragile" instead.
2003-05-29 12:35:04 AM  
i thought it was discus the fish species.
2003-05-29 12:36:50 AM  
blame it on the USPS...damn yuppies with the extra s...
2003-05-29 12:41:30 AM  
Boy am I relieved! I was worried that it might have been that package of ammonium nitrate filled canisters, batteries, and blasting caps I had sent to grandma.

*note to time use fed-ex*
2003-05-29 01:13:29 AM  
My money is on the shot!
2003-05-29 01:37:25 AM  
We had absolutely no incentive to keep packages intact when I worked there. The only priority was getting them in order on the delivery truck and making sure you seperated the Next Day Air packages from the normal stuff.

Then again, apparently people don't have any incentive to keep us intact, either. I once had a package that had a ~10 inch blade sticking out of it, looked like only the hilt was keeping it in the box. As if it's that tough to pack this stuff safely. But it all evens out when you "accidentally" bust open a box full of porn or video games or something.
2003-05-29 03:34:07 AM  
Gudel, well, I was thinking of the whole genus Symphysodon, but I think I know what you mean.
2003-05-29 04:07:47 AM  
You people have no room to talk about the way UPS handles packages. I work as a loader, I see some shiatty looking packages that look like they are on their 10th UPS trip. The way these packages are tossed, turned, smashed, and crushed, you would think people would realize they need to send their packages in good sturdy boxes.
2003-05-29 08:25:07 AM  
I've had tons of things shipped to me in "good sturdy boxes" they always coome in looking like wierd al's accordian. UPS seems to be the worst, i make them my last choice when shipping!
2003-05-29 08:30:42 AM  
IM not feeling much love here..
2003-05-29 11:18:20 AM  
2003-05-29 12:59:05 PM  
I manage an equipment return program- I send out boxes
all over the continent, and they come back to me. UPS is our primary carrier. probably 99 percent come back without
any external damage. make sure the box is bigger than what
you're sending by at least two or three inches, and fill
that space with packing. we send out custom foam lined boxes and have a real low rate of damage compared to when we'd send out a box with bubble wrap.

I think our damage rate is low 'cause most of our equipment
is pretty heavy- not too puntable or tossable...
2003-05-29 03:23:34 PM  
Ha. Not as bad as the bull-semen container that exploded in the back of my trailer one day.
Luckily I was on my way out and didn't get hit -- there was a crack in the container and the pressure from the dry ice made it go KABOOM.
2003-05-29 03:24:14 PM  
Incidentally: I no longer work there.
2003-05-29 04:58:48 PM  
Oh yeah. We also had bullet spills occasionally. Nice.
2003-05-29 10:19:33 PM  
When I worked for UPS we had some genius on the flightline decide to load a dozen containers of live mice in the aft cargo bay of the DC-9. When the plane landed and my crew went to unload it we had a cargo bay full of frozen mousecicles and mouse poop all over the place....
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