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(Mainichi Daily News)   Huge earthquake rocks Japan. Farker JimDunlop who lives there too drunk to notice   ( mdn.mainichi.co.jp) divider line
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8834 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 May 2003 at 10:53 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 10:54:22 AM  
2003-05-26 10:57:01 AM  
Godzilla related?
2003-05-26 10:57:24 AM  
<--- yeah, he's gay.
2003-05-26 10:58:01 AM  
2003-05-26 10:58:23 AM  
I suspect it was shcool girl prostitution-ring related

2003-05-26 10:59:02 AM  
Holy crap, 50 people injured. Now, where's that earthquake of doom the japanese prepare for?
2003-05-26 10:59:46 AM  
Will somebody please think of the beer glasses?
2003-05-26 10:59:47 AM  
so what bulldg...
why u keep looking?
2003-05-26 10:59:49 AM  
I like the fact that the guy mentions beer glasses smashing, like it's the worst thing of all.

Props to the Japs for the love of beer.
2003-05-26 10:59:49 AM  

great one, i assume you either are assuming this or took the time to check his profile, hmmm?
2003-05-26 11:01:27 AM  
And I'm preemtively putting out the STFU to any farkers who will undoubtably biatch and moan about how callous we're being about such a horrible tragidy.

That's right, STFU.

It's half a world away, it's too big a thing for me to actually comprehend, so I can only really joke about it to relieve the tension.

Plus, I like being an asshat from time to time.

/off toe read the article.
2003-05-26 11:01:40 AM  
Yeah, he must be Gay. He's wearing a shirt. And, er, looking over his left shoulder, and er,thats it.
2003-05-26 11:01:58 AM  
It wasn't until hours later when people said to me... Did yafeel the earthquake? I said: "What earthquake?" But my wife confirms that the house shook for a good 2 minutes.

Geez... this Japanese hooch is pretty damned good if I can't feel an earthquake that scores 7 on the richter scale.

Damn! :-)

Maybe we can have Fark Party Tokyo.... Anyone else in my neck of the woods? :-)
2003-05-26 11:02:00 AM  
I sleep days, and it got me out of bed. Truth is I was far enough to just get a little shaken, but nothing dropped of the shelves. I feel bad for all the stock boys out there trying to sort out the supermarkets. Bad day.
2003-05-26 11:03:10 AM  
I slept through a quake in greece once. Thought it was a truck goin by.
2003-05-26 11:03:25 AM  
Oh yeah, so I don't seem like an ass, I do care about the injured, I just figured that would to obvious to post.
2003-05-26 11:04:08 AM  

That's right, STFU.

Oh, man, you've got "Certified Bad-Ass" written all over you. Dork.
2003-05-26 11:04:44 AM  
"Oh yeah, so I don't seem like an ass, I do care about the injured, I just figured that would to obvious to post."

You mean the beer, right?
2003-05-26 11:04:46 AM  
I experienced a quake in Peru - I also thought it was a truck until all the dogs started going nuts.
2003-05-26 11:05:12 AM  
HAI! HASHI! *click click*


/props to anyone who knows what I said
2003-05-26 11:05:15 AM  
Anybody know a URL with earthquake records on it?

I have a theory!
2003-05-26 11:05:30 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
Tentacle-Porn creature escapes!!!
2003-05-26 11:05:55 AM  
NO, I've got

"My wife left me on Tuesday" written all over me.

I'm just a little bitter.
2003-05-26 11:06:10 AM  
yeah...im stationed in seoul..but im in tokyo every other week....hmm....fark international party....maybe...
"fark around the world in eighty days"
2003-05-26 11:06:23 AM  
05-26-03 11:04:44 AM Monkeysflying
You mean the beer, right?

Yeah, I was going to pour on out for the beers that didn't make it, but theres been enough alcohol abuse in the world today. ;)
2003-05-26 11:06:46 AM  
I know wat you said Dashiki

you said:HAI! HASHI! *click click*


I claim my prize.
2003-05-26 11:07:12 AM  
CanuckGuy - whos the bastard who wrote that on ya?
2003-05-26 11:07:28 AM  
i think CanuckGuy needs some good old fashioned Boobies
2003-05-26 11:08:05 AM  
Something about bridges or chopsticks. fark if I know what you are on about tonight.
2003-05-26 11:08:26 AM  
injured? pah! if your not dismembered or dead, dont biatch
2003-05-26 11:08:29 AM  
Or new fashioned boobies! Any boobies! More BOOBIES!
2003-05-26 11:08:36 AM  
My "best friend", if you can believe it.
2003-05-26 11:09:54 AM  
Takogirl? Hope you're OK.
2003-05-26 11:10:17 AM  
whare aer teh boobies?!?111
2003-05-26 11:10:49 AM  

Quick get the schoolgirls! If we overload it, it might explode...well mabye not, but it might stop it for awhile...well lets just throw school girls at it anyway...
2003-05-26 11:10:49 AM  
Navyboyct99: Yeah... You can bring the kimchi and I'll bring some takoyaki (octopus balls) and we'll meet in front of the Asahi brewery in Asakasa, Tokyo. :-)
2003-05-26 11:11:37 AM  
For the record, there was no deaths, and no reports of nothing time can't heal. It didn't level buildings, it started a fire, that was quickly contained with little damage. Stop over reacting to jokes, some of us like trivializing things with a little humor. It takes the edge of the worries friends.
2003-05-26 11:11:49 AM  
CanuckGuy: I'm sorry my man.
2003-05-26 11:12:28 AM  
CanuckGuy - wow if ur saying what I think youre saying that sucks! sorry for ya!
2003-05-26 11:12:48 AM  
Glasgowsfinest: He *IS* gay. read his profile thingy. "man looking for a man"
2003-05-26 11:13:52 AM  
CG, I think you got more shaken up than I have today.
Sucks to hear it, seriously.
2003-05-26 11:14:40 AM  

in case you were wondering, my count at the top of the page is the number of links since the last boobies link
2003-05-26 11:17:05 AM  
"The Miyagi Prefectural Government asked the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to dispatch members for rescue operations. In response..."

Daniel-san and Julie-san could not be reached for comment, as they were in training for next year's tournament.

/wax on, toss one off...
2003-05-26 11:17:48 AM  
There was another earthquake here (tokyo) about 4 hours ago (Tuesday evening Japan)...it was very long and not too violent but you could certainly feel it...added some realism to my BF1942 match haha.
2003-05-26 11:18:21 AM  
So we're gonna pick on someone for being gay? It's good to see that all the confused teenage homophobes are out in droves today.

It's ok to call someone a homo...b/c of those pictures that circulated the net for a while. But just outright proclaiming someone is gay is sad. That ranks up there with the maturity of a hacker.
2003-05-26 11:19:28 AM  
Dashiki I can't asnwer that I know no Japanese.

2003-05-26 11:20:02 AM  
Now nobody slam VexedThespian for counting boobieless links. Having myself lived in Sioux City, Iowa some time back, what he's doing counts as excitement over yonder.
2003-05-26 11:20:52 AM  

I think most of the guys "picking" swede31, are just annoyed that it's not Butterasian. His "gayness" just seems to be the easiest target.

Besides, you do realize your reading FARK right?
2003-05-26 11:22:09 AM  
Well, the BBC also had an interesting picture of some panicked shoppers from today's quake....

[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-05-26 11:22:50 AM  
Miyagi prefecture!
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