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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   Women able to withstand more pain than men. Men unwilling to undergo childbirth to prove them wrong   ( divider line
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5547 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 May 2003 at 12:12 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-19 12:57:32 AM  
Who says they 'cope' with childbirth? I dont call screaming at the top of your lungs like your getting murdered 'coping'. I bet it a man was in the woman's position, he would cope much better. He would probably just grit his teeth and get it overwith, whereas a woman keeps crying out for morphene. My mom crys like a damn baby when I just barely tap her.
2003-05-19 12:59:48 AM  
This argument boggles my mind. I hate it when women bring this up, its so infuriating and not based on logic. Men simply experience more pain on day to day basis then women ever do. So many little things that guys do that inflict pain that alot of it guys would disregard as to being a source of pain simply because we've become accustomed to it. I mean, to be totally stereotypical about it lets examine things. Guys in elementary school: running around on the playground getting skinned up knees and beating one another up. Girls: CLAPPING HAND, OMG SO MUCH PAIN. Guys in highschool: Football. Girls: Cheerleading. OH NO'S NOT CHEERLEADING. I know this far from being the case for everyone. I know there are a lot of guys out there who are complete pussy's (hey, the euphamision for being not able to take pain is a reference the female genitalie ... coinsidence???) But, these generalizations arent founded on fantasy either. The evidence is there. But, for every girl out there who thinks I'm wrong, and think they can withstand pain better than a man. Go trade licks, thats all you got to do. It will then become painfully obvious the truth of the matter. If you have to, go find a SMALL guy to trade licks with. I'll bet he'll still be standing at the end of it all. And if he is roughly your same physical size and strenght, but able to withstand your attack, the only thing that is different is his ability to cope with pain.
2003-05-19 01:00:35 AM  
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

2003-05-19 01:01:29 AM  
Xen0blue, I think if a baby were passing through my genitals, I would not cope as well as most women do. No, quite honsetly I think I would die.
2003-05-19 01:01:31 AM  
When I was in the hospital getting a MRI to check the size of my kidney stones, the staff said that female patients who passed kidney stones and who are also mothers say the stones are worse - far worse.

Somehow, they underestimated the size of my stone. After I passed it, the lab tech I gave it to looked at me incredulously and said "holy crap, you passed this?!?

I basically don't take any drugs, and I'm reluctant to take anything even for a headache. If I have to pass another stone I plan to pump myself up on so much vicodin I won't even know my name.
2003-05-19 01:01:55 AM  
and after getting done with my rant, i think Saranac has raised a point just as valid as any of mine. That maybe a woman's body is better able to adapt to pain. But i think since men deal with pain more on a day to day basis, we get the higher pain tolerance, and therefore win.
2003-05-19 01:03:49 AM  
Crispy's rant reminded me of something. Something irrelevant, but something nonetheless.

Spike: Is it just me, or did what she say make no sense at all?
Jet: I told you, women don't work on reason!
2003-05-19 01:05:07 AM  
And since when is this about "winning"?

Men = More day-to-day pain
Women = More defenses against pain

There's no way for anyone to "win" this.

Might as well address other stereotypes, like how men are completely floored by a head cold...
2003-05-19 01:05:31 AM  

Haha, Cowboy Bebop wisdom for the ages! Such an awesome show...
2003-05-19 01:07:19 AM  
Yes, we can all learn from the ageless wisdom of Jet, and the tragic experiences of Spike, and Faye's... um, bad eating habits that lead to food poisoning...
2003-05-19 01:07:42 AM  
Child birth doesn't count. The hormone oxytocin is released into the bloodstream. Men don't have oxytocin.

The real test would be to take the worlds physically strongest men & women and then subject them to hours of endless torture, and the first one to give up zion's mainframe password l0ses.
2003-05-19 01:08:11 AM  
What about Ed? What can we learn from her?

Other than computers rot your brain...
2003-05-19 01:08:37 AM  
That naming your computer "Tomato" is a sure sign of insanity and a neglected childhood.
2003-05-19 01:09:44 AM  
Nothing better than getting drunk and watching the last 6 episodes of Cowboy Bebop.
2003-05-19 01:10:39 AM  
But I really think the most important lessons come from "Toys in the Attic."

Jet's on Karma, Faye's on survivalism, Ed's on... following strangers for some odd reason, and Spike's ALL-IMPORTANT:

"Don't leave stuff in the fridge."

I had Weird Al's "Livin' in the Fridge" stuck in my head after I saw that one.
2003-05-19 01:12:33 AM  
Cid_Highwind I disagree, I think the best lesson comes from Mushroom Samba.

If you put your mind to it, you can make anything enjoyable...even harmless mushrooms.
2003-05-19 01:13:17 AM  
Hmm... you have a point.

