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(Yahoo)   Christina Aguilera got tubby to prepare for the rigors of touring (third item)   ( au.music.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-05-15 02:17:53 AM  
I love this article at the bottom:
According to sources close to the rapper, Eminem is to make music out of Mariah's madness. A source says, "Em saved all the long, gushy voice mails Mariah left on his machine when they were dating and is writing a song making use of them. They are really weird and graphic, she talks in a baby voice and sounds crazy."

Oh, and:
[image from innocentsinner.com too old to be available]
2003-05-15 03:03:38 AM  
People, if that's fat, then WTF is Michael Moore? Or Newman from Seinfeld? Jesus. If you think Christina is fat, then you have problems.

Let's stop drilling into our girls' heads the idea that they have to look like starving African children to be attractive.
2003-05-15 03:50:11 AM  
I think this story has received far too much coverage
2003-05-15 04:17:16 AM  
Am I the only one not able to find this article?
2003-05-15 04:17:44 AM  
No, she's not fat. But considering how thin she was before, she looks like she weighs twice as much. That, and about half the gain seems to have went to her face.
2003-05-15 04:30:36 AM  
No, O Stealthy One, it got bumped.

Article is here
2003-05-15 08:16:48 AM  
Minkey, you are huge!
2003-05-15 08:16:53 AM  
I don't care if she's "fat", I care that she's a skanky ass slut. She's good enough for some drunk frat boy which means she's fallen off my chart as far as "would like to" (she's still on the "well if it's available" chart).
2003-05-15 08:17:56 AM  
This is a very smart move to increase the size of her chest.
2003-05-15 08:18:02 AM  
It's not the fact that she got heavier that disturbs me, it's the fact that she got much uglier in tho process of getting fat. Now, if she was ugly to begin with, I don't think that this would eb a story at all.
2003-05-15 08:18:38 AM  
Aguilera, who has also ditched alcohol in preparation for the tour, has said of her new figure, "I like being thick. I see myself, a girl who is more comfortable in her skin than ever before."

If she likes it so much and is so comfortable, why does she conveniently omit the word "fat" and replace it with the more politically correct "thick"?
2003-05-15 08:19:40 AM  
Huh? where?
2003-05-15 08:19:58 AM  
oh.... because the article is there......?
2003-05-15 08:21:30 AM  
Just means you can hit it that much harder.
2003-05-15 08:22:46 AM  
Here's my theory.

Every girl has a plan for herself. There are some girls we date and know we won't consider long term because we don't like their long term plan.

Christina's not fat, she's simply revealing her plan.
2003-05-15 08:23:49 AM  
In other news, Rosie O'Donald is getting fat(ter) in preperation for her new lesbian lifestyle. Film at eleven.
2003-05-15 08:25:21 AM  
Not only is she fat, she looks alot like Eddie Vedder.
2003-05-15 08:27:13 AM  
This is just the kind of attention the corporate music clowns want to have for their creations. I wonder why people care?

Maybe she should let her guitar playing speak...oh..wait....I meant keyboard play....oh....wait....
2003-05-15 08:27:38 AM  
she obviously quit cocaine...
2003-05-15 08:28:07 AM  
All of you: Remove head from ass. Not fat.
2003-05-15 08:30:16 AM  
she isn't fat...fat is will prevent you from breathing if she sits on you. Christina would still give me heavy breathing!
2003-05-15 08:35:36 AM  
Can you imagine how her boobs will sag in a few years?
2003-05-15 08:37:51 AM  
[image from easyplayers.com too old to be available]
2003-05-15 08:39:26 AM  
Given the above pic, she looks...

...her age. Not like some hooker wanna be. If you listened to her songs and saw the videos, at least the latest ones, maybe you'd even get the point of her appearing in public looking like this. I'm far from the world's biggest Christina fan and I got the point.

2003-05-15 08:44:22 AM  
A lot of pics here of Cristina Aguilera and other supergirls. All free. Enjoy!
2003-05-15 08:45:05 AM  
If my cat was that ugly, I'd shave its ass and put a bag on its head. Or something.
2003-05-15 08:50:13 AM  
ok, deep into that INDEPTH article was this:

"pop hunk Justin Timberlake"

And all this time I didn't think it was possible to combine those four words into rhetoric.

/Waiting for ABBA to tour again
2003-05-15 08:51:44 AM  
If you knew what the food can be like on most tours, you would understand fattening up a bit before you started the tour.

(I've eaten way too many catered mexican buffet meals.)
2003-05-15 08:54:26 AM  
Given the pic above, she looks like a fat hooker.
Britney is playing the slutty card enough herself.

Anyone have more links to her rotundness?
2003-05-15 08:56:32 AM  
I personally love my women with a little more meat on them. But Christina is just ugly. 65% of all women resemble the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz with no makeup on, and she is one of them...but she has makeup. And pays someone alot to put it on her. Now there is an extreme to this. I was talking online with a girl from Florida a few years ago and we started calling wach other. She had a very sexy voice, but she never would let me see any pictures of her. One day she asked me how big was too big for a short girl. I responded with 180 was the limit...even though that was stretching it very much. Much to my dismay, she weighed 185 pounds at 5'2". I figured someone with as sexy a voice as hers couldn't be too far overweight. But nothing was the same after that. I still never saw her.
2003-05-15 08:57:43 AM  
I couldn't agree with you more.
And the word "thick" is appropriate to describe her...."fat" works with the likes of Roseanne.
2003-05-15 08:58:05 AM  
While I wouldn't call her fat, she is fairly chunky now. She looks less healthy (eg. she doesn't look like she has been working out any more). Sorry, but I would want someone who can keep up with me while jogging or working out. In her current form there is no friggin way.

