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2003-05-27 12:11:51 PM  
Damn-we look good.
2003-05-27 01:23:49 PM  
Link farked?
2003-05-27 01:32:04 PM  
Apparently SARS has affected the poster's judgment. Does anyone really think that a "YAHOO! PHOTOS" account could actually handle the traffic that FARK generates. There are too many Canadians on the Web.
2003-05-27 02:17:21 PM  
Well that was stupid.
2003-05-27 04:14:54 PM  
D'oh! Who knew? I thought Yahoo could handle it.

The photos can be found here.
2003-05-27 05:30:17 PM  
Okay, link fixed.
2003-05-27 06:00:24 PM  
No hilarious mustard incidents?
2003-05-27 07:31:54 PM  
Oh, that's better, thanks.
2003-05-27 08:03:07 PM  
Wldncrzy, that is him right?
2003-05-27 08:03:41 PM  
I believe so..
2003-05-27 09:38:27 PM  
2003-05-27 09:42:55 PM  
Yeah, that's Mustard Man. Mike is with the Second City troupe.
2003-05-27 10:33:20 PM  
That can't be him. He is too clean.

I like these photo dealies better when the Farknames are added, so we know who we're lookin' at.
2003-05-27 11:34:25 PM  
The guy with the beard and eyeglasses is the godfather of Fark, Timothy.
2003-05-27 11:53:47 PM  
Agreed AMU, the only ones on that page I know aside from the MustardMan are Ayesha999 and Timothy. No clue who the rest are :-p
2003-05-28 12:31:44 AM  
"insert SARS joke here"

<!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/sars_joke.pl"-->
2003-05-28 12:32:38 AM  
How about a Mad Cow joke instead?
2003-05-28 12:36:35 AM  
Steph (ayesha999) was there? Damnit I wish I was canadian

Actually, no i dont.

Speaking of SARS, I ate chinese food today. I should be dead within a week.
2003-05-28 12:36:47 AM  
i think that sars has infected the server those picutres are on. it took about 10 minutes on a cable modem for them to all get coughed up.
2003-05-28 12:42:07 AM  
Yup, cancer is where the real comedy gold is.
2003-05-28 12:42:24 AM  

did you know that its proven that people on slow connections get worked up more on pornography? Yeah its the anticipation.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna jiz thinking about what hotties were there long before I ever download a hottie :/
2003-05-28 12:49:32 AM  
SARS fever... Catch It!
2003-05-28 12:53:33 AM  
OK, so SARS walks into a bar carrying a duck, and.....

2003-05-28 12:54:22 AM  
those links are craptacular.
2003-05-28 12:55:39 AM  
Anyone else stuck whit the freaking jingle of WIN A CLASSIC CAR? I got it in my head right now and it's pretty annoying
2003-05-28 12:57:02 AM  
2003-05-28 01:02:46 AM  
it was a little too slashdotty.
2003-05-28 01:03:03 AM  
farking a... site too slow. i'd hit it with that girl in red shirt with a camera on the right on the first pic :)
2003-05-28 01:06:21 AM  
Link may be fixed but its still ASS SLOW.
2003-05-28 01:08:20 AM  
slow connection or not...I'm sharing a T-1 with fifteen users and all I get is: "The page cannot be displayed." Link appears Farked.
2003-05-28 01:14:27 AM  
The pictures are loading so slow you'd think it had sars! ahahaha! ...
2003-05-28 01:16:32 AM  
Sorry my HTML skills suck. This was done in a rush.

Um, yeah. And the page is slow as all hell.
2003-05-28 01:18:20 AM  
Ok apparently SARS and Mad Cow made the poster not include thumbnail images forcing all the hi-rez images to load at once.
2003-05-28 01:21:43 AM  
cool. one cute girl.
2003-05-28 01:27:33 AM  
i see why the camera person is taking pics next to that blonde girl. this girl is hawt!! (uhm.. the one on the right, not that guy in blue firey shirt)
2003-05-28 01:28:19 AM  
Yeah! Various random people!
2003-05-28 01:31:19 AM  
gudel: no. the only cute girl there is the one with the short blonde hair, bottom few rows of thumbnails.
2003-05-28 01:37:00 AM  
I'm not an expert on SCTV, but the cute blonde does a nice impression of whoever that is in the pic (between Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis) link
2003-05-28 01:40:42 AM  
Actually, it's slow because all the data packets leaving Canada have to go through Customs now for quarantine and de-lousing.
2003-05-28 01:42:48 AM  
The gal with the red and black shirt sure is cute, too!

Not that anyone asked me. I'll be going now.
2003-05-28 01:49:54 AM  
Black-shirted, short-haired blonde girl is gorgeous.
2003-05-28 01:52:20 AM  
Where are the face masks? They promised us face masks! Wait, that was flying cars they promised.
2003-05-28 02:07:44 AM  
is that guy in the blue shirt the security dude from the springer show?


dont wanna insert the img cuz its slowwwww
2003-05-28 02:11:51 AM  

heh its him
2003-05-28 02:14:16 AM  
how bout toronto...thats a good joke right there...
2003-05-28 02:37:17 AM  
is that steph the geek?
2003-05-28 02:52:35 AM  
Wow, one of the few pics I've seen of Steph the Geek where she wasn't naked or otherwise involved in some kind of sexual activity. Good show.
2003-05-28 02:56:41 AM  
Sorry i missed it, next time!
2003-05-28 03:04:29 AM  
I was wondering where all the nerds in town disapeared to the other night.
2003-05-28 03:10:38 AM  
Its slow cos they aren't thumbnails..its the entire farking set of pictures its loading
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