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2003-05-08 10:51:22 AM  
We like ads

"I am a consumer whore... And how!"
2003-05-08 03:46:40 PM  
talk about your saturday morning memories!

Xist, sitting 5 inches from the blue box really burns that shiat into your head.

and on a un-related note - since I started using a cell phone I've forgotten every number I've ever known except maybe 4. The numbers of old apartments, girlfriends, drinking buddies - they're just gone. At one time I would estimate that I could recall a good 150 numbers.
2003-05-08 06:24:03 PM  
Flavorflanks, Aint that the truth! I used to be like Rainman when it came to remembering phone numbers. Stupid cell phones...
2003-05-08 06:25:00 PM  
I like Bill Hicks' idea for a coke ad better...
2003-05-08 06:26:13 PM  
Anytime coke is in the headline, it makes me smile.

/Drinks a refreshing Dr Pepper
2003-05-08 06:26:29 PM  
[image from kid-game.co.jp too old to be available]

Who are the Ad Wizards who came up with this one!?
2003-05-08 06:35:22 PM  
The whole world knows just who you are
You've done so much and you've come so far
Now you're going one better with Coke (Coke!)
Better than ever with Coca-Cola
Coke is it; it's a great new taste
Coke is it; we're setting the pace
Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola)
Coca-Cola... COKE IS IT!

Ah, great jingles wasted on abysmal products.
2003-05-08 06:37:40 PM  
How could they leave out this guy? Best ad campaign ever!

[image from clients.newel.net too old to be available]
2003-05-08 06:38:14 PM  
"I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company."

My tax dollars at work. What wunderkind decided that this was important enough to archive? I'd rather see a bottle containing Edison's last flatulence.
2003-05-08 06:38:20 PM  
Oh, and "Don't say the 'P' word!
2003-05-08 06:39:14 PM  
I see Leonard Part 6 has been conveniently skipped over...
2003-05-08 06:39:33 PM  
Remember Max Headroom? We all used to think he was a coke head (the other kind), and that those "coke" commercials were all "inside jokes"....

Come on...he was jacked! He was wired!! HE'd been packing his beak with personality intensifier!!! Doin rails...bumps...toots...
2003-05-08 06:39:57 PM  
Oh, and "Don't say the 'P' word!

2003-05-08 06:43:46 PM  
The real treasure in this site is not the dumb Coke ads. Go backwards through the site. Hit home, then collections. It's amazing. They have everything you can think of and more.
2003-05-08 06:44:01 PM  
I entered 'fark' in 'Search All Collections' and got no results. 'Boobies' and 'Poop' however have several entries at the Library of Congress...
2003-05-08 06:45:04 PM  
real media players blows miles and miles of dick
2003-05-08 06:45:05 PM  
[image from cdf.org too old to be available]
2003-05-08 06:46:25 PM  
This is the part I meant.
Library of Congress Collections
2003-05-08 06:49:31 PM  
[image from home.twcny.rr.com too old to be available]

2003-05-08 06:49:38 PM  
Bite the Wax Tadpool!
2003-05-08 06:53:22 PM  
All this cola talk makes me want a cool refreshing Dr. Pepper!

[image from dpsu.com too old to be available]
2003-05-08 06:53:55 PM  
In other news, the kid that caught Mean Joe Green's sweaty, stinky towel decides to put it up for sale on Ebay after realizing over 25 years later that he got the sour end of the deal.
2003-05-08 06:55:44 PM  
All of this cola talk makes me want to have a refreshing bowel movement.....and a smile
2003-05-08 06:59:30 PM  
Bill_Brasky: That would be be when Pepsi hired Cobra Commander to endorse their product; setting back their marketing effort by years.
2003-05-08 07:01:31 PM  
this article caught me while im coked up and weeded.
2003-05-08 07:07:26 PM  
This just in, OKC/Moore, OK have been nailed by another possible tornado(s). WFAA in Dallas is showing damage video now. Cars/trucks knocked off of highways.
2003-05-08 07:08:20 PM  
The GM plant and Tinker AFB included in the damage.
2003-05-08 07:13:39 PM  
i had that song in my head this morning, Doctechnical. i was asking myself where the heck that came from.
2003-05-08 07:15:45 PM  
RealPlayer Sucks. I hate it.
2003-05-08 07:17:27 PM  
ummmmm.... coke....
2003-05-08 07:18:08 PM  
Nice to see they waste American tax dollars just like everyone else's.
2003-05-08 07:18:10 PM  
Haven't checked the link -- do they have the outtake of the Mean Joe Green ad where instead of saying, "Hey kid. Thanks." He says, "Hey kid... bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaappp pppppppppppp!"

