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(LA Times)   Caption this touching moment at home plate in Detroit today between the world's most famous umpire and Some Guy who threw a 28-out perfect game   ( latimesblogs.latimes.com) divider line
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2818 clicks; posted to Sports » on 03 Jun 2010 at 5:52 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-06-03 05:53:37 PM  
Son...I am appoint.
2010-06-03 05:53:47 PM  
Isn't Goose Gossage a little old to be an umpire?
2010-06-03 05:53:48 PM  
Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a penis with a little hat on?
2010-06-03 05:55:00 PM  
2010-06-03 05:55:36 PM  
"On the bright side, BP wants to hire me as safety director."
2010-06-03 05:56:32 PM  
"You ever see 'Chasing Amy' Mr. Umpire?"
2010-06-03 05:57:30 PM  
"I can't believe I'm actually shaking hands with Enrico Palazzo!"
2010-06-03 05:58:38 PM  
"Thank you for saving my life."
2010-06-03 05:59:53 PM  
"...anyway, we saved the queen. I had no idea a watch could do that to Reggie Jackson. I owe you, but you have the thanks of Police Squad and the entire world."
2010-06-03 06:04:37 PM  
"I got a Vette out of this. What did you get, Mike Holmgren?
2010-06-03 06:06:42 PM  
"This is a grip, kid. Learn how to hold onto the ball firmly and things will turn out perfect."

"I'm kinda horny now, sir"

"Yeah, me too."
2010-06-03 06:07:09 PM  
Your hand feels so warm and friendly. What say I give you a proper apology tonight at the hotel?
2010-06-03 06:10:12 PM  
"Juliet, it's me, Sawyer. It's me, baby. I got ya. I got ya, baby."
2010-06-03 06:12:32 PM  
"I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart."
2010-06-03 06:13:52 PM  
"Hey Ump, just to show you there are no hard feelings, I want you to have these chocolate pretzels"
2010-06-03 06:14:07 PM  
"Our names will be an asterisk as long as baseball has records"
2010-06-03 06:21:40 PM  
img375.imageshack.usView Full Size
2010-06-03 06:22:17 PM  
"That was a cocksucking call!"
2010-06-03 06:28:43 PM  
"Jeez, get over it pal. It's not like A-Rod ran over your pitching mound or something."
2010-06-03 06:34:51 PM  
"Here's your share of the money halfof33 paid me to blow that call."
2010-06-03 06:36:12 PM  
farm5.static.flickr.comView Full Size

/hot and borrowed
2010-06-03 06:44:15 PM  
"Yeeeeaaah....about that."
2010-06-03 06:48:09 PM  
"So that's what a Umpire School diploma looks like... is that Braille?"
2010-06-03 06:55:42 PM  
"That certificate is good at every Target in the country. So again, sorry."
2010-06-03 07:35:11 PM  
Galarraga: "I realize that you are only human and even umpires who are as highly respected as you are make mistakes just like everyone else. It is unfortunate that it happened when it did, but I don't take the fact that you are a human being to be a character flaw or a breach of professionalism. I thank you for your apology and admission of your mistake, and wish you all the best."

Joyce: "Thanks, man. Very decent of you."

Me: "Now can we please move the fark on with baseball? Whining season is over."
2010-06-03 07:47:42 PM  
Here's how things are going to work today Mr. Blown Call Umpire the strike zone for our pitchers will be 6 inches wider on the outside of the plate and ....
2010-06-03 07:59:26 PM  
"See, right there in the transcript is when Buffalo Wild Wings signaled to extend the game, so I had no real choice but to call him safe"
2010-06-03 09:05:03 PM  
Joyce: "A man's errors are his portals of discovery."

Galarraga: "Fark you, you drunk farking Mick. Oh yeah, and 'Ulysses' was overrated.""
2010-06-03 09:14:05 PM  
"Thats a coupon for a free moustache ride..."
2010-06-03 09:22:17 PM  
...so, anyhow, I made up this certificate on my computer for you...it says "Perfect Game", and I put your name on there, of course, and you see the big gold star...it's suitable for framing...ahhh...
2010-06-03 10:20:31 PM  
"Okay, thanks for the handshake, ump. Now my posse wants to go medieval on your ass with some baseball bats."
2010-06-03 10:56:22 PM  
"That's right. Keep shaking my hand like we're having a nice friendly chat. Now, you see this paper? It has the names and addresses of your family members, your friends, their family members, their friends, and so on. Major league pitchers can afford very good assassins. They won't live to see the weekend. Oh, and when I shook your hand, I scratched you with a tiny needle containing a lethal poison."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"No, I expect you to die, Mr. Joyce."
2010-06-03 10:57:53 PM  
"Are you blind?"
2010-06-03 10:59:41 PM  
"As you can clearly see from this message board post made just before the call, someone ignorantly pointed out that you were pitching a perfect game, so they basically jinxed you. My call was just a formality at that point."
2010-06-04 01:59:49 AM  
So we're cool, right?

/Though the comments from Joyce and Galarraga were quite classy
2010-06-04 08:24:35 AM  
"Guess you got lonely hiding in the attic, huh?"
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