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27062 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 May 2003 at 1:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-08 09:48:24 AM  
Sure, show all the violence related cartoons you want but don't dare show Bugs Bummy in a wedding dress. Damned PC crap.
2003-05-08 09:52:04 AM  
Good article. I actually read it. The death of Sat morning cartoons is a good thing for kids - I'm sure they were being marketed to death.
2003-05-08 09:55:26 AM  
The kids these days are just too damned hung over from Friday night.
2003-05-08 09:57:08 AM  
It's interesting how a whole generation of us, born twixt 1960-1980, have a common bond of watching the same shows, on roughly the same three or four channels.

Will the fact that this no longer happens be a negative or positive? For example, would Fark be like it is if so many of us had not bonded through shared cultural moments like Saturday morning cartoons?
2003-05-08 10:17:58 AM  
Saturday morning cartoons were invented so parents could sleep in late.
I think the combination of increased advertising tarketing kids, plus the decrease in quality cartoons has all but killed Saturday morning cartoons. The only good Saturday morning cartoon still on the air is "Recess". Everything is pretty much filler.
I really miss Bugs Bunny, Animanics and Mr. Bumpy. [sigh]
2003-05-08 10:41:10 AM  
Bugs Bunny, Loony Tunes, Hong Kong Fooey, not this new crap like Pokemon and Digimon and other shiat... Japanimation really really sucks
2003-05-08 10:45:30 AM  
"Recess" rocks Minoridiot! However I didn't really care for the movie. "Pepper Ann" isn't too shabby either.
2003-05-08 10:46:30 AM  
In the immortal words of my grampa,
"Shut that damn TV off and go outside and play, it's a nice day, dammit!"
2003-05-08 10:48:25 AM  
My gf and I talk about the demise of Saturday morning cartoons every now and then, especially if we're up early enough on Saturday morning. I remember getting up bright and early as a kid and watching cartoons all morning long with my sister. Once American Bandstand came on, you knew that was pretty much it for the cartoons.

This was back in the early 80s. And in between the cartoons we'd have great ads for cereals like Sugar Smacks (I noticed they've since changed the name), GI Joe (the little guys, with names like 'Grunt'), and the Green Machine (that thing was bad ass if you had a nice stretch of road to get it up to speed and then jam the sticks back and forth for a nice spin). And I really miss the Schoolhouse Rock segments. Conjunction Junction, what's your function?

I weep for the kids of today.
2003-05-08 10:55:26 AM  
Saturday morning cartoons were invented so parents could sleep in late.

Unfortunately, my parents were never sleeping during Saturday Morning cartoons. I always had to turn up the volume to drown them out.
2003-05-08 10:56:55 AM  
BTW, I have 5 brothers and sisters thanks to Saturday Morning cartoons.
2003-05-08 11:00:38 AM  
Ahh the old days of rolling out of bed early to catch the entire lineup...

That would amaze my parents, who had to fight tooth and nail to drag my ass out of bed for school during the week.

I agree, however, that you can't compare anything that is out today to Looney Tunes. I could watch that for hours. Still could, probably.
2003-05-08 11:10:12 AM  

I don't see "Pepper Ann" on Saturday anymore. Well not in Houston anyway. Lately, CBS has been countering the Disney lineup with their own Nickelodeon lineup. So we now have Blues Clues and Arnold on Saturday.

For some reason, I get urges to throw a brick at the TV when "Dora the Explorer" come on.
2003-05-08 11:10:25 AM  

In the immortal words of my grampa,
"Shut that damn TV off and go outside and play, it's a nice day, dammit!"

That applied for every day of the week except for saturday morning. Summer vacation meant swimming in the pool or playing baseball in the backyard.

Except for when Star Blazers came on at 3:30 PM, then it was inside for about half an hour or so. And in the mornings, you might be able to catch something like HR Pufnstuf or Speed Racer .

2003-05-08 11:12:17 AM  
Without quality Saturday morning programing, how are we going to repeat the "sins" of our parents?

I already have 2, will start working on 3 in a few months.
2003-05-08 11:13:25 AM  
What happened to Saturdy morning cartoons?

What happened to the missing "a" in the headline.

Yeah, I know that it will get fixed and I will look like a dumbass.

I really really miss Saturday morning cartoons too. Cartoon Networks helps some, but not enough. Recess does kick ass though.
2003-05-08 11:16:39 AM  
I for one mourn the demise of Saturday morning cartoons. However, it seems they've been replaced by cartoons on Sunday mornings instead.

