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2454 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 May 2003 at 3:15 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 11:53:40 PM  
I'm not just saying this because the Ducks whooped up on my Wings....but...This Cup Finals will be the lamest in recent memory and is probably the worst thing that could happen to the great game of hockey.

Wings/Leafs in '04.
2003-05-27 03:18:42 AM  
Yeah, the Ducks will win.
It's still going to be fun to watch, though :)
2003-05-27 03:19:50 AM  
Yeah, and I predict I will sleep through the whole thing. Sure, Giguere played really well, but come on, who wants to see the Ducks play in the finals, aside form Anaheimians and 12 year olds? Ducks aside, I can't believe the Devils found an even more boring style of hockey than the trap. Call me when the next season starts.
2003-05-27 03:21:09 AM  
Maggie says they suck.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-27 03:22:29 AM  
Wait, Anaheim has a hockey team?
2003-05-27 03:24:27 AM  
Once again this is not about SbB Maggie who despite all you wags is not just a butter face.
2003-05-27 03:27:23 AM  
What's with monkeys and Anaheim? First the Rally Monkey, now this?
2003-05-27 03:28:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-27 03:33:53 AM  
If the Ducks win it is just more proof that Eisner is the antichrist.
2003-05-27 03:34:19 AM  
Wake up, Maggie, I think I've got sumthin' to say to you:

nobody cares, hard
2003-05-27 03:34:45 AM  
yay, go anaheim!

i only support them because there's about eleventy billion canadians on that team and most of them are from bc. so it's kind of like they're local.
2003-05-27 03:54:15 AM  
fark that stupid simian!
2003-05-27 03:59:35 AM  
2003-05-27 04:04:38 AM  
Do they spank it if it guesses wrong?
2003-05-27 04:09:19 AM  
Stupid primate. What the hell does she know? GO DEVILS!!! Oh BTW, what the hell happened to the Boobies links? I ain't seen one in days!!! Kittens are beginning to multiply and must be stopped.
2003-05-27 04:36:00 AM  
Wow. If one monkey can do this, what could an infinite number achieve?
2003-05-27 04:36:13 AM  
do'nt we rely on animals to predict too much stuff as it is? i mean, a groundhog predicts the weather, a monkey predicts the outcome of sporting events. might as well have an elephant and donkey fight to the death to determine a president...
2003-05-27 05:39:55 AM  
Hmm I have 300$ to blow, what are the Vegas odds on the Ducks winning anyways ?
2003-05-27 06:04:11 AM  
For the record, the money's been correct more times than all the hockey analysts, save for Bob McKenzie (Maggie's 8-6).

And since they whupped Detroit, all I can say is GOOOOOOOO DUCKS! (Guigere played junior hockey here in Halifax as well, so there's a lot of people pulling for him out here. He's even getting married here over the summer).
2003-05-27 06:13:04 AM  
Ah, the monkey is Canadian. No wonder it knows hockey.

I'm one of those Leaf fans that is now cheering for Anaheim simply because they whupped Detroit good.
2003-05-27 07:41:44 AM  
If both teams can keep the scoring REALLY low (like 2-1, 1-0) and get it over with quickly (4, 5 or 6 games), I'll probably lock up 1st place in my hockey pool. That's a cool $310 profit.

Go defence!
2003-05-27 08:31:16 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-05-27 09:00:24 AM  
Maggie will be wrong.
All her picks were on TSN.
This time on a lame comedy show.

The Streak is over.
2003-05-27 09:15:23 AM  
Stupid Monkey.

Go Sens
2003-05-27 09:21:56 AM  
meh. I'll probably tune in for the deciding game, which is completely unlike me at all (I usually watch every game no matter what). We get to see a bunch of undeserving hacks from the East coast play a bunch of undeserving pukes from the West coast. Yay! Can I just hope the ceiling caves in during one of the games?

OTOH, the college lacrosse Final Four games were great. The Final game was probably the best lacrosse game I've ever seen.
2003-05-27 09:46:08 AM  

How are the Ducks undeserving pukes?
2003-05-27 09:46:25 AM  
2003-05-27 10:17:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-27 10:19:56 AM  
NO!!!!!!! Go Devils
2003-05-27 10:41:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

go ducks
2003-05-27 10:49:42 AM  
It also mentions that Maggie is 8-6 so far, in contrast to the reports so far that say she has picked all the rounds correctly so far...

Also, I submitted this and did not get credited? WTF?
2003-05-27 10:54:40 AM  
I agree with SpecialJ - the Sens was robbed.

