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(Times Online)   Americans spend more on strip clubs than theatre and symphonies combined   ( divider line
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5643 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 May 2003 at 7:14 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-11 07:17:37 PM  
but they are all expensive..
2003-05-11 07:17:44 PM  
Obviously the theatres need more nude plays and operas.
Although, many opera singers... hmm...
2003-05-11 07:17:59 PM  
Why am I not surprised...
2003-05-11 07:18:43 PM  
makes sense
2003-05-11 07:21:53 PM  
the term 'not over till that fat lady sings' refered to opera, so this leads to the conclusion that if the opera were to have a fat lady (probebly in a viking costume)dance on a pole, they would have even less revenue
2003-05-11 07:22:05 PM  
I don't think there's a theater or symphony within 50 miles of here.

But there are strip clubs.

I have no way to compare the enertainment value of these things because I don't partake in strip clubs, theatre or symphonies, but it seems to me that when a strip club is 5 miles away that even if it has 1/10th the enertainment value, it would still be more appealing than driving from here into Chicago for a theatre or symphony for the same money.

/wishes he knew costs of these sorts of things for more comparison... and wonders if this would change if men's spending were excluded
2003-05-11 07:22:24 PM  
How is a nation with so many hangups about sex also such a huge consumer of all things pornographic and violent? Oh wait, that makes perfect sense.
2003-05-11 07:24:17 PM  
Yeah, but it's more expensive. That means they're not necessarily more commonly frequented.
2003-05-11 07:24:37 PM  
well, according to my source, many rich people are secretly fond of big women in a viking costume.
2003-05-11 07:26:02 PM  
Good, the symphony is farking boring and a drain on the economy.
2003-05-11 07:26:32 PM  
I know what I would rather see.
2003-05-11 07:26:45 PM  
Now on Video: Pavarotti gone wild! (photoshop, anyone?)
2003-05-11 07:27:56 PM  
I've never been to a strip club, and I'm listening to a symphony CD right now, but I do see a lot of movies.

Not that anyone cares.
2003-05-11 07:27:59 PM  
Damn right. We like our chicken fried, our beers cold, and our stages with poles built onto them.

It's the American way.
2003-05-11 07:28:07 PM  
Shoot, maybe I should stop playing cello and just get into porn!
2003-05-11 07:28:08 PM  
Um, America HAS more strip clubs than theatres and symphonies combined.

/weeps for humanity
2003-05-11 07:28:21 PM  
So, what's surprising about this headline?
Oh, that's why it has the Obvious tag.
2003-05-11 07:28:45 PM  
I think you'll find that Americans are not the only ones who would rather watch naked chicks dance than fat guys sing.
2003-05-11 07:28:57 PM  
I say we all pitch in and start a strip theater with a small resident symphony. It can't miss! We could even get our own killer whale! Strippers! Beethoven! Keiko!

Oh man....I'm hyperventilating!
2003-05-11 07:29:31 PM  
Actually, there are some opera's that can be casted with some nudity in them. But they're more likely to be performed that way in Europe than in the US.
2003-05-11 07:29:42 PM  
I'll answer that

america has hangups about sex but only if your neibor/mother/etc know about it, meaning our sexual appetite is kept under wraps.
2003-05-11 07:31:12 PM  
Percentage of heterosexual male Americans: about 45% of the population.

Percentage of homosexual male Americans: about 5% of the population.

Ratio of male spending on strip clubs to male spending on legitimate musical theater: approximately 9 to 1.

2003-05-11 07:31:20 PM  
Let's see:

Actors and Actresses dramatically screeching for hours that feel like days in a foreign language about every imagined slight to their personages, seated so far away that one has to use a portable telescope to oogle their boobies...

Or underpaid skanks who can't dance and may or may not have decent "assets" and whose sole motivation in life is to remove you of your cash so they can snort more lines, guarded by giant, angry bouncers who get paid to keep scum like yourselves off of the aforementioned skanks.

Decisions decisions...

/I'll watch my porn and my movies at home, thank you very much.
2003-05-11 07:31:58 PM  
yes, but we are amateurs compared to the Asians.
2003-05-11 07:33:07 PM  
But each customer surely spends more in a strip club than at the symphony. My stripper buddy is a millionaire (and has bodacious ta-tas).
2003-05-11 07:35:17 PM  
I've never fallen asleep in a strip club.
2003-05-11 07:36:33 PM  
BTW I saw a burlesque in Harbin, China. It was AWESOME. Stupid, but awesome. You wouldn't believe what this chick did with a soccer ball. There was a lot more--naughty songs, contortions, dancing and singing. Actually the stripper was the worst. That's where we got 'em beat.
2003-05-11 07:37:45 PM  
"I tend not to be an individual who has invested a great deal of my life in opera. Now the opera gets a subsidy from the National Endowment for the Arts, but, by and large, Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks don't. Those of us who drive our pickups to those concerts don't get a subsidy, but the people who drive their Mercedes to the opera get a subsidy." - John Ashcroft

I wonder he is half-pleased by the fact that people tend to at least agree with him about the opera..
2003-05-11 07:38:17 PM  
That's because strippers don't need to practice their act and master it, all they gotta do is look hot and tease horny overweight rednecks. Oh yea and by the way, who the hell needs symphonies and theaters? Movies are so much more entertaining...
2003-05-11 07:38:41 PM  
Uh, how much is spent on concerts? Symphonies are what dead generations loved, out tastes have changed. It dosn't mean we have degenerated, just changed... Why am I uncultured if I lack a desire to see an oprah? Who decides what is culturally valuable or not? I hate that way of thinking. Compare porn to something else viable in today's society and maybe I'll give you credit for a good article.
2003-05-11 07:41:19 PM  
Oops, "out tastes have changed" should read "our tastes have changed".
2003-05-11 07:42:28 PM  
opera > strip clubs

porn > opera

2003-05-11 07:42:47 PM  
Kekko_Kamen:am I uncultured if I lack a desire to see an oprah?

