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(AP)   Downed Russian plane was hit with a missle, possibly accidentally by Ukrainian armed forces on exercise   ( news.excite.com) divider line
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2001-10-04 11:29:30 AM  
Somehow "Oops" just doesn't seem to cover it...
2001-10-04 11:29:49 AM  
Well, another plane crashed. Must have been terrorist, oh wait it was only a farking accident. People are jumping to conclusions way to fast after 911, and its only going to hurt us.
2001-10-04 11:30:14 AM  
Quirk: What about "My bad"?
2001-10-04 11:34:15 AM  
perhaps those Ukrainian soldiers were too busy enjoying sex to prevent this from happening.
2001-10-04 11:36:31 AM  
I wonder... When we hear hoofbeats are we ever going to think "horse" again, or will we always think "zebra"?
2001-10-04 11:37:22 AM  
A JIHAD! A Jihad on them all.
2001-10-04 11:37:24 AM  
Quirk/Beav: You're right. They should at least apologise and dab ineffectually at their lapel with a cloth or something...
2001-10-04 11:40:59 AM  
Wow, busy news day
2001-10-04 11:43:19 AM  
Better than an accidental hit by a US missile, that`d get me digging my own grave in the garden by now.

But the ukrainians? Screw `em.
2001-10-04 11:44:32 AM  
As things get worse! We are all (and by "all" I mean "humanity") in a increased state of readyness, fear and farking paranoia. I feel bad for the guys who shot it down, they prolly thought it was the real thing.

That's Mr. Robyn "I'm back and I'm getting a divorce" California to you!
2001-10-04 11:45:03 AM  
When I was a kid I was shooting at the Green Army men with my B-B gun(I was on the Brown Army side) and the Radio Man guy was on the picnic table. I missed him and hit a window. I'm just thinking, wow I'm glad I hit that window instead of a big Airbus.
2001-10-04 11:49:11 AM  
I'm sure they weren't aiming for it. If they were it would have missed.
2001-10-04 11:53:39 AM  
lol Dr Dave. Anyone else feel that their are just too many tragedies in the news lately? This is depressing.
2001-10-04 11:57:56 AM  
Here's a view I've heard from the local conspiracy nut. The plane was hijacked, but it was shot down by the Ukranians to prevent a repeat of September 11th, this time in Russia.
2001-10-04 12:08:49 PM  
Well, the fuel the fire and since it won't be posted on Fark apparently:

You all rememeber the explosion in Toulouse, France last week killing 29 people? It seems that in stead of an accident they now cleary suspect the fact it was a terrorist attack. They've found the body of a apparent muslim fundametalist and there was something not quite right about it.
Read here

And please no France surrenders, that's quite lame in this case
2001-10-04 12:15:13 PM  
Bugger_All: thanks for the link. I was reading the original story earlier today and thought "strange accident"
2001-10-04 12:17:09 PM  
BBC is reporting that Ukrain's Ministry of Defence says it had nothing to do with the downed aircraft.
2001-10-04 12:19:41 PM  
scooped drudge again by an hour or so

fark forever
2001-10-04 01:17:18 PM  
Wait a minute, next you're going to tell me that airliner wasn't really hijacked that it was some kind of mistake?

And that that greyhound bus that crashed was some kind of "isolated incident"!

Man, can't a guy relax in the safety of his own paranoia anymore?

I mean, whose side are you on anyway?

Hi Mom!
2001-10-04 01:17:20 PM  
Looks like they've taken apage out of our missile firing book. Bummer.
2001-10-04 01:43:03 PM  
2001-10-04 01:45:37 PM  
Problay just a build up of static in a near empty gas tank cuseing the fule vapor to ignight. Worked for us when we had a plane downed by a missle.
2001-10-04 02:47:32 PM  
look through all of the articles about the past two days eventts....the one thing u see is a steady progression from we know for sure...to we believe.....in my opinion someone is trying to cover shiat up to keep us americans from getting too scraed and winding up locking ourselves indoors for fears of being blown up.....i DO NOT BUY for a second that the plane in india wasn't hijacked, or that this one wasn't either..or that the bus didn't have something to do with it...the plane in india...if it was just a matter of confusion the friggen armed commandoes wouldn't have had the thing surrounded for 7 hrs..and they wouldn't have initially said the commandoes were in contact with the plane and the hijackers in one of the earliest stories...the plane that just blew up...hmm..unscheduled stop picking up 6 passengers that shouldn't have been on the plane...hmmm....flying over the black sea when they weren't scheduled to....sorry..but it just doesn't work right for me...
2001-10-04 02:49:23 PM  
First the Indian Highjacking yesterday, now this Russian Missle....Misinformation, Inuendo, Rumor, and then "Oops". Both situations scream, "Cover-up". Maybe both were terrorists, but the new M.O. is to not give terrorists credit for thier deeds in the press.
2001-10-04 03:19:17 PM  
Daph, one thing for sure is there's always shiat going on behind the scenes. And we won't know everything for five years. That's two things. Drat.
2001-10-04 03:55:58 PM  
A conspiracy, Dapharmer?
2001-10-04 04:44:06 PM  
I also heard that the TU-154 is have history of just falling out of the sky.

Christ everybody is so jumpy.
2001-10-04 04:44:06 PM  
Oh whoa is me!!! I don't know who to believe, fark it, kill them all.
2001-10-04 04:59:26 PM  
From Bob the Angry Flower:
2001-10-04 04:59:58 PM  
Dammit! Trying again:

[image from angryflower.com too old to be available]
2001-10-04 06:36:15 PM  
There's osama! GET HIM BOYS!
2001-10-04 07:26:01 PM  
2001-10-04 09:37:30 PM  
If Israel retaliates against Ukraine for this, it will be the start of WWIII. Russia will side with the Ukraine, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. The US will side with Israel, and we'll all get nuked!
2001-10-04 10:05:23 PM  
A quote from Winston Churchill to fuell the fevered minds of all the farked conspiracy: In wartime, the truth is so precious that it should always be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.
2001-10-05 04:32:10 AM  
Hehe, its a "Oaklahoma bombing moment". I have no idea what happened, so i'll blame arab/muslim terrorists.
2001-10-05 08:44:10 AM  
From a CNN article:
U.S. officials have said they believe the plane was downed accidentally by an SA-5 surface-to-air missile fired from a shore battery during a large-scale Ukrainian military exercise.

Ukraine denied the U.S. allegation saying the missiles being used during the exercise only had a range of 10km (six miles) and that the Tu-154 was about 300km (180 miles) from the training area. UK military analyst Jane's said, though, the SA-5 would normally have a range of 300km.
That might explain it... "Go ahead and fire, Soldier. These missiles only go six miles."
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