"Wow, your friend must really like shiatake."
2003-05-19 01:13:48 AM  
This is going to be another futile post, but I am still confused with the persistent misogyny on fark. The last time I mentioned anything related to this I was asked if I'm still upset that I'm a second-class citizen. Where does this all come from?? This article is a *reasearch* not done by feminist factions. It appears, according to the article, that the doctors involved in the research were in fact all, or predominantly, men. So why do the male readers of fark become so defensive about a research ?? Of course there are some women who whine and biatch more than others...but, according to the research, females can withstand pain more than men. *on average* So what's the problem?
2003-05-19 01:15:15 AM  
The problem? Oh, just that tolerance for pain is an old replacement for showing off the length of one's wang.
2003-05-19 01:15:53 AM  
Crispy, Crispy..... when i was in school, i worked out with a half a ton of horse everyday. getting thrown, kicked and stomped on was the norm. i can assure you i was tougher than most of the guys in school, and surprised more than a few larger ones with my ability to dish out pain. my favorite threat to them was "i'm going to be wearing your balls on a string around my neck."
2003-05-19 01:16:12 AM  
This strikes me as an argument that noone will win, regardless of what side he or she takes on it. I for one will be glad to concede.
2003-05-19 01:16:45 AM  
Tamarah no, that's not really what the research says. It says that they have more painkillers in their system at certain times. That has absolutely nothing to do with how well they actually take the pain.

For instance, if I had a BAC of .3 I would be unconcious. But many drunks develop such a tolerance that they can function at .3. Does it mean that we're equally impaired, just because we both have a .3 BAC? Obviously not.
2003-05-19 01:19:06 AM  
Well, I shouldn't say the level of painkillers doesn't have anything to do with pain tolerance. Just that it's nowhere near the whole story. It's possible that a resistance involved and that societal conditioning negate those effects.
2003-05-19 01:19:42 AM  
The secret weapon? Estrogen. Produced by the ovaries in peak amounts during the reproductive years, and in lesser amounts later in life, the hormone's influence may extend far beyond a woman's reproductive tract. Its powers may reach straight to the pain centers of the brain.

That estrogen shiat farks you up, man..
2003-05-19 01:28:07 AM  
2003-05-19 01:29:00 AM  
Babies shmabies. Something like 50% of women are having c-sections anyhow, and the remaining mostly have epidurals or loads of other drugs. Painfull childbith is now mostly avoided, outside of developing countries. Unless she wants it "natural", which, from what I have been told, lasts untill the 3rd or 4th contraction, when she is screaming for drugs.

What about that guy who was trapped by the rockslide? First he broke his own bones, then he hacked off his arm with a swiss army knife, and rapelled down the mountain? I never heard a story like that involving a woman, but I can think of at least two more men who did similar things. That's DEALING with pain. That man is a certified BADASS
2003-05-19 01:32:03 AM  
i'm not sure about the estrogen thing, Wayjurn. on any hair removal product there are warnings not to do the hair removal from 3 days before a female has her period until 3 days after because the high amount of hormones in our bodies. it causes the hair removal process to be more painful. from what i can tell it seems to be true.

really though, it does depend on the person and the area of the body affected with pain.

and p.s. LOL! i'm not even going to ask how you came to the watermelon conclusion, Ricardomontalban.
2003-05-19 01:32:16 AM  
I'm not entirely sure as to the point of this argument? Guys trying to prove how much tougher they are? Afraid they'll be considered sissies? Please...Cid_Highwind said it best, I suppose....

2003-05-19 01:33:16 AM  
Yeah, I'll bet those C-sections are completely painless.
2003-05-19 01:33:36 AM  
It's pretty pointless to argue this since there is no concrete definition for "pain tolerance". In general, it's considered less manly for a guy to show he's in pain, so he just grits his teeth and acts like nothing's happening. It's like saying males feel less emotion because they hide it better.
2003-05-19 01:36:01 AM  
Avixxen2's last post reminded me of this argument one of my friends had with her bf. I think it went along the lines of pain tolerance and he was saying that guys had higher pain threshold. My friend, who happened to have a waxing kit on hand, put a strip on his forearm, then pulled it off. You should have SEEN his face. He was howling with pain for 1/2 hour at least....Some pain tolerance, eh? This from a guy who's been doing martial arts since elementary school, too.

