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(AFP)   Most men don't need XXL condom size but think they do   ( divider line
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17981 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 May 2003 at 9:03 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 09:35:38 PM  
First, size does matter, just not the most guys think. Every woman has a range of acceptable, preferred, and no way. Not all women have the same ranges obviously. But I think most women prefer the guy on the low side rather the high side.
Low side: guy can make up the difference with technique.
High side: Painful or at least limited.
I have no allusions about my size. Most of the women I have been with have been fine without. The first girl I was with actually went out of her way to reassure me that I was the right size (BTW, ladies, do NOT do this unless the guy seems insecure, I had no doubts about myself until she started to try and make me feel better). But I have also been with women who were uncomfortable with full penetration. We could only have sex in certain positions, and I had to hold back, which definitely took some of the fun out of it.
So, unless you want to make money onstage or infront of a camera, average or less is the way to go.

2003-05-26 09:35:45 PM  

Did I mention that I am more well-endowed than everyone who already said how big their manly man is? If someone is a XXL, well I am a XXXL.


2003-05-26 09:36:41 PM  
I am a FARKER, feel the power of my superhuman penis! I regularly pleasure several females at once with my monstrous endowment!

OMG wtf where have all teh boobies links gone, lol i need to have a wank. fapfap rofl
2003-05-26 09:36:52 PM  
My penis is as long as my right leg.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 09:36:55 PM  
I may only have a 6" unit, but I can part my hair with my tongue.
2003-05-26 09:37:21 PM  
"And still, it fits?"

/Sam Francisco
2003-05-26 09:37:43 PM  
I'm not one to brag, but whenever I plan to have sex, I make an appointment with Christo.
2003-05-26 09:39:17 PM  

I welcome you, your flaccid and erect penis, regardless of length or girth. Now you are one of many dicks on


Way to live up to your SN. The 1st girl I ever loved was 5' tall and 98 pounds. To make a long story...abbreviated, the think that killed the relationship 1st and foremost was the pieces not fitting. She was upset that she could not please me. I always wonder when I see a 5' tall girl with some really tall guy like 6'4" or whatever and think "how do they do it?" But that wrecked the relationship, everything else went downhill from there because nothing hurts more than trying to please someone you love and you can't.
2003-05-26 09:39:54 PM  
Wow, Peter_hook is a tool.

/double entendre
2003-05-26 09:40:09 PM  
ok, what are we talkin about here?

measured from the top of the base or the bottom where the sack begins? Are we talkin about measuring round the head or the stem?


I buy'm in packs of 32

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 09:40:56 PM  
You can reach the G-spot with your finger. YOUR FINGER. Since when is your penis not at least as big, if not bigger than, your finger? I can measure mine out to the end of my finger, starting from my wrist.

So what's this crap about needing something so big you need a wheel barrel to carry it around in? Relax, guys. Once you go so far, there is no more pleasure to be gained. She doesn't care at that point. And your an idiot for festering the delusion that she thinks so. Porn is not real life.

/this information brought to you on behalf of Sue Johanson
2003-05-26 09:42:02 PM  
Does the total measurement include the outcroping of hair?

If so well....ummm yeah should I be talking about this?
2003-05-26 09:42:37 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 09:43:04 PM  
Ishkur you like Telepopmusik ?
For frenchies, they're good !
2003-05-26 09:44:44 PM  

"backdoor sneak attack to the gspot" = nonexistant
2003-05-26 09:45:55 PM  
Reminds me of an old joke:

Q: What's white and 12 inches long?

2003-05-26 09:46:02 PM  
This is strangely amusing.

I'm liking the cover-up competition. Whatever will be thought of next?!

As a previous opinion was noted -girth gets ya the gal, guys.
You could have a freak-show of a footlong pencil....
and we'd laugh.

/wienie link of the day?
2003-05-26 09:46:24 PM  
I like Telepopmusik about as much as I like Dirty Vegas.
2003-05-26 09:47:17 PM  
You can reach the G-spot with your finger. Yeah, but my stuff doesn't bend in the right place, and certainly not on command, like my finger does.

But everything you said is right on the mark. A large unit is mostly more pleasure for the guy who owns it when he is enjoying himself.

Or so I would guess.
2003-05-26 09:47:39 PM  

I'd like to point out that I went the Christo route almost six minutes before you.

Here's to conceptual art nerds!
2003-05-26 09:49:24 PM  
05-26-03 09:48:18 PM AbbyNormal

"backdoor sneak attack to the gspot" = nonexistant

Oh no, it exists! :-D

yes i agree only here in south jersey we call that Sneaky Pete
2003-05-26 09:50:04 PM  
you guys do know that the men's clothing business understates waistband and belt size (i.e. a 36" belt is atually 37 1/2) just to feed male vanity. that being the case it's safe to say they overstate in other products for the same reason.
2003-05-26 09:50:08 PM  
Where are you suppose to measure from anyway, the top or the underside?

