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(National Post)   15-year-old Disney star Hilary Duff denies having cosmetic surgery on her breasts. Breast expert says they are "suspiciously high." With pic   ( divider line
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2003-05-28 08:57:49 AM  
Jeebus...why pay for that crap when she should do what most 13-15 year old girls do..Get a good push up bra and stuff with klinex. Saves money and basicaly same effect. She is good looking either way (i'm 16)
2003-05-28 08:59:26 AM  
I'd show Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, the Olson Twins(double your pleasure), and Christy Romano why I'm called the Impaler.
I personally think it's a travesty to keep the "legal age of consent" at 18. Even my (28-year old)wife agrees that, with young WOMEN maturing at earlier ages (scientifically shown to be due to ingesting pseudo-estrogen from plastics), the law should drop a couple years.. like to 16. Girls are physically maturing at a faster rate than ever before. Why aren't the facts viewed and used to balance the laws? In the meantime.. I'll keep enjoying the view.
2003-05-28 09:01:25 AM  
Can you say "publicity stunt"? Good! I knew you could!
2003-05-28 09:05:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

These Olsen Twins dolls look so lifelike.
2003-05-28 09:08:04 AM  
this author is sick!!!! she's fifteen!!!!

this guy should be arrested!!!!
2003-05-28 09:10:16 AM  
My girlfriend loves that show. That girl is way too hot for her age. Makes me cry.
2003-05-28 09:20:10 AM  
She's 16, right>
2003-05-28 09:22:42 AM  
Right. Let's just arrest everyone who ever had an indecent thought about some hot-ass 15 or 16 year-old. See you in prison, bud. We'll have a Farkers support group - we can run the place.
2003-05-28 09:24:43 AM  
Golly, I give up--beauty is beauty.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 09:27:41 AM  
The Dark Crystal.

2003-05-28 09:28:16 AM  
I'm surprised no one has come up with a Hillary Duff countdown site, a la the numerous Olsen twins countdown sites.

To those who think looking (never mind doing other things) at a U17 girl is sick sick sick:

If you looked at Hillary Duff and didn't know her age, what would you think?

In the mall or other public forums, do you gawk at girls you find pretty, or do you run up to them to ensure they are 18 and over?
2003-05-28 09:32:03 AM  
Farkers have clicked on this link 26660 times

But still, nobody ever looks at underaged girls. There's what society wants to be, and then there's what society really IS. I'll leave which is which as an exercise for the reader.
2003-05-28 09:34:46 AM  
Definite Wonderbra.

Also, Frankie Muniz should have stayed 12. He is a good actor, but seems to have been afflicted by the Fred Savage/Macaulay Culkin child-actor-turned-fugly syndrome....

2003-05-28 09:35:18 AM  
I'd Duff it.

2003-05-28 09:47:54 AM  
I'd hit it duffie style.
2003-05-28 10:06:28 AM  
05-28-03 01:08:35 AM RandomBob
Today on the radio, NPR, during a promo for upcoming interview or something, they half-jokingly suggested the age when people turn from kids into adults is 26.
Twenty six? How about 16?

That story was in yahoo news; basically it said that on average these days, 26 is the age at which people have done all the things 'adults' are supposed to do (or maybe it meant that 26 was the age people think these things ought to be done, not sure). Youve finished college, moved out of your parents house, gotten a full time job, gotten married, and had a kid.
Your thing about 16 being adult was a joke, though, right?
2003-05-28 10:06:44 AM  
What I'm thinking is so wrong.
2003-05-28 10:14:02 AM  
Her bodyguard is Yale-educated? Is that a new major?

Besides, I've seen those guys try to play sports, and they're no threat to anyone but themselves.
2003-05-28 10:17:31 AM  
I'd hit it and hire a good lawyer.

Not like she'd give my old ass a chance to do so anywhere other than in my fantasies though.
2003-05-28 10:23:39 AM  
Guys, the physical maturity of girls doesn't really have much to do with what the age of consent should be. It doesn't make them mentally any more mature, and that's the problem. A child under 18 is still a minor, which means that if she gets pregnant and has a baby, that baby becomes the responsibility of the grandparents. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want a kid with a kid (reason #4,627 I'm not having kids). Everybody wants to have sex before the age of consent (and a lot of people do), but in college have trouble remembering to use birth control. It's quite a huge thing to expect of a 15 year old.
2003-05-28 10:30:01 AM  
Let Nature take its course, Hil......I'm certain that they will be fantastic without help.

