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(Yahoo)   North Carolina governor crashes race car. Reportedly was afeared for his life   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-05-09 03:58:56 PM  
Nice headline. Very funny.
2003-05-09 09:37:40 PM  
Ted Kennedy Driving School, class of 82
2003-05-09 09:37:42 PM  
yep, old news tho.. like easily 3 hours old..

2003-05-09 09:39:07 PM  
skerd and aferd

bah racing is safer than a sunday drive.
2003-05-09 09:41:26 PM  
Hmm, first he says it was tight and pushing, and then he says it got loose and he lost it?

Heh. Pretty cool he got it going that quickly, really, but it sounds like he didn't know what he was doing.
2003-05-09 09:44:03 PM  
So what ARE you saying Perisoft
2003-05-09 09:45:50 PM  
Luckily, he was able to continue on, as the General Lee was the backup car.

All of NC has to pay for this damn redneck, now. Talk about firming up a stereotype. The dumbass should be figuring out ways to cut his damned budget- we're challenging Mass. as the highest-tax state in the nation.
2003-05-09 09:47:22 PM  
Wait so the general didn't know his daughter was sleeping with the enemy? Outrageous

/stupid post
2003-05-09 09:49:22 PM  
Uh, bonehead, I'm saying that, uh, erh, he doesn't know how to drive a race car.

He doesn't know the basic principles.

OK, he's tight. So he pushes into the corner. He slows way down to get through, then wants to keep the speed up so he guns it coming out. It gets loose, naturally, because anything will get loose if you break the rears. So the rear end is coming out, and at this point instead of staying on the throttle and adding lock, he gets off it and the rears lock up.. he does a lazy slide and whacks the inside straight wall nearly square.

Didn't see it, but I'll bet that's what happened.
2003-05-09 09:52:20 PM  
Off topic:

Why the FARK is wolverine still up on the fark personals? Could someone please write a letter?
2003-05-09 09:54:48 PM  
I'm not sure North Carolina counts as a true Southern state.
2003-05-09 10:00:10 PM  
Young_Fart, I'm afraid it does. I am surrounded by NASCAR, rednecks, and Baptists every time I dare venture out of my little Chapel Hill/RTP utopia...
2003-05-09 10:00:16 PM  
I'm not sure North Carolina counts as a true Southern state.

What, not enough trailer parks? :-)

I wish they'd let me wreck a car at 160+ that I didn't have to fix.
2003-05-09 10:05:28 PM  
OK, sorry, didn't mean to offend fellow Southerners. But where I grew up, it was a popular joke to say that Interstate 20 was the real Mason-Dixon line.
2003-05-09 10:07:39 PM  
Look out, here comes Easley! AWWWWWWWWW!!!

/Govna Easwey was comin' 'wound da corna, an' wooked wike he was weal, weal woose, an' jus went wight inta da wall!
- Ward 'Elmer' Burton eye witness
2003-05-09 10:11:12 PM  
2003-05-09 10:12:12 PM  
no wonder...

Jimmie Johnson works with Jeff Gordon...
2003-05-09 10:19:56 PM  
No offense Young_Fart, but the Mason-Dixon line runs between PA and MD. The Gulf Coast (I-20) IS the south.
2003-05-09 10:21:48 PM  
Take the ride-along at Lowe's w/ the Petty school some time you get the chance. They do at least 165.
If you want to drive, anybody with a license and 1k$ can do 155.
It's actually more intimidating doing 120 at Dover.
2003-05-09 10:23:12 PM  

The car was supplied by a Nascar team, no citizen will have to pay for his accident.

Also, he's helping your budget by trying to keep The Winston Allstar race at Lowes Motor Speedway (Charlotte) which brings a lot of money to the area.
2003-05-09 10:37:04 PM  
By keeping a NASCAR event in the area he's saving jobs and income for the state. Not to mention money raised for Communities in Schools. Sounds like a stand-up guy politician or not.
2003-05-09 10:41:00 PM  
Chapel Hill/RTP is a utopia? Heh.
2003-05-09 10:53:27 PM  
I'm not sure North Carolina counts as a true Southern state.

Whoa now! Them's fightin' words!
2003-05-09 11:00:25 PM  
[image from ncsecc.org too old to be available]

Heah's tha guvnah.
2003-05-09 11:07:59 PM  
This is the first thing he's been in the news for in like 5 months.
2003-05-09 11:42:05 PM  
When I first heard the news, I figured he was trying to commit suicide, because he's gonna get his ass kicked by the GOP in 2004. And I am a Democrat saying this!

Now if you take out "freak city" Asheville, NYC-wannabe Charlotte, and the eastern version of Silicon Valley called the Triad area, then you have a purely Southern state.
2003-05-09 11:46:26 PM  
"Whoa now! Them's fightin' words!"

no, these are:

"Hey, you...let's fight!"

2003-05-09 11:48:45 PM  
actually, the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham) is probably better known for it's contribution to the tech industry than the Triad.

