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(CNN) NewsFlash Former U.S. President Bill Clinton disbarred from practicing law before U.S. Supreme Court   ( divider line
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2001-10-01 11:33:09 AM  
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2001-10-01 11:33:43 AM  
Does he practice law anyways? Can you picture his commercials on TV?

"Hi. I'm Bill Clinton. And here at Clinton-Freedman-Jomama, we want to help you. And get hummers..."
2001-10-01 11:33:51 AM  
It all depends on what your definition of "disbarred" is.

2001-10-01 11:37:44 AM  
Are you sure he wasn't disrobed? He probably would've enjoyed that.

14:59:58...enjoy your last 2 seconds of fame Bill
2001-10-01 11:40:57 AM  
Nation lets out a collective yawn.
2001-10-01 11:41:19 AM  
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
2001-10-01 11:43:37 AM  
good god this pisses me off so much. Not so that somebody did that to an ex-president, no, that we had to do that to an ex-president. I am so angry at this fark, and I voted for him twice. If he had any pride, he'd have resigned a long time ago, and truly laid down his "legacy". Embarass him as much as possible and it still won't be enough.
2001-10-01 11:44:33 AM  
Badger: Only 15 minutes for Clinton! No way, dude. We'll be following Clinton until long after he's dead. We love Clinton! He's a powerful former leader of the free world who gets into all kinds of wacky adventures and partakes in all manners of buggery. He's the best! He's like a zany sitcom neighbor and we all know how much we love that. If he had a late night talk show Johnny Carson would fill in for him while Bill was on vacation. Go Bill! Way to piss off the Supreme Court!
2001-10-01 11:50:35 AM  
I would vote for Slick Willie if he ran again.
2001-10-01 11:52:48 AM  
You can always vote for Hillary, Fb-.
2001-10-01 11:52:54 AM  
Fb: proving that some people never learn.
2001-10-01 11:56:12 AM  
Does anyone actually READ these before they post them?

He's not disbarred, only suspended from practicing before the Supreme Court, which wasn't likely to happen, anyway. It's sort of like barring the Tampa Devil Rays from the World Series.
2001-10-01 11:57:30 AM  
Been injured in an auto accident? Does your neck or back hurt? Sure it does. Call the law offices of Clinton and Reno. We will get you a cash settelment whether you deserve it or not. 1-800-BIG-SLIME
2001-10-01 11:58:44 AM  
hmmmmmm..... i wonder what Rush's show is going to be about today. I bet he lambasts the current administration for 4 hours. but that's just a guess
2001-10-01 12:02:02 PM  
but i've been wrong before

btw Schmee, i REALLY did think you were a woman
2001-10-01 12:02:21 PM  
Actually, if the SC suspends you, getting disbarred is pretty much assured.

Good riddance to bad rubbish...
2001-10-01 12:03:08 PM  
Wait, you mean the Devil Rays won't win the Series this year? Ther goes Emily's college money.
2001-10-01 12:04:05 PM  
CNN said he was disbarred from the Supreme Court but later changed their story to say he was suspended
2001-10-01 12:04:07 PM  
"It's sort of like barring the Tampa Devil Rays from the World Series."

Ha! Very good, very good. I woulda gone with the Cubbies though.
2001-10-01 12:05:51 PM  
Are we still on the "Slick Willie" Thing. Get over it.
Don't we have more important things to worry about than left-over-partison wrangling? This crap is so stupid in comparison to what we as a nation, are faced with.
2001-10-01 12:08:29 PM  
Thank you, Schmee! Far be it from me to consider Fark a paragon of journalistic integrity, but you'd at least think folks would farking read the articles before composing the headlines.
2001-10-01 12:09:01 PM  
uh . . . no.
2001-10-01 12:12:09 PM  
To those complaining that Bill keeps popping up in the news: If those in power who just can't "let it go" would stop trying to get some last parting shot in, I doubt you'd be troubled by Mr. Clinton ever again.
2001-10-01 12:29:55 PM  
uh . . . no.
2001-10-01 12:31:03 PM  
But the Cubs have actually been there, albeit a long time ago.
2001-10-01 12:31:39 PM  
I still don't see how having sex with some fat ugly chick, that isn't your wife, would A. get you impeached, and now B. get you disbarred.

Republicans have no neck or penis!
2001-10-01 12:34:18 PM  
"ass-sniffing clownboat"......that is FUNNY.

A woman? My wife will be diappointed.
2001-10-01 12:41:37 PM  
I hate Clinton, but I see no reason to destroy his law career. He's out of office now. It doesn't matter anymore. Leave the guy alone. He lied about sex so his wife wouldn't find out. Big farkin deal. He's now "every other married guy in America".

God damn it, there are more important things going on right now.
2001-10-01 12:50:31 PM  
The problem, Finlay, is that you still believe it was just "about sex."

Obstruction of Justice. Perjury.

Two very serious offenses, worthy of disbarrment. Believe it or not, lawyers are held to very high ethical standards, and Clinton walked all over them.
2001-10-01 12:53:54 PM  
Its all about egos. They wanna be able to say that they busted clinton.

