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2003-05-26 02:57:10 AM  
2003-05-26 04:50:23 AM  
Nmhansen, are you suggesting that Farkers should actually read the articles?
2003-05-26 05:34:04 AM  
The original link was irrelavent and extremely blah, crap like that happens all the time, you're not supposed to give a fark
2003-05-26 06:41:51 AM  
<--- original article gayer than mr. swede over here.
2003-05-26 06:43:06 AM  
Nullarbor specimen included a horned kangaroo: "It is an adult specimen with a very peculiar bulbous nose."

[image from netstate.com too old to be available]
2003-05-26 06:43:55 AM  
i have a penis
2003-05-26 06:46:35 AM  
a bowling club, sounds pretty classy, like a members only gold club or something.
2003-05-26 06:48:10 AM  
Popdabigblunt Is it yours or your wife's?
2003-05-26 06:49:20 AM  
2003-05-26 06:54:44 AM  
Why Speilberg?
2003-05-26 07:11:55 AM  
i dont have a wife. just a penis
2003-05-26 07:12:45 AM  
That stupid "gang" link keeps crashing my Internet Exploder.
2003-05-26 07:24:48 AM  
I once robbed a bowling alley while armed only with a fan belt.
2003-05-26 07:26:27 AM  
Hillary Me neither, it makes me want to make bad punds.... such as...

Hillary...do you ensue ?

/nothing at all
2003-05-26 07:28:06 AM  
RandomBob: once you get married, you have to hand over your penis to your wife, who keeps it locked in a safe place except when she desires the use of it. Or so I've heard.

I woke up this morning with a bad hangover
And my penis was missing again.
This happens all the time.
It's detachable.

/King Missile
2003-05-26 07:28:56 AM  
No Such Agency

According to my favorite movie, Magnolia, they put it in a jar under the sink ! Scary..
2003-05-26 07:33:10 AM  
Original article (see link at top). Emphasis on name added for humour purposes only. Do not operate heavy machinery while farkin'.


Marsupial giants emerge from prehistoric caves

By Carmelo Amalfi
May 26 2003

A new horned kangaroo, giant marsupial lions, birds and a wolf-sized Tasmanian tiger are just some of the latest cache of fossils unearthed in caves on the Nullarbor Plain.

The superbly preserved specimens were collected by a Western Australia Museum team of palaeontologists and cavers who were washed out of the area by rains a week ago.

The expedition leader, John Long, who visited the site last year, said this trip had yielded animals new to science.

"This time the focus was on finding some of the rarer things, such as complete skulls of these strange kangaroos.

"Last year we found mostly juvenile specimens. Now we have bigger ones, and probably three more species of kangaroos."

Two more fossil specimens of thylacoleo, Australia's biggest mammalian predator, were unearthed, adding to the eight skeletons identified last year.

The lion-like predator, which could stand nearly a metre and weighed about 250 kilograms, had a pair of retractable thumb- like claws to disembowel or drag prey up trees. But a reconstruction of one of its feet has revealed for the first time that all of the lion's digits were retractable, not just the thumbs.

More skeletal material of the world's biggest kangaroo, Procoptodon goliah, was found with the remains of bandicoots and birds.

No human remains were found on either trip to the caves, which were at least 200,000 - possibly 500,000 - years old.

Dr Long said the prize of the Nullarbor fossil specimens included a horned kangaroo: "It is an adult specimen with a very peculiar bulbous nose."
2003-05-26 07:33:53 AM  
Hillary ... well it seems you made puns as bad as I do, now that I looked at your profile..
2003-05-26 07:50:50 AM  
Wow, these mistake links get a lot of comments really fast. I check in just to see the personal of the day get heckled.

2003-05-26 08:01:53 AM  
Not enough comments to keep me entertained at work !
2003-05-26 08:04:56 AM  
Damn... why does he have to be gay? He's hot!
2003-05-26 08:06:34 AM  
Hey ! I am too !

I mean, hot, not gay ..
2003-05-26 08:28:47 AM  
It's a scientific fact that all hot guys are gay. Women should date ugly guys, like myself.
2003-05-26 08:33:39 AM  
Teh gheigh pr0n is teh l33t omg
2003-05-26 08:38:30 AM  
[image from starsealfl.com too old to be available]

....and a wolf-sized Tasmanian tiger
2003-05-26 09:01:03 AM  
Ok, so what idiot tried to get Farkers to read the actual article.

