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1130 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Dec 2000 at 3:04 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2000-12-06 3:18:04 PM  
A white, upper class family from scottsdale and it came up that we were the huxtables (which is actually very cool) but never thought we would be put on par to a black, upper class family from new york city
2000-12-06 4:16:31 PM  
It told me my family was somewhat dysfunctional and not totally unlike the simpsons :)
2000-12-06 4:56:00 PM  
I like the emode slogan "Explore yourself online"...I''ve explored myself online plenty!!
2000-12-06 5:09:50 PM  
Like warlord, my family was disfunctional but not wihtout love. I''m a simpson, too. The good kind, that is, not the murder-your-gf-and-get-off-because-you''re-tried-in-california kind
2000-12-06 5:40:42 PM  
Hard to believe I grew up with the Beaver
2000-12-06 5:47:40 PM  
Jeff: You lucky bastard. I grew up without any beaver. I''m a Jetson, by the way.
2000-12-06 5:56:11 PM  
Addams family

2000-12-06 6:12:39 PM  
Don''t touch that dial! Classy, sassy, and hip, you''re the Huxtables. Get more details on your TV twins - sign up with Emode!

I''m not sure I want to know about this.
2000-12-06 6:22:29 PM  
Turns out, I''m a I feel really sick for farkin my sister so many times!!!
2000-12-06 6:44:34 PM  
I''m an Addams. "Just don''t ask what''s cooking for dinner."

I signed up for emode a while back when the big quiz was "What breed of dog are you?" I turned out to be a shih tzu or chihuaua or something like that...
2000-12-06 7:28:59 PM  
Like Jeff, I was apparently a Cleaver. Gosh!
2000-12-06 7:38:29 PM  
Simpsons. Cool, I like that show.

Bonobo62: Still wanna check out that Bungle comic? Here''s the address for an online version:
2000-12-06 8:22:03 PM  
That thing told me that my family was like the Manson Family???? Was that a TV show?
2000-12-06 9:47:14 PM  
Caligari: Thanks. I used to have a few issues, including that one, but have no idea what ever happened to them. I discovered today while searching eBay that the series qwent a hell of a lot further than I read it.
2000-12-06 10:59:33 PM  
Golly Eddie, I''m a Cleaver :)
2000-12-06 11:44:03 PM  
It says I''m one of the Cleavers. But I never remember Ward flying off the handle and screaming at the top of his lungs irrationally.

And I don''t remember the episode when sis came home high and dad had a shiat fit, or when I came home with almost all F''s and dad almost had a heart attack.

Oh well. It''s just a test.
2000-12-06 11:49:06 PM  
ewww.. this is sick. I retook the test answering the questions as they were in my senior year of highschool.. and my family changed from the Cleavers to.. the Keatons.
2000-12-07 12:07:36 AM  
A Bundy. Holy shiat.
2000-12-07 12:46:29 AM  
Jetson here.
2000-12-07 12:54:28 AM  
Too damn traditional and boring.
2000-12-07 6:53:05 AM  
Don''t touch that dial! Modern and zany, you''re the Jetsons.

Damn, I wanted the Bundys.
2000-12-07 6:57:08 AM  
damn it. the Keatons suck ass. well, at least I''m related to Michael J Fox....Moochin'' time!
2000-12-07 7:35:14 AM  
Come to think of was a lot like Marge...Supportive, but screamed only when all her button had been pushed. Dad was (is) not much involved. Youngest brother was Bart (out of control)...younger brother was Lisa (creative but conformist)...guess that makes me Maggie...I do tend to end up on the floor from time to time.
2000-12-07 7:45:45 AM  
keaton here...but, if i had a sister like mallory, i''m sure I would''ve been a bundy or at least, had a little beaver in me...
2000-12-07 8:35:34 AM  
White, middle class family that never physically expressed any affection, and we ended up as the Huxtables?
2000-12-07 9:04:27 AM  
Dang it! I''m a Simpson. I wanted to be an Addams. They were closer to my childhood upbringing (although they did LIKE each other).

I love egg rolls!
2000-12-07 9:56:01 AM  
Dogh! Simpsons it is. Come to think of it. That makes sense now. Damn.....
2000-12-07 11:55:14 AM  
Whoohoo! I went back & changed my jello answer (I don''t really like it but I crave it occasionally) and I got the Addams family. I''m creepy & kooky, mysterious & spooky.

I love egg rolls!
2000-12-07 5:52:53 PM  
Scary. I answered it as honestly as I could and it said my family was like the Bundy''s. Which is odd because my mom never allowed Married With Children to be on in our house.
2000-12-08 6:53:19 AM  
Patrick: Maybe it was too close for comfort? My dad doesn''t like Roseanne.
2000-12-08 9:50:22 AM  
Pretty true, I was part of the Cleaver family... Although mom didnt vacuum the house in a dress and pearls, she was the housewife and raised us kids. Im glad I wasnt a Huxtable, but Id kinda see my family more as the Keaton clan... Mom and dad were kinda hippie-ish and the older sistar always ended up dating some wierdos... (although no rock stars or motorcyle riders)
2000-12-08 5:26:45 PM  
The Bradys''?? This test has got to be farked up. I come from total dysfunction!!
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