But I'd rather the Devils win than a goddam mockery. I cannot even consider the Ducks a real team.
2003-05-27 10:57:16 AM  
Undeserving hacks and undeserving pukes? Last I checked, you have to win 12 games to get to this point. It's not just handed to you on a silver platter simply because you have a flying tire on your jersey.

With that said, Go Devils!
2003-05-27 11:19:30 AM  
I agree,Mruttan. I can't see the words "Mighty Ducks" On the Stanley Cup. It's got to be one of the signs of the Apocalypse. On the other hand, I can't stand the Devils but at least they've proven themselves a consistantly good team.

/still bitter about my Flyers...
2003-05-27 11:21:52 AM  
Disney owns the Mighty Ducks. Disney owns ABC and ESPN which hold the broadcast rights to air the NHL. Disney also owns the Angels who won the World Series last year. Both the Angels and the Mighty Ducks were put up for sale by Disney. Does anyone really believe the NJ Devils have any chance of winning? I mean, come on....... (btw...the Devils are for sale, too. A Stanley Cup final? Ha, more like a fire sale)
2003-05-27 11:42:19 AM  
go devils baby
2003-05-27 12:05:19 PM  
Screw the monkey - Devils in 5, baby!


2003-05-27 12:12:09 PM  
About time. In the last 9 stanley cup finals:
Colorado, Dallas, Detroit, New Jersey.
same teams, same old song.

Parity is not a BAD thing for any sport. Just Ask the St Louis Rams. How boring would it be for all of you in the northland if American teams CONTINUED to dominate the NHL because our dollar is worth more? If a smaller market team like the Ducks ends up with the Cup, that gives bankrupt teams like the Sens a better shot at a future cup. Here in Denver, we are about to lose our Dynasty in the next year or two, and will be waiting a while for Baseball/Basketball dynasties to lose out.
2003-05-27 12:45:47 PM  
Madtiger -
I agree. Even though I'm an Avs fan, I'd like to see a new team win this year, so GO DUCKS. To all those "fans" who are whining about the teams in the playoffs/finals and how bad it is for look a mess with all those sour grapes on your face.
2003-05-27 01:26:51 PM  
The Devils aren't for sale.. they're owned by the YankeeNets.

Go Devs
2003-05-27 02:08:03 PM  
I terms of Vegas Odds - Since I just returned, the onlt odds I rememebr were:
Ducks in 4 - 12/1
Ducks in 5 - 7/1
Devils in 6 - 7/2
Devils in 7 - 5/1

And the head's up series bet was
-140 Devils
+120 Ducks
2003-05-27 03:15:16 PM  
Fark the Ducks.
2003-05-27 03:20:29 PM  
Kudos to the Ducks for beating Detroit. Although I dunno which is more evil, Disney or Detroit. I'm going to go for the Devils in this one.
2003-05-27 03:34:04 PM  
Okay, see if you can follow this:

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim are undeserving because their name is "The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" and that has to be the worst sports team name since the Macon, GA "Whoopee". I am not making that up. Also because they have the biggest whiny crybaby in the NHL, Paul Kariya.

The Devils are undeserving because they're the Devils. They've won it twice before. I would root for them because they have Joe Nieuwendyk, whom I like a lot. But they also have the Wonder Dingleberry twins, John Madden and Jamie Langenbrunner... Shape of, a giant plate of suck! Form of, Another giant plate of suck!

Bottom line, if my aforementioned dream of the roof caving in on both teams can't come true, I say let the Ducks win because I genuinely like Giguere.
2003-05-27 03:37:17 PM  
"Follow this" = follow this convoluted logic, not a flame. ; )
2003-05-27 03:41:33 PM  
(with flips)
2003-05-27 03:47:11 PM  
Our mission, should we choose to accept it, it to kill that farking monkey. Who's with me?

/picks up large ninja sword
2003-05-27 04:23:10 PM  
The evil disney corperation is part of this. First, the Disney endorsed Anaheim Angels won the World Series. Now the evil disney has rigged the Stanley Cup playoffs for a chance to make a new Mighty Ducks movie.
2003-05-27 05:00:50 PM  

I'll be there at the Pond on Game 4. Let's all hope for a sweep! Why not, it happened in the WCF - which I was also in attendance at Game 4. What a game that was!!!
2003-05-27 05:23:08 PM  
I disagree MACMAN37,

If anything, the Ducks do desrve to win it because they turned their team around by hiring Murray as GM and broke the mold of west coast hockey teams by building through their system and then, when they knew they had a chance, signing key free agents (ozolinsh, oates) and making smart trades (Sykora, Thomas). This playoff year, they have been a model of how a team that doesn't want to spend like the Rangers, Wings, or Avs can win a Cup. My boyfriend has Kings season seats and I love L.A. but this time, Go Ducks.
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