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(Discover)   Costa Rica shuts down stem cell clinic that sells experimental treatments to rich tourists. Says health minister: "This isn't allowed in any serious country in the world"   ( divider line
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1290 clicks; posted to Geek » on 08 Jun 2010 at 5:18 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-06-09 09:31:09 AM  

xx409xx: This just in: Mexico is not a "serious" country.

Thanks for the newsflash Romero.
2010-06-09 11:27:31 AM  

kerpal32: GilRuiz1: Baryogenesis: Too early, we haven't started hating on religion yet.

Oh cripes! Sorry, just a reflex action. My bad.

I'll just check back in later.


Check back with them after dinner.

/hot - like toast with an image of Jesus on it

Always the victim aren't you?
2010-06-09 12:54:46 PM  
I'm surprised enough people are willing to try Costa Rican experimental treatments to keep it profitable enough to be an issue. I totally agree that you should be freely allowed to sign a waiver and try whatever medical experiment you want to try and the US's regulations really slow down approval of effective treatments. However, I can't imagine actually having the faith in a Costa Rican clinic to make the trip and pay for the treatments. I'd worry too much that I would be paying top dollar for something that wasn't nearly what I'd been told. There's nothing down there that would make me trust that I wasn't getting injected with dog stem cells or saline or motor oil or anything else they might have mixed up and pumped into me. I firmly believe there are probably some great Costa Rican doctors that might really be trying to do really great medical work. However,I wouldn't have anything to assure me that the one I was visiting was more likely to be one of those than that it was a Costa Rican scam artist just trying to make some cash from vulnerable desperate people. If I go to someone in America who claims to be a doctor and has a real clinic and claim to be providing a real medical treatment,they probably are, for fear of losing their medical license or being sued for malpractice or arrested for practicing without a license. If I go to Costa Rica, I have no idea and they have no fear of being sued or arrested. If they don't do any good, or do something that actually makes me worse, I go home and they've still got my money and there's nothing I can do about it.

Eleventyone- Sounds like you've gone out of the country to receive treatment yourself. What made it so that you weren't worried about that kind of stuff?
2010-06-09 07:59:26 PM  
I guess Costa Rica's clinic cured too many people.
2010-06-10 02:48:52 AM  

TheOmni: I think it could be argued now that medical technology and research can easily move faster than the rate of governmental regulation. So currently the limiting factor in the rate of medical progress is the current regulation set up. Something needs to change. I'm not arguing for a complete abolishment of medical regulations, but the system as it stands now is broken and needs to be fixed. I think in the long term that would benefit us more than the attempts to reform our health care insurance system, which is also broken.

DEREGULATION !!!! I thought it was BAAAAAD
2010-06-10 10:02:39 AM  
I would trust a costa rican doctor over an American doctor any day, at least I know they aren't in it for the money.
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