2001-10-01 12:56:27 PM  
You guys amaze me.
2001-10-01 01:37:20 PM  
Benjamin has no neck or penis!
2001-10-01 01:44:39 PM  
For everyone who thinks this is some kind of "final jab" that the Republicans are taking at Clinton - it isn't. It's standard procedure for anyone who has their State Law License suspended or revoked.
2001-10-01 01:48:10 PM  
there will not be another Clinton in the White House.... that is just not gonna happen......

hillary hasn't a chance in Hell to get elected Pres.....

Bill deserved this.. farking asshole liar....
2001-10-01 01:49:37 PM  
"Obstruction of Justice. Perjury."

You mean like what Bush Jr. did, twice?
2001-10-01 01:49:44 PM  
so you are telling me that every lawyer that has their license revoked goes to the supreme court of the united states?

yours truly,
2001-10-01 01:59:13 PM  
The Tanney court revisited. This supreme court has zero credibility. Remember the presidential election? Why would they even address something like this. And Barbara Olsen deserved to die in that plane. Ken Starr was there, this obviously isn't a partisan court.
2001-10-01 01:59:50 PM  
FifthColumn - when did Bush commit perjury? And even so, he's not a lawyer.
2001-10-01 02:02:36 PM  
Schmee, Sekimori: the headline and article keeps changing.
2001-10-01 02:03:33 PM  
I don't know what you're referring to FifthColumn, but... sure. For the sake of argument-- just like Bush.

And your point was...?

This isn't a name-calling contest, you twits. Our entire system of government is predicated on the integrity of the Judicial system.

Crazy me, I have this old-fashioned notion that people who are sworn into a court of law are supposed to tell the truth.

2001-10-01 02:06:23 PM  
Ben, you don't think this is politically motivated?
2001-10-01 02:06:49 PM  
Something people like to neglect to notice about Bush's past.

"In a (so far successful) attempt to stop a scandal, Bush perjured himself under oath, according to the sworn testimony of two of his political allies. The situation is amazingly similar to Clinton's Lewinsky problem: a potentially damaging lawuit arose (see below) that threatened to involve him. Just like Clinton, Bush swore an affidavit that he had no involvement in the case, which got him excused from testifying. And just like Clinton, the affidavit was proven false months later by new evidence. In this case, it's the recent sworn testimony of Robert MacNeil, a Bush appointee, that he had discussed the case with Bush at a fundraiser.

This scandal isn't as sexy as Monica's, but perjury is perjury, and this scandal actually involves the governor's job, not his sex life. Texas' state commission on funeral homes (the TFSC) started an investigation of SCI, the world's largest funeral home company (with 3,442 homes, plus 433 cemeteries) after complaints that unlicensed apprenctices were embalming corpses at 2 SCI embalming centers. The commission visited a couple of these, and ended up fining SCI $450,000.

What does being a lawyer have to do with commiting that think called perjery, which his party made a big deal out of Clinton's (perjery)? As the article states, perjury is perjury, and he lied under oath. I'm no Clinton supporter, but I get sick of hearing parties and people try to make themselves out as saints that can never lie or do any wrong.
2001-10-01 02:09:34 PM  
Benjamin, being a lawyer should have nothing to do with whether you tell the truth or not. You should do it anyway. My point is this: people, especially the Republican party (or atleast, the ones with the loudest voices) are still attacking Clinton for perjury, when our new President is guilty of that as well.

Personal issues aside, why continue to attack Clinton and not Bush, when both are guilty of the same crime?
2001-10-01 02:12:28 PM  
Oh, that's right: because he was President and in the White House at the time. Clinton's involved his sex life, not his job like Bush's did.

Next time people start screaming "perjury, hang 'em! hang 'em!" remember to go after Bush as well.
2001-10-01 02:14:18 PM  
It is not about anybody out to get anybody, it is standard procrdure that made news cause of Clinton.

When Clinton made a deal in January, he accepted some suspension of practicing law in Arkansas.

Arkansas sends in its regularly scheduled report of suspended/disbarred lawyers.

Clinton has registered to argue before Supremes (prestige thing among lawyers). Supremes do what they always do in a case like this.

Surely everyone will realize that the whole world is just picking on poor Clinton, (who did nothing wrong, and never deserved this), and give him a pass.

It is not like he *ever* did anything that was not honorable and noble. It must be part of the vast conspiracy.
2001-10-01 02:16:20 PM  
FifthColumn shoots ... he scores!
2001-10-01 02:19:41 PM  
I feel sorry for people that think this whole Clinton fiasco is a big conspiracy. Only reason why I actually care, is because we are viciously attacking people selectively.
2001-10-01 02:23:04 PM  
This is old news. It was assured that these proceedings would occur when he was impeached, but they had to wait until he was out of office.

I find it highly amusing that the ones who hate the man are the ones who keep him in the public eye.
2001-10-01 02:27:10 PM  
This specific episode is a direct result of Clinton accepting voluntary suspension in Arkansas.

Supremes always do this with the average Joe lawyer. They give 40 days to appeal or argue their case. More or less a form letter kind of action. Not a big deal. Good for headlines though.
2001-10-01 02:28:48 PM  
lying is a part of life. and if you have zelot enemies, then perjury will soon follow.

cmon, the dude got his dick sucked in the oval office. That is a club with few members. (no pun intended) i think that it is kind of bad ass.

As a president, he didn't do to bad. the only place he seemed to fark up was in his personal life, which the media caught hold of, but cmon, do you really care? if you do, then get a hobby. I suggest scale model cars.
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