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(The Smoking Gun)   Rapper 50 Cent being sued by orthopedic surgeon for $32,000 in medical bills. TSG is there   ( thesmokinggun.com) divider line
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2003-05-06 05:29:36 PM  
The Smoking Gun is everywhere.

It's spooky.
2003-05-06 06:15:14 PM  
<---Eastside, westside, she's all around the town I hear.
2003-05-06 07:43:34 PM  
You can find me in the court
Givin' my retort
2003-05-06 08:14:02 PM  
I really hate that stupid guy
2003-05-06 08:15:40 PM  
I haven't heard him rap and don't really care to either, but his Ja Rule immitations were hilarious.
2003-05-06 08:19:26 PM  
did any of you catch him on SNL?

GAAAWD....did that suck.
2003-05-06 08:20:07 PM  
"My show, my flow brought me the dough that bought me all my fancy things my crib, my cars, my pools, my jewels....."

Pay your frickin' doctor beeyotch
2003-05-06 08:21:17 PM  
I can't stand this guy, but my girlfriend loves his stuff...I don't get it. I explained how I wouldn't even support some guy who brags about being shot because of his life as a drug dealer, then she comes back with how he isn't proud of it and it's just part of his life. i dunno.
2003-05-06 08:22:18 PM  
Who wants to lay odds on the doctor getting shot in the next year or so?
2003-05-06 08:22:39 PM  
musical talent surrenders?

/got nothing
2003-05-06 08:23:27 PM  
Dude looks like the guy from jurassic park.I woodn't let him tuch my diCc. But i let some of these fellow farkerts.
2003-05-06 08:23:30 PM  
Yeah, cause Fiddy Cent is too hard to pay medical bills. I mean, fvck that sh!t right?
2003-05-06 08:23:46 PM  
Some of my friends are obsessed with this guy. They claim he's been shot 6 times. If this is true, I'd bet that 32k is only a fraction of his orthopedic surgery bills.
2003-05-06 08:24:31 PM  
Nate007, got any links to MP3s or video?
2003-05-06 08:26:52 PM  
it was 9 times wasnt it...posted on fark...either way i dont care...hip hop sucks these days. what happened to back in the day when i dunno it all seemed more real instead of seeing how many different ways you can talk about the "bling" you have...sheesh ill just stick to listening to pantera, down, tool, hatebreed and bands of the like
2003-05-06 08:30:45 PM  
"Hard" rap star. Ha! He's a tool of "the man".
He probably doesn't have enough for a bucket of extra crispy.

mmmmmmm..... crispy.............
2003-05-06 08:30:48 PM  
I've found that if I'm at a bar with dancing I'll hear "In The Club" at least three times if I get there by 10 and stay to last call. It makes me want to shoot him myself.
2003-05-06 08:30:50 PM  
I think 8 or 9 times... and as 50 cent goes, there are much worse rappers.
That said, WTF, he's rich now, why would he reneg on some bills now; it'd be cheaper to pay the man off, and this isn't exactly the type of crime to amplify his 'street cred'.
2003-05-06 08:31:40 PM  
Now who gives a damn
About the ice on your hands?
If its not too complex
Tell me how many African's died
For the baguettes on your Rolex?
So what you pushing a nice car
Don't you know there's no such thing as superstar
We leave this world alone
So who gives a fark about the things you own?

