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(ABC News)   Clinton says pot smokers should not go to jail   ( divider line
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2000-12-07 10:40:17 AM  
Man, I hate those pricks at Rolling Stone. That piece of crap is the most irrelevant publication on earth. I could find more pertinent information in Cat Fancy.
2000-12-07 3:08:57 PM  
Shiate no pot smokers should''t go to jail, anyone who has ever tried the drug would know that it in no way makes people abusive (ie alcohol), speedy (ie caffiene), or down (variety of OTC drugs), all it really does is make people happy. I like pot, alot 8)
2000-12-07 3:23:42 PM  
while i applaud clinton''s stand, it''s far too little too late. he had eight years to fix the drug laws, and yet prisons are full of more "drug offenders" than in any time in us history under clinton. the sad truth is drug users are the easiest target for law enforcement and represent huge profits in property seizure & prison revenue.
2000-12-07 4:10:09 PM  
now that he doesn''t have to be so politically correct...i think we''re gonna find that he''s alot cooler than we thought.

he''s just a good ol'' boy, ya know...i imagine he''s always down for beer, weed, hot chics, rocknroll and maybe a little coke (his doesn''t do it regular, but if your holdin'' he might ''try'' it)...that''s my impression of the guy, anyway...look out though, I bet he''s a mad, cigarette bum!
2000-12-07 5:20:05 PM  
surprise, surprise, surprise.

what kinda dumbshiat takes a hit and then *doesn''t inhale*?
2000-12-07 6:52:52 PM  
Sheesh! What kinds dumbsh!t believed him when he said he "didn''t inhale?"
2000-12-08 4:28:12 AM  
2000-12-08 1:25:10 PM  
stanfan114. It isn''t too little too late, it is the most ever given by any president. Perhaps his view might make it easier for the next president, oh yea, thats Bush. Bush is catering to the religious right, so he won''t dare. Clinton couldn''t tell you how he felt, because it would have cost him the election. He could have said it right after the 2nd election though, I agree. Anyways, if Bush told you how he feels, he wouldn''t have gotten elected either. If he would have said, "I''m not gonna lower taxes and fix social security and honestly, I don''t know what I''m gonna do" you wouldn''t have voted for him, would you have?
2000-12-08 2:42:49 PM  
sealy, you forget jimmy carter. he actually ran for prez saying he was for legalization of pot. the dea felt betrayed by this and even though he was elected it weakened his presidency.

i just know clinton has been a staunch supporter of the drug war, perhaps in response to his reputation as a stoner (ha). after all, it was his administration that hired a WAR CRIMINAL as drug czar.
2000-12-09 2:53:40 AM  
This is one of the precious few times I''ve been proud of Clinton in office. Yes, I voted for Bush- and that''s only because there is a major shift happening in the Republican party. The Religious Right are becoming smaller players. Libertarian ideas are making headway, and legalizing weed is one of them. Visit . What''s not to like?
2000-12-11 10:22:42 AM  
nationwideclyde. What is the major shift? They now control the Supreme Court, House, Senate, White House. What do they need to change? They only change during the election, then watch. They will go right back to the same old Grand old Party. Let''s see how they do, now that they control everything.
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