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2003-05-07 03:00:31 AM  
I'm sure this guy isn't a dumbass...

He sounds pretty damn smart to me.
2003-05-07 03:57:40 AM  
"I probably put a decimal place in the wrong spot...DAMNIT I always do that!"
2003-05-07 07:23:32 AM  
Hey, at least he's saying that he goofed! I'm sure that there are a lot of guys whose egos wouldn't let them say anything about it until another mathematician discovered his asshattery.
2003-05-07 08:10:27 AM  
How do you like them apples?
2003-05-07 08:36:57 AM  
Goldston says he will work to fix the flaw over the next several months - mostly at his dining table, while his wife and three children watch television.

His wife complains "Why can't you just spend your evenings surfing porn like a NORMAL husband?"
2003-05-07 10:32:45 AM  
Good thing they at least attempted to tell us what the error was.
2003-05-07 11:44:09 AM  
poor guy.
2003-05-07 11:45:13 AM  

[image from springfield-shopper.de too old to be available]
2003-05-07 11:45:51 AM  
i got nervous when i read the headline. but no one has solved the factoring of prime products in polynomial time yet , and at least for now, my encrypted kiddie porn is still safe.
2003-05-07 11:46:57 AM  
That's 20 years he'll never get back.

Kinda like the 5 years I spent in college.

/Do as I say. Not as I do.
2003-05-07 11:47:06 AM  
"I just solved the twin prime conjecture! Wait...D'OH!"
2003-05-07 11:47:32 AM  
jeez he isn't a dumbass. more like smart...man if you will.
2003-05-07 11:48:05 AM  
20 years dicking around with a math problem? And, I thought my life sucked.
2003-05-07 11:48:14 AM  
DUMBASS? Whoever submitted that is most likely a fricking retard compared to that guy.


Perhaps "sad" is a more appropriate tag. Maybe it's come time for the "Oh fark" tag, even.
2003-05-07 11:48:53 AM  
Goldston's work involves the twin prime conjecture, or the idea that there are an infinite number of pairs of prime numbers that differ only by two.

I conjecture that there are an infinite number of pairs of prime numbers that differ only by a prime number.
2003-05-07 11:49:32 AM  
Stevarooni: Asshattery. Excellent word.
2003-05-07 11:49:33 AM  
wow, stupid child porn jokes never get old.
2003-05-07 11:50:03 AM  
I'm actually glad they printed this story. Normally, when a newspaper runs some article about some amazing new discovery, which is later debunked, they don't ever tell the public about it. Or the scientist/mathematician-type who came up with the evidence will hold onto his idea for dear life, claiming it works despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

I'm sure you Randi readers know what I'm talking about.
2003-05-07 11:50:55 AM  
My brain HURTS!

/Time to go to the meat market
2003-05-07 11:51:02 AM  
Hmm. I just realized I more or less repeated Steevarooni's comments. Well, durn.
2003-05-07 11:51:17 AM  
"That was a PLUS sign, Bill? Geezus, learn to write a little more clearly, huh?"
2003-05-07 11:51:29 AM  
Sounds a lot like Andrew Wiles...the guy who proved Fermat's last theorem....except Wiles succeeded in the end...

2003-05-07 11:51:33 AM  
Well, I couldn't tell he goofed. He just should have kept quiet and not said anything.
2003-05-07 11:51:36 AM  
Cem Yalcin Yildirim of Bogazici University in Istanbul
Wow, what a mouthful. I've only got one thing to say to that.

Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night

Every gal in Constantinople
Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
So if you've got a date in Constantinople
She'll be waiting in Istanbul

Even old New York
Was once New Amsterdam
Why they changed it I can't say
People just liked it better that way

So take me back to Constantinople
No, you can't go back to Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Why did Constantinople get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks'
2003-05-07 11:51:42 AM  
Shoulda been fappin.
2003-05-07 11:52:26 AM  
I can't believe there isn't a link to the "Prime Number shiatting bear".
2003-05-07 11:53:15 AM  
By the way, I'm still waiting for my cancer cure. WTF???
2003-05-07 11:54:06 AM  
The reason it didn't work is because the twin prime conjecture is a myth!