...loved that one!

2003-05-08 07:19:50 PM  
[image from kid-game.co.jp too old to be available]
Who are the Ad Wizards who came up with this one!?

Someone with a homoerotic vinyl fetish?
2003-05-08 07:23:24 PM  
I was expecting cocaine ads.
2003-05-08 07:27:07 PM  
Wow, Fnord I've never seen caffine-free or diet caffine-free Dr. Pepper before. Also, it's really hard to get Diet Cherry Coke where I live.

What's the point to caffine-free Dr. Pepper anyway?
2003-05-08 07:30:54 PM  
I prefer pepsi for two damn good reasons...

[image from beerlinetoday.com too old to be available] &

2003-05-08 07:31:37 PM  
...farking html can bite my ass...

[image from frucor.com too old to be available]
2003-05-08 07:38:43 PM  
I know that this is way off the subject.. ..but they have to get rid of the personals on the side of the main page. Can't there be a link? That dudes nose is making me angry. DREW! Link the personals!! Please for the love of god!!! PLEASE!!!
2003-05-08 07:39:35 PM  
Pepsi Blue tastes like laundrey detergent.

Er, not that I know what laundry detergent tastes like . . .
2003-05-08 07:41:07 PM  

Pepsi Blue was HORRID.

Crystal Pepsi... bring it back.
2003-05-08 07:41:55 PM  
UberPimp, as far as the personals go, I'm just annoyed the damn picture hasn't changed in three days.

Can we get a fresh face, please?
2003-05-08 07:42:04 PM  
Speaking of Dr. Pepper:

[image from peta.org too old to be available]
2003-05-08 07:44:20 PM  
There are no videos here
2003-05-08 07:45:24 PM  
Wydok I totally agree.... but every pic that has been up is scary looking. I think they just need to do away with it and link the crap!
2003-05-08 07:47:32 PM  

"Make 7
up yours"

/kill me now
2003-05-08 07:57:02 PM  
The Library of Congress are officially REAL MEDIA WHORES

The files have been fixed to only work on the new version or FealOne player, the one filled with adware/spyware, bloated piece of shiat! If you try to use the version 7 (the "relatively" clean one!) it tells you to download the latest, and tries to bully you into paying $19.95!!!

I refuse to patronize such sites!

Library of Congress: How much is RealOne paying you to do this???
2003-05-08 07:57:05 PM  
I thought Pepsi Blue was disgusting myself. Mountain Dew is great, but I've found many of the cheaper knock-offs of it taste the same. I'm drinking a cold "Mountain Holler" right now.

I think Pepsi itself sucks though; it used to be good when they used real sugar, and before they started watering it down with cat pee or whatever the fark they do to it. Give me a cold bottle (glass) of Coke any day.
2003-05-08 08:02:57 PM  
The crazy thing is those personals ads are the same everywhere you go. It's the same guy's face on The Onion as is on Stile Project as is on Newgrounds, etc...etc....

They must have a really attractive affiliate program to reel in all the big players. But they're reaching the oversaturation point, and now they're getting to be as ubiquetously annoying as X10 popup ads.

I feel pity for the attractive girls that get selected as the mugshot of the week on those. They must get such overwhelming response as to commit suicide over.
2003-05-08 08:24:58 PM  
Those old ads sure bring back memories of a time when you could still get "The real thing." Coke has tasted awful since they ran out of Saskra Root. Read all about it. http://www.uncoveror.com/coke2.htm
2003-05-08 08:48:25 PM  
I call Shenanigans, Uncoverer. How come the only Google match to Saskra root is your site. Maybe because it doesn't exist? :P
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