P.S. Avixxen2, just read your profile bio...Hang in there and best of luck!
2003-05-19 01:37:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-19 01:37:28 AM  
Also, if women have something that makes them feel less pain (ie. estrogen), why is that not a valid indicator of better pain tolerance? I don't understand the "they get chemicals, so it doesn't count" argument. Endorphins are what make all of us stand pain.
2003-05-19 01:37:31 AM  
the reason why you never heard of a woman getting trapped and cutting their arm off, is because we're not stupid enough to get trapped by a rock.......LOL! sorry Neuticle, i couldn't resist a wiseass answer to that....
seriously that guy who cut off his arm can take some pain. i think i'd rather go through natural childbrith with no drugs than do that.......
2003-05-19 01:38:13 AM  
Oops, I meant upper arm...Waxing a guy's forearm would be simply cruel :)
2003-05-19 01:40:42 AM  
LOL! thanks Purple_Paramecium! yeah all you tough guys try some wax on the groin area....... :)
2003-05-19 01:41:49 AM  
FalseEyedDio because it's not the same. It's like saying that how much melanin your skin has shows how much sun you've been exposed to. Sure, that somewhat works...if you ignore all the extra variables such as race and genetics.

They're related, but not the same.
2003-05-19 01:41:54 AM  
Wasn't there a study on (a far more reliable source of information, IMHO) recently that was saying the exact opposite?

Other factors to consider:
1) The same chemicals that cause orgasms in women also dull pain.
2) I've seen videos of a full grown man's head shoved inside of a woman's crotch without hurting her. Women can stretch to accomadate large objects going in or out of them. Please don't give stupid examples of stretching out other human body parts, because that is the only one which is meant to be stretched significantly.
3) Males as the primary hunters/gatherers/fighters/workhorses of the species should from an evolutionary perspective be able to withstand more pain.
2003-05-19 01:42:34 AM  
Trapezoid - That is farking hilarious! I think I swallowed my gum when I saw that.
2003-05-19 01:45:13 AM  
Lanthis - That video that you saw was a goof.
2003-05-19 01:46:31 AM  
Sidi: That goes back to my point of the definition of pain tolerance. How exactly would one define it? Different people consider pain very relatively, so asking them to rate on a scale of 1-10 is pointless. And one couldn't judge from outward reaction either because that's societally influenced.
2003-05-19 01:48:01 AM  
Andonbray - nice bio
C-sections are done under anesthesia, and behind a sterile curtain. In general, women don't see or feel anything going on down there during the procedure. I think that even the hardiest of women would not be able to Braveheart the experience and not move around or scream while being cut open. They are numbed up, and the curtain is there so they don't freak out (Seeing your belly sliced open would freak most people out, men and women).
2003-05-19 01:50:15 AM  
FalseEyedDio umm, pain tolerance is a pretty simple well you can tolerate pain. I can think of many ways to measure it. For instance, how well a person is able to function with pain (give someone a memory test while they're being shocked). Another good test would be how much pain a person can withstand before they give up, for instance increasing the temperature of a piece of metal on their arm until they pull away.

The tests of this usually do the latter. Like I've said, the one I remember was done with sticking their arms in icewater.
2003-05-19 01:52:21 AM  
Hey bebop fans... can we all agree that Gren feels the most pain then?

/trying to keep with humor of the thread topic

(God I love that show... been obsessed with it for years; I'd like to think I know everything about it. Send me an IM at "Reverse Dracula" if you wanna get a discussion going about it or just talk about it or something)
2003-05-19 01:53:46 AM  
Sidi: OK, I'll buy those. I got sidetracked by that point because many people were commenting about how females express their pain more openly, which to me says absolutely nothing.

I've yet to see any studies relating your types of tests to gender, though I doubt we'll ever reach a consensus since roughly 50% of the population will always disagree with whatever a study might find on this issue.
2003-05-19 01:56:29 AM  
Neuticle - Thanks. Yeah, I know about the anesthesia during the procedure, but the recovery is sometimes a slow and very painful one. My sister-in-law had to have an emergency Caesarean and it took her several agonizing weeks to recover. I really felt for her. All I was saying was that it isn't completely painless afterall.
2003-05-19 02:11:47 AM  
i'm sorry, Lanthis. a guys head going in and out of there would hurt........ my roomate thought it would be funny to show me that video. (lets just say my roomate is very warped and leave it at that.) anyhow, wasn't that on a snuff video website???? and if so how do you know the woman was still alive during that? if what you say is true and she was alive and wasn't hurt by that i have only one word for her. LOOSE!
2003-05-19 02:14:05 AM  

2) I've seen videos of a full grown man's head shoved inside of a woman's crotch

Well, if I had to die of suffocation, this would definitely be an option
2003-05-19 02:20:49 AM  
Men play shirts or skins. Pussy women always choose shirts.
2003-05-19 02:28:40 AM  
Andonbray - True, true.
On a related topic to keep things interesting, has anyone heard of the neurological disorder where people can feel sensations, but they don't FEEL pain? These people could feel you punch them in the face, but they wouldn't feel any pain. I remeber discussing it in my Neurobiology class, but I can't remember the name or if it's sex-linked. Most people who have it die from constant injury, since they don't know when they're hurt. I'd like to see studes on that.
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