/prepares for the mother of all flamewars

(maybe not)
2003-05-07 11:55:12 AM  

[image from members.surfeu.fi too old to be available]

Clickity Clickity Click, opens in new window.

2003-05-07 11:55:29 AM  
ah pure math... fun times
2003-05-07 11:55:57 AM  
Don't mean to be hatin', Young_Fart, but your conjecture is incorrect. There are no such pairs. Think about it.
2003-05-07 11:55:59 AM  
/prepares for the mother of all flamewars

(maybe not)

probably not
2003-05-07 11:56:38 AM  
was he using a computer with a Pentium 3 chip?
2003-05-07 11:58:08 AM  
Don't mean to be hatin', Young_Fart, but your conjecture is incorrect. There are no such pairs. Think about it.

OOOOH, I know why...
I'll post it in secret white text:

--->because prime numbers are odd, with the exception of 2. Two odd numbers added become an even number, which cannot be prime by definition!<---
2003-05-07 12:01:36 PM  
Their proof, or solution, seemed to say yes. But on April 23, a flaw emerged.

So the solution is now "No"?
2003-05-07 12:02:24 PM  
Another one for the "I don't get it" category.
2003-05-07 12:02:56 PM  
But, do number theory jokes get old?
2003-05-07 12:04:16 PM  
Dear God, this thread needs some boobies...stat!!
2003-05-07 12:04:22 PM  
IAN: Nigel gave me a drawing that said 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,25, 27,29... Alright?

DAVID: I know he did, and that's what I'm talking about.

IAN: Now, whether he knows the difference between composite numbers and prime numbers is not my problem. I do what I'm told.

[image from fusionanomaly.net too old to be available]
2003-05-07 12:05:10 PM  
Stebain -- Young_Fart's statement is true if and only if the original statement regarding primes separated by 2 is correct. After all, 2 _is_ prime as you yourself noted.
2003-05-07 12:07:54 PM  

Goldston's work involves the twin prime conjecture, or the idea that there are an infinite number of pairs of prime numbers that differ only by two.
He didn't necessarily state which prime number, stebain, and the Doctor's conjecture get messy at the 2,3,5 dilemma. However, he did say infinite, so he could mean infinitely large, not necessarily ALL cases, because 2 and 3 differ by only 1, and 3 and 5 is where the twin prime conjecture seems to start, right?
2003-05-07 12:08:13 PM  
But Alto, the question that still neds to be asked...

"Are we going to still do Stonehedge?"
2003-05-07 12:10:50 PM  
Yeah, I was trying to provide Filth's assumption.

Looking at the numbers, there are plenty that are separated by 2... and there would (likely) be infinite numbers of them.

Young_Fart is probably right.
2003-05-07 12:13:39 PM  
I'd rather spend 20 years and find out I was wrong rather than spending 20 years making somebody else money.
2003-05-07 12:13:51 PM  
Wow a life's persuit and it's all for nothing.
Damn that's just sad.
2003-05-07 12:16:27 PM  
..Be that as it may Diane, pass it through the latin declension and my point is still moot..

2003-05-07 12:17:20 PM  

Desperately seeking solution.

[image from tvguide.com too old to be available]

2003-05-07 12:18:12 PM  
"Prime numbers can be divided only by themselves or by 1 without leaving a remainder. The smallest twin primes are 3 and 5. The largest discovered so far are numbers with 51,090 digits each.

While no one has proved the twin prime conjecture itself, Goldston and Yikdirim tackled a related question: Can you find an infinite number of primes that may not be twins, but that are much closer together than average"

And the results of this study would be practical how?

And how exaclty are you going to find the average range between a infinite number of non-paired primes?

Sorry.. the whole thing just hurts my head.
2003-05-07 12:18:39 PM  
yeah I wouldn't be so harsh to call this guy a dumbass...he's probably accomplished more than any of us ever will combined.
2003-05-07 12:20:04 PM  
I just have this feeling I'm going to end up doing the same exact thing in a couple of years...

... why else am I pursuing a math degree?
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