That gal is going to be something to behold when she is around 20 years old.
2003-05-28 10:37:56 AM  
what pictures? The only pic is a headshot!
2003-05-28 10:48:28 AM  
She is one beautiful woman. I try to chastise myself for admiring her features, but it's impossible to resist my natural urges. And 5 years isn't too big of a difference.

Stunning = Hillary Duff.

I don't know if I'd sleep with her, but I'd sure go out with her.
2003-05-28 10:55:57 AM  
Someone mentioned how Amanda Bynes is hot...For years, I've had a boner for one of my wife's buddies. Not long ago, we went to the movies and they showed a preview for the movie where Amanda goes to France or whatever.

Both of us turned to eachother and said "that's so-and-so!" They look exactly alike. Freaky. Except of course my wife's buddy is 25 and not 15 or whatever.

/riveting story innit
2003-05-28 11:01:04 AM  
Anyone find pictures of the older sister they mentioned in the article?
2003-05-28 11:01:57 AM  
Two words: Wonder Bra
2003-05-28 11:17:21 AM  
They do not look "suspiciously high" at the premiere, nor in the poster (have the dumbasses in the article never seen 15-year-old boobies before?)

[image from too old to be available]

And, earlier in the year, thanks to Wonderbra:

[image from too old to be available]

Just for good measure:

[image from too old to be available]

Personally, I can't wait till she hits her Maxim/FHM stride.
2003-05-28 11:30:08 AM  
Old enough to pee
old enough for me.
2003-05-28 11:30:46 AM  
If there is grass on the field,
play ball.
2003-05-28 11:31:19 AM  
Hollywood knows we love cute, little sexyt women. Why else do these little hotties make it big?

/yes the last line has 2 meanings.
2003-05-28 11:32:01 AM  
Old enough to read,
old enough to bleed.

Ok i'll stop.
2003-05-28 11:40:28 AM  
If there's grass on the field.....PLAY BALL!
2003-05-28 11:40:42 AM  
Farkers, of all people, should appreciate the wonderful things that can be done with Photoshop.

Why smoosh 'em into a rocket bra for a standard photo, when you can so easily (and legally) manipulate them digitally, er, electronically?
2003-05-28 11:43:14 AM  
Didnt read four posts up...Im a
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-05-28 11:43:38 AM  
Sick farks, all of yers!
2003-05-28 11:44:20 AM  
Thats OK Isuldirs you can complete this one for me "Old enough to count
Old enough to m _ _ _ t"
2003-05-28 11:47:20 AM  
Man, it's taken a long long time to get to the first "dirty old man" thread of the week.
2003-05-28 12:01:04 PM  
So my girlfriend came in today and started packing her bags. I said "Honey, what are you doing?" She said "I talked with a friend of mine today and she said you're a sick pedophile!"

"Pedophile?" I said. "Wow, that's a pretty big word for a 12-year old."

/ashamed that he laughs at that joke
2003-05-28 12:07:25 PM  
I'd Hit it then stay around for a while and hit itagain. And then say around a while and hit it a third time
2003-05-28 12:12:01 PM  
Skel: Who said anything about marriage??? ARGH! Been there, done THAT, never again!
2003-05-28 12:13:17 PM  
Her shirt in that first photo looks like it is made with Lite Bright pegs. I want one! (probably costs $400 mutter mutter mutter)
2003-05-28 12:13:55 PM  
Hey, y'all! The age of consent in Indiana is 16! Weeeeeee!
2003-05-28 12:16:24 PM  
I must say that I am anticipating HER turning 18 much more than the farking Olsen twins. I want to do dirty dirty things to miss McGuire. But I must keep in mind...

2003-05-28 12:25:13 PM  

Hey, y'all! The age of consent in Indiana is 16! Weeeeeee!

Yeah, but don't "y'all" also make it a rule to only fark family members and/or farm animals?

2003-05-28 12:37:55 PM  
Andreas: No, only other people's sisters. And no farm animals - assholes too high, farkers run too fast!

2003-05-28 12:43:41 PM  

Don't sweat it. If your husband is worth his salt, he figures that into how desirable you are. A "hot chick" is a neighborhood pickup game. Fun for the short-term, but tiresome in the long-term... Devoted wives are multi-season championships. Rewarding. Day-to-day, I'd rather wear the bowl ring.
2003-05-28 01:08:26 PM  
Indiana law defines "virgin" as "a nine-year-old who can run faster than her brother."
2003-05-28 01:10:07 PM  
2003-05-28 01:15:54 PM  
"Tag and Release" thats priceless.
2003-05-28 01:20:52 PM  
Can't get enough of that wonderful duff!
[image from too old to be available]
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