I lack the desire to see Oprah too...
2003-05-11 07:43:54 PM  
oprah > opera
2003-05-11 07:43:56 PM  
OneManArmy: Movies suck compared to the symphony, ballet, and opera. The talent needed to act in a movie pales in comparison to what's needed in the other works. If an actor messes up a line in a movie (and they often do--they're called bloopers), the scene can be reshot. Performers in a symphony, ballet, and opera have one take. And they're performing in front of the harshest of audiences--those who know what every note should be.
2003-05-11 07:45:32 PM  
isn't this the second article on the same book?

anyway of course we as a nation spend more on those symphonies and the opera are all "big city" things. Even in portland were you can go watch some great theater productions, symphonies and opera (and ballet for that matter) you can much much much more easily find a strip club. In fact you can walk a couple blocks from one of the theaters and check out a few adults video shops and strip clubs.

Anyway I've never been to a strip club (I've yet to convince my boyfriend to go with me to one) but I have been to many theater productions and the opera...the symphony however bores me to sleep.
2003-05-11 07:46:46 PM  
Yo ashcroft, get off my Benzo.
2003-05-11 07:50:17 PM  
McDonalds does more business than anyone else.

Coca-Cola is the most popular beverage.

Budweiser is the most popular beer.

Eminem regularly tops the music charts.

Monica Lewinsky is hosting the current most highly-rated TV show.

All in the name of consistency :)
2003-05-11 07:50:27 PM  
Now, let's think about this.

A) Of all the college degrees out there, theatre majors have the worst stigma. One of the dorms at my school with a large population of theatre kids is unofficially named the "alternative lifestyle" dorm, as many of the students tend to regard theatre people as slightly, er, different. Plus, when the history majors can actually make fun of you for not having any chance of getting a real job, that farking means something.

B) Involvement in theatre and professional music careers isn't the easiest job path out there, as opposed to the ease of entering the adult dance industry. Four-plus years at a school tends to weed out a large part of the population, while anyone with a decent body and a willingness to pull off clothing can strip. And in some cases, you don't even need the body.

C) Looking at boobies takes very little active thought, as opposed to putting a typical person in the audience of an opera. Plus, strip clubs encourage you to drink during a performance, while theatre/opera companies discourage drinking yourself stupid, even if the production sucks balls. Again, what's easier for the majority of the population, beer and boobies, or sobriety and singing?

That said, I personally find a good play, opera, musical, etc. much more appealing than stuffing dollars in some woman's underwear.
2003-05-11 07:50:51 PM  
This whole article is like racial profiling in the south bronx. it's not that the cops prefer hasseling black and spanish folks, it's just that's theres more of em. I'm not gonna submit myself to flamebait by saying it's the minorities commiting more crime, cuz I don't know, but this is exactly similar.

So you see, it's not that we like strippers more than opera and fine art, its that there is simply more hot strippers around than overweight opera singers.

Do we love incredibly hot women dancing nekid more than fine art??? hmm.
2003-05-11 07:50:53 PM  
One is something that everyone knows that they should like. Many times (unless you are at Rent or some Broadway shiat spectacle) you have to think about it and understand a plot and THEN you have to sit still without interruption for a commercial every 9-13 minutes.

The other is something that feeds on primal urges. You get your ego boosted for a few dollars.

Compare 'cabaret', 'Equus' or a Max Wederkind revival to 'Mandy's Magical Pole Dance' and you know why more is spent on fake titties. Go figure.

/a straight guy who prefers theater to paying a stripper
2003-05-11 07:53:54 PM  
Personally anyone who wants to sit quietly and get dressed up, and ripped off at the same time over looking at boobies and getting piss faced need to re-arange their priorities.
2003-05-11 07:56:12 PM  

Knock me over with a feather....
2003-05-11 07:56:59 PM  
Real, successful strippers who have entire careers work incredibly hard.

And make incredible amounts of money.

And have bodacious ta-tas.
2003-05-11 07:57:02 PM  
How is a nation with so many hangups about sex also such a huge consumer of all things pornographic and violent? Oh wait, that makes perfect sense.

You are talking about Japan? Right?

(god damned blurred porn)
2003-05-11 07:58:45 PM  
LOL ok so I mispelled opera and said oprah instead. Stupid, I admit.. But my point is still valid. :)
2003-05-11 08:04:31 PM  
God bless the internet.
2003-05-11 08:04:54 PM  
In summary:
Anyone who doesn't prefer the finer arts is dumb/primative/uncultured.

Anyone who doesn't prefer strip clubs is gay/a dork/going to the wrong strip clubs.

Did I miss anything?
2003-05-11 08:06:06 PM  
I wonder what the opinion of Mike Price is on this one.
2003-05-11 08:06:17 PM  
Damn you Puritans!
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