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(Pravda)   Mad Cow disease came from outer space   ( divider line
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2000-12-08 3:28:00 PM  
"...if any cosmonaut on the International Space Station sees a mad cow coming our way, tell it that it has the wrong planet!"

You couldn''t ask for a better "Just Say NO To Space-borne Microbes That Infect Cow Brains'' message!
2000-12-08 3:48:45 PM  
This got me thinking.

We all know that there have been astronauts who''ve died on the ground as they were preparing for takeoff. And we all know that the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded as it was in the process of taking off, killing all aboard.

But have there ever been any astronauts (or cosmonauts) who''ve died in outer space? I''m not talking about Laika the dog or any monkeys, I mean human beings. Have there ever been any space body bags?
2000-12-08 5:48:03 PM  
Aeonite: Yes, there have been cosmonauts killed in space.
2000-12-09 1:21:44 AM  
I don''t follow how they came to the conclusion the disease is from space, when there''s nothing to substantiate it. my feelings are, you screw with nature, there are going to be some weird consequences. With the state of the world becoming more and more populated, scientists are only going to do more stupid things that will cause new diseases to arise. For every disease we find a cure for, nature will find another way to cut the numbers in the herd. Nature has the upper hand, and always will.
2000-12-09 1:31:13 AM  
:::shrugs::: I''m majoring in historical studies, space???Far fetched, if not, then does that not provide empirical evidence that suggests life exists outside our little happy atmosphere?? Ahh well, someone enlighten me, I loathed science in HS.
2000-12-09 3:04:49 AM  
I could come up with a grand old conspiracy theory if I could find a link between mad cow disease and cattle mutilations...
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