Not that I know, but if you measure from the bottom, there is a place a few inches back that you can use to hook the tape measure end. That adds a few inches right there.
2003-05-26 09:51:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 09:51:48 PM  
When you have a big slab meat, you don't have to is only the insecure that brag and secretly mail order the cream kits and hand pumps!
2003-05-26 09:52:07 PM  
I read the thread to check for Christo references so once more I wouldn't sound redundant again. Kudos to Bobfrom and Gold_phinger. Ya beat me fair and square. ;-)
2003-05-26 09:53:22 PM  
In more important news.... there was no Strongbad link today :(
2003-05-26 09:53:29 PM  
Measuring from the back of your neck to your navel yields pretty impressive results.
2003-05-26 09:55:16 PM  
oh well, AbbyNormal, maybe for you.

2003-05-26 09:55:34 PM  

Triple entendre if your level of poking fun at me equalled my level of self-deprecation...


For the gspot, length does matter. Most women don't like it bounced. They like a constant pressure that they can control, and concentrate on. So being short, you just poke and release. Being long enough they can sit directly on you and ride, you can angle it in halfway, or if you're shorter, do it doggy style and rock (don't bang the sh*t out of them) so that they can push down on it.


Backdoor orgasms...some women swear by them. I have met a few. Listen, I knew a girl who came when she hugged me, so frankly, I believe anything is possible if you're horny enough and can convince yourself in your mind that it's working.
2003-05-26 09:56:50 PM  

Thanks for the props. I'm just jealous that Gold_phinger trumped my Reichstag with a Great Wall.
2003-05-26 09:56:55 PM  
i'm hung like a baby....

8 pounds and 6 ounces

/got nothin
2003-05-26 09:57:11 PM  
05-26-03 09:47:39 PM Bobfrom


I'd like to point out that I went the Christo route almost six minutes before you.

Here's to conceptual art nerds!

Damn! I was looking for some of his work on GIS, but I kept looking for "Cristo", which is another artist.

2003-05-26 09:57:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 09:59:26 PM  
I once took a leak off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The water was cold, and deep.
2003-05-26 09:59:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

No, I'm fine, really.
2003-05-26 10:01:04 PM  
2003-05-26 10:01:05 PM  
Ah kids..... do you want to know about size?

Just take a peek to the tip of it:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 10:02:14 PM  
Will this work?
Click me
[image from too old to be available]

If not, here's the link:​4380
2003-05-26 10:02:53 PM  
I plan on stealing that "hung like a baby" line -- brilliant.

And Gold_phinger:
I did a "Cristo" search originally too. Great minds, I guess...
2003-05-26 10:08:09 PM  
I have heard that one of the reasons that women have poor depth perception is because they have always been told that this (holds fingers 4 inches apart) is 7 inches.
2003-05-26 10:08:29 PM  
Suckysucky, that's great
2003-05-26 10:08:43 PM  

UNIX-geeky..."Hey baby, I gotta go cd into my drivers"

Yeah...there's a show in Canada on Showcase called KINK and they basically follow kinky people around and show what turns them on.

A lot of things people do seem borderline...some do it for boredom, others for excitement.

But it's right what you said. I've known kinky girls, and as long as it's not illegal, too immoral and doesn't hurt anyone...I am to please! LOL
2003-05-26 10:08:52 PM  
Magnum here, too. I sometimes vaguely wonder if it's just an ego thing the manufacturers do, but I can't wear the normal ones. Tried. GF tried to put it on and I was like "OW shiat wtf are you doing." She said 'you need the bigger ones.' I was flattered.
2003-05-26 10:10:18 PM  
I once took a leak off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The water was cold, and deep.

The bottom of the bay was rocky, too.
2003-05-26 10:10:24 PM  
2003-05-26 10:10:59 PM  
Too bad my HTML does not.

Time for lunch.
2003-05-26 10:13:04 PM  
During WW2, Churchill ahd his army suppliers mark the word 'Medium' on the boxes containing bayonette sheaths. In case the boxes were intercepted by the Germans, he wanted to make certain they knew who the true master race was.
2003-05-26 10:14:12 PM  
Thanks to the interweb and e-mail I have to buy special pants now. I'm also filthy rich and have huge breasts.
2003-05-26 10:15:03 PM  

It's the whole circumcision thing too. They were afraid to look shorter, so they kept the foreskin...
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