Here's my theory on that:

Once upon a time, it didn't make sense to run cartoons on Sundays, because more families went to church on Sunday mornings. Moreover, marketing geniuses have determined that there's more money to be made selling advertising and infomercials on Saturday mornings, so yoink. Hope you enjoy your Showtime Rotisserie Barbecue.

Or it could just be that it's early and I haven't had any coffee yet.
2003-05-08 11:47:21 AM  
I STILL to this day(I'm 37) occassionally watch some of the classics I use to watch on Saturday mornings on the "Boomerang" network...hey, don't knock it, it's better than that reality show garbage all over TV today...
2003-05-08 12:21:01 PM  
Growing up in Phoenix meant that we couldn't always "go outside and play" -- it was sometimes just too hot. Nothing beat Channel 5's lineup of Johnny Quest followed by World Beyond to kill a late morning and early afternoon.

I always dug on Race Bannon. Even if he was gay. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) He was always the first dude to get on the 50 cal or bust out with the Garand. He droive the hovercraft, flew the cool plane, and he had good lessons for kids, too. Now if I ever find myself in a mineshaft being chased by a mummy who is about to throw an Arab guy at me, I'll just shoot out the ceiling and be done with the both of them.
2003-05-08 12:24:47 PM  
i blame the hippies.
2003-05-08 12:28:23 PM  
Chastain, set it and forget it!

Japanimation really really sucks

I don't think so, in general, but I think the stuff they market toward the kids in the US does. Dragonball Z and Pokemon are as annoying and mindnumbing as Teletubbies, especially since they censor out anything that might be educational.

I myself still love downloading Looney Tunes from Kazaalite and watching those every once in a while. "I love the smell of burnt feathers...and gunpowder...and cordite!"
2003-05-08 12:40:34 PM  
I still remember the day I went downstairs to watch my Saturday morning cartoons, and the Tiennaman Square massacre was going on instead.

"Mommy, where are my cartoons?"
2003-05-08 01:05:11 PM  
Hmmm, we're a Neilson family now. I'll see what I can do to bring 'em back. Unless they're crap. In that case I'll do whatever I can to crush 'em.
2003-05-08 01:17:25 PM  
Hmm, in the two or three years I've been on fark, this topic, with almost the same headline, has come up at least three times.
2003-05-08 01:22:32 PM  
I remember waking up one Sat morning while still in high school, turning on the TV, and seeing "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

It was then I knew that TV was doomed.
2003-05-08 01:22:45 PM  
Not a cartoon, but, for some reason this was in my head this morning and I am glad this topic came up:

That's Cat.
2003-05-08 01:23:01 PM  
The trifecta for me was:

Looney Tunes
Super Friends
Thundar the Barbarian
2003-05-08 01:23:35 PM  
I remember, if I got up early enough, I could catch old Ultra-7 episodes. Don't recall what channel, though. Not a cartoon, but pretty cool stuff (to an easily impressed little kid, at least).
2003-05-08 01:25:12 PM  
Jabberjaw would make a good Fark username.
2003-05-08 01:25:26 PM  
"Recess" rocks Minoridiot! However I didn't really care for the movie. "Pepper Ann" isn't too shabby either.

Let me guess you work for Disney.
2003-05-08 01:26:27 PM  
This article is crap. It says that Saturday morning cartoons are dead, except on ABC, FOX, and WB, oh, and NBC shows Discovery Kids, CBS shows Nick Jr., and Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nick all show cartoons.

That's 8 networks of children's programming instead of 3. Sounds like Saturday mornings are alive and well.
2003-05-08 01:28:03 PM  
I can remeber to this day waking up every sat fighting with my older sister for control of the TV. Loved to watch Sat morning toons.
2003-05-08 01:28:05 PM  
when i was growing up, i had basic cable 11, 7, 2 where the only good channels to get cartoons. now, my little brother is growing up, and we have satilite tv, he has 8 channels devoided to cartoons.

the best cartoon line up came on channel 11 or WB with the line up of cartoons start at 3 til dinner time. Tail Spine, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers, Goof Troop. they were always cool to watch afterschool.
2003-05-08 01:28:16 PM  
[image from mag.awn.com too old to be available]

I'd hit it!
2003-05-08 01:28:28 PM  
I myself still love downloading Looney Tunes from Kazaalite and watching those every once in a while.