Born in Georgia, raised in North Carolina, southerner through and through! :)
2003-05-09 11:57:07 PM  
all i have to say is that i was glad to hear this news story break today so i didn't have to hear as much about that freakin' guy from american idol being in the triangle...
2003-05-10 12:03:55 AM  
Goldnova350, I aware of all that. And as I said, he ought to be spending time trying to cut his budget instead of wrecking racecars. His education programs leave a lot to be desired, too.

As a relocated Yankee who's lived in the Triangle for 7 years, I'll say this: Southerners are generally much friendlier than Northerners. I'll also ask other Northerners to stay away now, as the traffic is already horrible enough, and the strip malls plentiful enough. As for who is a true southerner and who is not, it always seems to me that many North Carolinians think the south ends somewhere around Richmond VA. It seems to me that if you are in the south, anyone who lives even 1 state north classifies as a Yankee, or at least isn't a "real" southerner.
2003-05-10 12:09:33 AM  
I love living in North Carolina. From the Piedmont, I can be in severe hiking territory within an hour drive, or surfing within two hours.

No fault lines, minor hurricane concerns, and VERY minor tornado concerns...

Best place to live in the US. Seriously.
2003-05-10 12:11:13 AM  

2003-05-10 12:13:55 AM  
Lazymazy: I'm sooo damned tired of hearing about Clay. Everyone I know is pulling for Ruben, but we still have to hear about the "local boy done good."

He met Easely a few days ago, too bad they didn't strap his over-inlectionating ass to the hood...

2003-05-10 12:14:48 AM  
MacG It seems to me that if you are in the south, anyone who lives even 1 state north classifies as a Yankee, or at least isn't a "real" southerner.

You are the most enlightened yankee I've ever encountered.
2003-05-10 12:21:33 AM  
05-09-03 10:52:26 PM HarrisonBergeron
I submitted this under ESPN severla hours ago.
I guess mine wasn't funny? No wait. This one isn't either, so it must be something else.

So what? We don't need no steenking badges!
2003-05-10 12:23:58 AM  
How could he risk his life like this? He's the governor of a state, for chrissakes! He has obligations to something greater than himself. This was just a stupid stunt for the footage for campaign commercials. I wonder how much it cost the state to fly Him and his entourage from Raleigh to Charlotte for this sick spectacle?

Oh wait. Nevermind. He's a Democrat.

Nothing to see here, go about your business.
2003-05-10 12:28:23 AM  

[image from wwwimage.cbsnews.com too old to be available]

You were sying what now?
2003-05-10 12:29:07 AM  
I live in NC and love it..I've lived here all my life and have traveled abroad and still love coming back home. I went to Ohio once and I saw just as many "rednecks" there as I know here. The best thing I saw in Ohio was the sign that said "You are now leaving Ohio"

Useless Facts: NC is the third most filmed state in the US besides CA & NY, and its the 8th most traveled vacation state in the US.

I always wondered why if the south is so crappy how come all the northeners always seem to move here and end up loving it?..mostly...hehe

Just me though..
2003-05-10 12:32:38 AM  
Maybe he was just trying to outdo Dubya's aircraft carrier landing for the title of Stupidest, Most Unnecessary Publicity Stunt By a Politician.
2003-05-10 12:33:19 AM  
2003-05-10 12:38:09 AM  
Sorry. I'll bring it down to public school level and stick an "Irony" tag on it next time to better explain my purposes.
2003-05-10 12:38:50 AM  
I got a speeding ticket today for doing 105 in a 70. Ouch, first ticket in my Cobra, ahhh... memorable. Frickin $140 fine though, sheesh.
2003-05-10 12:42:03 AM  
Thanks, Tomcat. Why don't you do us all a favor and show us what you've learned besides rhetoric and turbine mechanics? Please?
2003-05-10 12:46:52 AM  
There were nearly 16,000 tickets handed out in cali last year for people driving faster than 100mph.

Put the Coffee Mug down and step away for the perculator.
2003-05-10 12:48:27 AM  
[image from carolinasucks.com too old to be available]

2003-05-10 12:49:02 AM  
Don't be so touchy guy! It's just jokes. Sheesh!
2003-05-10 12:49:24 AM  
XeonicusX, so how fast have you had it up to? Curious about what model year you have as well.
2003-05-10 12:52:28 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]

waaay too much time on my hands.
2003-05-10 12:54:40 AM  
Now THAT"S funny. Good job.
2003-05-10 01:01:35 AM  
Tomcat: It's all good, just screwing around before heading out...no real offense intended.

BTW, when I was 11, my oldest brother (stationed at the time in Norfolk) took me to the service road beside the major F-14 runway...The Pilot and Co took the time to wave to a kid in a car beside the runway. That made my year!

But they wouldn't have been able to get off the ground without you guys, and I have the utmost respect for that fact. :)

HiRes: I'm pretty sure everyone in NC is happy that Herb didn't leave for Pitt. Good luck to the Pack...


PS: Duke sucks.
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