Is it just me or does robbing a pizza shop and a bowling alley sound like something you would see on Happy Days. Did all the criminals chicken out on the banks?
2003-05-26 09:03:16 AM  
2003-05-26 09:08:22 AM  
I can't be asked to read the article or even post something on topic...it is a very slow day...someone start a flame war or incoherent rant on some country or minority please?
2003-05-26 09:08:24 AM  
mmmm..... I love COOKIE
2003-05-26 09:15:47 AM  
NO WORK FOR ME TODAY... Memorial Day!!

It must suck to have to work today..
2003-05-26 09:19:02 AM  
It's a scientific fact that all hot guys are gay. Women should date ugly guys, like myself.

Quick(not to mention Hot)1: You're confusing me here. Are you saying that women should only date ugly guys, as you do? And that if a guy is hot, he must be gay? And that ugly guys, by deduction, are straight? Does this mean you only date straight guys? Who are also ugly? So when these ugly straight guys get in the sack with you, and get all hot, do they turn gay? Does that make you lose interest? Are you sick? And why do you even care who women date? And how can you be gay when you're so hot? And why won't you date me? What if I show up at your door with a stack of girlie-mags and a prosthetic hunchback? Will it be love? After we're done, can we smoke cigarettes and talk about pale-old-tologists and their fossilized loads? Huh? Sorry to be so insistent, but I'm tired of waiting for you to come around.
2003-05-26 09:30:34 AM  

Lust in the dust.



Lust in the parabolic ICBM curve of the dust.
2003-05-26 09:30:37 AM  
ill have to agree with that...gay guys are hot.
2003-05-26 09:38:30 AM  
Fark Headline: Palaeontologists uncover regular Spielberg-load of fossils

Article Headline: Armed gangs hit bowling club, pizza parlour

Ummm ... who is minding the store here?
2003-05-26 09:43:58 AM  
Wait a minute! The article talks about armed gangs robbing stores in Australia. But that can't happen, because they outlawed guns in Australia. So there shouldn't be any armed robberies since they told all the criminals to give up their guns, right? Right?
2003-05-26 09:44:12 AM  
Who else is cracking open cold ones this early on a fine holiday morning?
2003-05-26 09:48:09 AM  
No Such Agency.....
times have chaged...weve got project open door now....
change you name or else...
maybe No Such Authority, or Never Send Agents, Or no service available.....
hmm...those are lame..but thats what happens in my line of work..
2003-05-26 09:55:17 AM  
05-26-03 07:12:45 AM Gryn That stupid "gang" link keeps crashing my Internet Exploder.

mine has been crashing too. usually when i try opening a comments thread. that reports a .dll error of some sort. today it's when i close an article as a "stack" error. in any case could one of the more technically gifted farkers explain why. mike had fark down for maintainence recently to "clean up" some stuff. this seems to only happen here and not all the time. of course 95% of my online time is here.
2003-05-26 09:58:53 AM  
Hytes Xian, LOL, man!
2003-05-26 10:01:41 AM  

/Pretends voting is enabled
2003-05-26 10:06:17 AM  
i vote for gepeto...*click.
2003-05-26 10:06:17 AM  
05-26-03 09:15:47 AM Threemagicnumber

NO WORK FOR ME TODAY... Memorial Day!!

It must suck to have to work today..

d00d, I have thursday and friday off....and I get payed for em as well...

2003-05-26 10:08:34 AM  
im starting to believe that the "PHOTOSHOP Drew now that he is a dad//in relation to fark.com" results hinting that nothing new was going to happen with fark was wayyyy to on target. hmmmmm....the guys cant get their boobies, the girl's cant gett witty comments......and the photoshop topics are duller than this damn island im trapped on.
2003-05-26 10:10:37 AM  
AND on top of it all, I am hungry, it's monday, it's raining, there was no water to my house this morning, my hair is a mess, I was almost late at work, and there are tons of stupid network problems.
2003-05-26 10:11:55 AM  
why cant they make links in comments open in a separate window automatically?
2003-05-26 10:24:20 AM  
Because it's freaking annoying, I just middle click and it opens up in a new tab...hmmm
2003-05-26 10:26:24 AM  
sheesh its 3.25pm and only 4 articles today?
2003-05-26 10:26:47 AM  
It is, unfortunatley for me, 10:26am :(
2003-05-26 10:32:26 AM  

NO WORK FOR ME TODAY... Memorial Day!!

It must suck to have to work today..

I hate you.
*burps up bourbon*
2003-05-26 10:32:59 AM  
Dude...even if it is 10:32 for me. There are still only four articles. Somebody is slacking off. Drew, put down the beer and get to work.
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