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24356 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 May 2003 at 2:34 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 07:53:20 PM  
Everytime I go to the main page I get the new message with "Watch Into" or "Come on in", but when I click "Come on in" I can only goto main3 (the beach one). Anyone else have this problem?
2003-05-26 08:10:42 PM  
Now onto easter eggs: if you click on abused the email starts over. You can click on the pizza and the magazines at the end, and you can click on The Cheats hand.
2003-05-26 08:19:32 PM  
It's-a really old!!!
2003-05-26 08:21:04 PM  
Hahaha, classic, this was worth the wait.
2003-05-26 08:23:56 PM  
Anyone else get the "So long and thanks for all the fish" reference?
2003-05-26 08:30:44 PM  
What was it? I love those books!
2003-05-26 09:34:50 PM  
I want a crisper drawer...
2003-05-27 02:37:24 AM  
its been up for quite some time now... slackers... anyone have any idea why it restarts when you click "abused" ??
2003-05-27 02:37:26 AM  
I didn't submit this. I didn't submit this with a funnier headline. I didn't submit this at all. It doesn't burninate me up that though I didn't submit this it will not be credited to my account. I didn't click through on the easter eggs. I haven't even clicked the main link yet. I don't know what the cheats is, but it makes me think of pepto bismal.

I didn't submit this.
2003-05-27 02:41:45 AM  
Hardest. Chord. Ever.
2003-05-27 02:46:15 AM  
Segway Saturdays. Priceless.
2003-05-27 02:48:18 AM  
So...who wants to curry my favor?
2003-05-27 02:49:45 AM  
2003-05-27 02:51:17 AM  
Pfft. I discoverd that chord last week.

I just didn't tell anyone.......
2003-05-27 02:51:49 AM  
and another point for you the cheat
2003-05-27 02:52:17 AM  
Wow. This strongbad has reminded me of a lesson my mother used to teach me.

It's always something. It just goes to show you. Never click on a fark funny/satire/strongbad link.
2003-05-27 02:53:07 AM  
If you click The Cheat's dangling hand, he sets the magazines on fire.
2003-05-27 02:53:32 AM  
pop tarts on his pizza. hehehe
2003-05-27 02:54:13 AM  
Didn't they use the semicolon incorrectly?
2003-05-27 02:54:44 AM  
Wossrt... SBEmail.... evar....
2003-05-27 02:55:12 AM  
The guitar chord thing reminds me of one of Joel invention exchanges from MST3k...
2003-05-27 02:59:45 AM  
this 'abuse' egg is making me INSANE

what is the DEAL.
2003-05-27 03:01:55 AM  
Not a great email, but sustained by the Easter eggs.

I do, however, enjoy the new menu page.

"I know you're out there somewhere, Eh! Steve!, I'll blast you 'til tomorrow noon!"
2003-05-27 03:02:35 AM  
Another hilarious entry from the Brothers Chaps.

"Strong Bad math" and "Strong Mad bath" really cracked me up, along with the pizza poptarts. And the power-chord at the end. Still don't know what's up with the abuse egg, though. Their way of abusing their fans, I guess.

Or maybe they thought it'd be funny to see everyone complain about it on Fark.
2003-05-27 03:03:06 AM  
Just watched it. There's time out of my life I'm never gonna get back.
2003-05-27 03:05:33 AM  
05-27-03 02:54:44 AM Askheaves
Wossrt... SBEmail.... evar....

WORST spelling of ever EVER
2003-05-27 03:06:21 AM  
Thats not the hardest chord .. by a long shot. The hardest is a ten finger two handed tapping chord that covers several wound strings of a seven string with the right hand thumb and no a major 4th barred with the thumb dont count, the right thumb has to fret in at least two different frets at a 45 degree angle. there are several voicings and inversions too choose from but I guruantee you that one of those is "The hardest chord" Damn Arthritis...
2003-05-27 03:09:25 AM  
Anyone else notice that in the 'guitar chord' picture, the guy has 11 fingers?
2003-05-27 03:09:46 AM  
last weeks was much more qualitier.
2003-05-27 03:09:54 AM  
...but only 6 strings
2003-05-27 03:12:04 AM  
Is "demonished" a word, even?
2003-05-27 03:12:19 AM  
Askheaves: Wossrt... SBEmail.... evar....

WORST spelling of ever EVER

Stereosaurs, actually, it's the worst spelling of "worst" ever.
2003-05-27 03:13:11 AM  
nothing laugh out loud.
2003-05-27 03:13:50 AM  
2003-05-27 03:14:41 AM  
Yeah, not one of the better e-mails. The Cheat looking too comfortable in his new crisper drawer made me laugh slightly though.
2003-05-27 03:18:09 AM  
Booooooooooooring. Eh, STEVE! on the front page was much funnier.
2003-05-27 03:20:22 AM  
'So long and thanks for all the shoes' reference? NOFX. Unless they were referencing someone too. Then I have no idea.
2003-05-27 03:22:40 AM  
I wonder if there was some internal issues with homestarrunner.com there hasn't been much with Mazipan and I doult the Brother Chaps do her voice (wasn't it some girl name Missy).

I would of liked the light-switch rave as a possible privilage. (still all time favorite email). I didn't get the hand easter egg to work, was this at the end of the episode or during?
2003-05-27 03:23:47 AM  
The reference is, "So long and thanks for all the Fish", a novel by Douglas Adams in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series.
2003-05-27 03:25:05 AM  
You have to click the magazine before the hand for it to work.
2003-05-27 03:26:15 AM  
So long and thanks for all th fish is a book by Doug Adams, part of the hitchhiker series.. i didn't see where that came up in the e-mail though//
2003-05-27 03:27:28 AM  
darn you to heck mashuren!! That's a good NOFX album too, but i prefer Punk in Drublic.
2003-05-27 03:29:08 AM  
Doble..I didn't think that spelling of worst was all that bad, It used all the correct letters, but I do have to say it was BAD.
2003-05-27 03:36:09 AM  
poptart toppings on pizza the greatest idea ever!!!!!
2003-05-27 03:38:37 AM  
And, coincidentally, Dirk Gently was a lead character in another Adams book, Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency. But you probably already knew that GentDirkly
2003-05-27 03:41:44 AM  
that was the funniest one I've ever seen
2003-05-27 03:55:43 AM  
I reference I think is at the end when Strong Bad says, "So long and thanks for all the priveleges..es..."
2003-05-27 04:03:41 AM  
Ok quick question, does Trogdor appear in any email other than 58?
2003-05-27 04:04:37 AM  
Anyone else notice what The Cheat is watching there at the end?

The guy on TV (in between getting muted :P) talks about getting chased by a truck that wants to kill him or something like that. Isn't that a reference to "The Duel" ?
2003-05-27 04:10:02 AM  
I think that truck is alive!
That truck has been trying to kill me!
You probably think I'm crazy...
But that truck has been chasing me like it's trying to kill me!
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