I think too many people have a warped sense of what's normal (especially us fat Americans). High body fat percentage is not healthy. Anything more than 20% body fat is "fat". With Christia's frame she looks pretty damn close to 20%... so borderline fat.

And Minkey, Michael Moore and Wayne Knight are obese (>30% body fat).

[image from planetquake.com too old to be available]
2003-05-15 08:58:14 AM  
Maybe she should let her guitar playing speak...oh..wait....I meant keyboard play....oh....wait....

By your logic, no singer that hasn't played an instrument is talented.

Whatever. She looks ok to me.
2003-05-15 09:00:04 AM  
Does her road act involve traveling across the frozen artic tundra? In not, then why would she need to put on wieght to survive it?
2003-05-15 09:00:13 AM  
It's not that she's gotten fat, because I know some girls that have a healthy figure and are amazing. She's gotten so nasty, so skankified, that people are overlooking it and calling her "fat".

/my 2 cents
2003-05-15 09:01:03 AM  
I wonder if she's taking Weight Gain 4000

2003-05-15 09:02:43 AM  
YIPES, the PotD is ghastly!
2003-05-15 09:04:58 AM  
Since it hasn't been said yet, just let me add.. I'd hit it.
2003-05-15 09:05:24 AM  
I don't think it's so much that she's gotten heavier. She looks to be a really healthy weight. But she is the nastiest skankiest girl ever. I mean, she can't be that old, yet she looks like she's been dragged through hell and back. I don't even want to know what kind of diseases she has. That, and her face was always butt ugly. No amount of makeup could help that. It's the same thing with Tori Spelling, the poor girl was just born ugly and no amount of makeup, stylists and plastic surgeons could help it.
2003-05-15 09:05:30 AM  
look, heaven knows that i cannot even REMOTELY stand christina...but at somepoint, she has to be stood up for with this whole ridiculousness.

she's still thinner than the bulk of women out there, even with the extra weight. this is where the paranoia of body image comes in for most women. if someone like christina, who is certainly not orca fat, is being attacked for being a porker, what the heck does that say for the rest of us "normal" women. even women who are in the entertainment business are completely paranoid and hung up on this kind of crap due to this unrealistic norm. for example: my sister inlaw, who is a playmate, became pregnant a year ago, and was brought to damn near hysterics because she was gaining weight for the pregnancy. she was afraid of what others would think of her if she weren't in her "model" shape. out of this paranoia, she drove herself crazy until the baby was born, and has since damn near killed herself to get not only back to her previous size (sz. 4) but has DROPPED a size so she could feel acceptable.


in the mean time, my (comparetively) tubby ass is wondering "if people consider this person fat, what the hell do they think of me or normal people?" then i remember that i don't care, because i'm happy with myself, and if at some point i decide that i'm not, i'll do something more about it on my own terms. however, there are a lot of women out there who don't have that kind of self-esteem and are victims to this crap.

::sigh...off my soapbox::

::the pregnancy is kicking my hormones into overdrive...sorry gang :) ::
2003-05-15 09:05:53 AM  
BTW, the picture is what I consider a more healthy looking Christina (photoshopped or not).
2003-05-15 09:05:58 AM  
Christina, you are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down.

/had to, feels bad about it
2003-05-15 09:06:15 AM  
So what's her excuse for becoming fugly?

oh wait..

she already was
2003-05-15 09:06:45 AM  
Why do people biatch about her being a slut or a whore?

guess what? every girlfriend you've ever had is the same way...they just arent as willing to share that information with you...

On a completely unrelated note...Harry Knowles from AintitCool.com is a farkin moron...the matrix is farkin AWESOME!!!
2003-05-15 09:07:32 AM  
eating Justin's chowdah on tour will make you go from PHAT to FAT. Now she's only worthy of a hump in her dumper, with her big fat melon buried in her HUGE pillah!
2003-05-15 09:07:42 AM  
How anyone can look at the picture that Vodka posted and then compare it to the picture at the very top of this thread and NOT be disgusted is beyond me. She was uber-hot, now she's more like Uter from the Simpsons.
2003-05-15 09:09:19 AM  
Am I on crack, or is there no mention of Tubby Aguilera anywhere on the linked page? WTF are you people looking at?

Having previously seen her fatty pics though, let me say the problem seems to be not her overall weight, which is probably normal for a girl her age and height, but that the weight she has gained looks to be all butter. Yuck. She's gooey and flabby.
2003-05-15 09:09:38 AM  

Every girl is a slut or a whore? Wow... someone's bitter. For your information, I am neither a slut nor a whore, and I resent that you woul assume so.
2003-05-15 09:09:44 AM  
She doesn't look very healthy at all...
2003-05-15 09:09:50 AM  

I'd like to just mention one thing: You're preggers, you're supposed to be fat.
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