How's the quality on those? Good enough to burn to a VCD and watch on TV?

I have the first 2 editions of "The Golden Age of Looney Tunes" on LaserDisc. Those are cool. Completely unedited and un-PC
2003-05-08 01:29:17 PM  
C-I-T-Y, you can see why, city guys.

I hate the crap that is on Saturday mornings...it's not even fun to watch anymore. Whatever happened to Mighty Mouse, and Under Dog, and Rocky and Bullwinkle?
2003-05-08 01:29:41 PM  
Saturday AM

Three Stooges
Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner
Super Friends

Barbapappa (?)
Davey and Goliath (??!)

Fortunately, I played hockey on Sunday mornings!
2003-05-08 01:30:42 PM  
this link is so damn farkdified
2003-05-08 01:30:55 PM  
I grew up on a steady diet of Looney tunes. that and our
vacation home was two doors over from Mel Blanc's vacation
home. on three occasions he'd get my nephews and neices up
on his back porch, and blow 'em away with his characterizations. he didn't open up like that to the older
kids, just the younger ones. what a great twist of fate to
have met him though. to this day I still maintain his son's boat engines- even get to navigate "tweety" from
time to time. So yeah, whenever I can catch a classic looney tune, I will.
2003-05-08 01:31:05 PM  
Except for when Star Blazers came on at 3:30 PM

I had a few arguments with my mom over Star Blazers. She'd hassle me for being inside at 3:30 on a beautiful day and I'd always have to explain that it was just for Star Blazers and the minute it was over it was back outside. And when she forced me out, I ran by shouting "Desslok, Desslok Desslok". Dork.
2003-05-08 01:31:05 PM  
The final problem with Saturday morning cartoons is their incipient decrease in quality over the last decade

Really? You mean that Pokemon and the other stuff on now doesn't measure up to Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, The Tick, X-Men, and so on? I would've never guessed.

/blatent sarcasm
2003-05-08 01:31:25 PM  
Bugs, The Roadrunner & Wile Coyote, Popeye, Heckyl and Jeckyl, Foghorn Leghorn, Speedy Gonzales were all favorites growing up. Now they are considered too violent or not PC. Didn't hurt me any growing up and if you disagree I will kill you and call you bad non-PC names.
2003-05-08 01:32:07 PM  
Kids who don't grow up with Bugs Bunny are poorer for it. There's a character who values wit over violence. Now I'm not saying that there isn't violence in Bugs Bunny cartoon, but he only pulls it off because he's a sassy bunny.
2003-05-08 01:32:17 PM  
05-08-03 01:22:32 PM Joe_diGriz

I remember waking up one Sat morning while still in high school, turning on the TV, and seeing "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".

It was then I knew that TV was doomed.

How many different series have there been of that show, anyway? Every year it's a completely different setting, completely different cast of characters, like some kind of crappy Star Trek Series syndrome. The only thing that doesn't change is the big, clunky monster and robot costumes. All I've got to say is God bless the Cartoon Network.
2003-05-08 01:34:26 PM  
The Real Ghostbusters
Bugs Bunny
Rescue Rangers

Looking back, Tom and Jerry was an incredibly violent cartoon.
2003-05-08 01:34:42 PM  
Ant, unfortunately I don't have any on my comp right now after my last reformatting, and haven't tried making VCDs with them yet. Just doing a search though, each cartoon is about 70MB, which sounds like pretty good quality for the length of a single cartoon.
2003-05-08 01:35:22 PM  
Joe_diGriz, I almost forgot about Animaniacs. That show was genius!
2003-05-08 01:35:23 PM  
"This time, we didn't forget the gravy..."

For those of you who recognize the reference, this, too, has been banned....
2003-05-08 01:35:31 PM  
I think this article is a little old... Fox Kids is known as the Fox Box now, and all its cartoons are produced by the same company. That company is 4Kids, which also produced Pokemon for WB. It's hardly a surprise that one of the new shows on the Fox Box is a Nintendo advertisement, this time for the Kirby series of video games.

2003-05-08 01:35:33 PM  
I still love some cartoons but there are hardly any good ones on now. The animation of some of the new ones is just terrible and the story lines suck. You would think with all the new technology cartoons would get better. Whatever happened to Wile E Coyote getting an anvil dropped on his head? I miss Chilly Willy! I need insane fun so I don't have to think to hard.
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