-Ms. Dynamite
2003-05-06 08:33:11 PM  
Sounds like he reneged on medical bills from 3 years ago, when he was broke. Anyway, the guy sent him home from the hospital without any medication for pain -- 50 should just sue his ass for 32K for pain and suffering.
2003-05-06 08:34:14 PM  
Does he have to pay it all in loose change?
2003-05-06 08:34:30 PM  
I would have thought it was for all the ICE for his grill.............Word!
2003-05-06 08:35:35 PM  
For the math impaired - that will be 64,000 in 50 cent pieces.
2003-05-06 08:41:29 PM  
Well it appears that this lovely urbinite had no medical insurance. He should have been afforded nothing but life sustaining medical care. No orthopedic surguries and the like. Also if he had no insurance he shouldn't have been given any pain meds on discharge. Pain meds are a luxury and he was probably more likely to sell them then take them anyway.
Now that he has money he has no excuse for not paying these debts in a timely fashion. He should have to pay the debt, interest, legal fees, and punitive damages since he elected not to pay.
2003-05-06 08:44:54 PM  
"Rap" and "hip hop" are not real types of music. Its just another sign of the apocalypse how they both became so successful as forms of entertainment.
2003-05-06 08:47:09 PM  
50-Cent should bust a cap in his ass! Don't take a diss like that!
2003-05-06 08:50:17 PM  
He might if he wasnt such a fake.
2003-05-06 08:53:20 PM  
GGracie gets my love for helping with the college level calculus there.

Everybody else REALLY needs to lay off the ebonics, it starts to ruin nerve endings after a while.
2003-05-06 08:57:20 PM  
I loved that one "Chappelle's Show" where the black guy moved in with the white family and the son told him how he liked 50 cent. Then Dave said, come on let me show you the real hood, and left him in the worst ghetto in the city.
2003-05-06 09:03:17 PM  
"I mean it's not funny when you're actually getting shot, but afterwards, yeah, it's funny,"

Sounds hilarious. i can't wait till i'm shot.
2003-05-06 09:05:09 PM  
I hate that damn tagline "TSG is there". They aren't actually there. Let's use something else funnier.
2003-05-06 09:06:43 PM  
Original Lyrics -
You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs
I'm into having sex, I ain't into making love
So come give me a hug if you into to getting rubbed

Soon To Be New Lyrics -
You can find me in "Da Bighouse", booty full of nub
Look lawyer I ain't got no cash if you into taking thugs
I'm into gettin shot, I ain't into crying like a beeyotch
So come give me some love if you're into getting robbed
2003-05-06 09:08:46 PM  
"Dental bills? Man, don't be bringing that wack shiat up in my grill. I an't even playin'. Word."
2003-05-06 09:14:49 PM  
ElwoodCuse: The Chappelle's Show is funny as hell. I have that very episode on TiVo (along with all the other ones that my wife wants to delete).
2003-05-06 09:16:35 PM  
All that and no gold teef?
2003-05-06 09:23:19 PM  
First of all, as a really sensitive, nice white guy, I hate to ask this...but.
I really would like to know if anyone has any politically correct term for "Stupid N******".
I've had it with dumbass black rappers/thugs/etc. getting away with...yes...murder and I don't have any handy insult to fling cause of course no one can insult black people any more, right?
Anyone honest enough to comment?
Oh, and before you ask, yes, people are different all over and everyone should have the right to make fun of everyone else.
I love this country.
2003-05-06 09:24:11 PM  
'If ya need money, sell ROCKS. I hear tha's what they do around here.'
2003-05-06 09:25:07 PM  
He got out a mil out the dill, doubt he cares about a few measly grand

you're all weaklings btw
2003-05-06 09:27:57 PM  
Ya know Scot-Farkus I've had it with all the damn white/redneck/billyboy/c*cksucking racists in this country who are still in power (though no one wants to admit it) and get away with farking over minorities, women and other poor white people. I mean honestly is there a politically correct term for "Stupid Good Ol' Boy H*****" b/c I'd like to know as well??? I mean hey fair is fair right?
2003-05-06 09:29:06 PM  
Rap is to music as wrestling is to sports.
2003-05-06 09:29:12 PM  
I believe cracka is the term. Or so I've been called.
2003-05-06 09:30:31 PM  
This just screams class.
[image from hiphopdentistry.com too old to be available]
2003-05-06 09:31:50 PM  
Coming from a broke-ass white boy who lives a block from the hood.
2003-05-06 09:33:08 PM  
Scot_Farkus & Wlfpack81 - The term that I find that encompasses everyone in those groups of people that you mention , regardless of the color of their skin, is "asshole"
2003-05-06 09:35:42 PM  
Oh Andonbray I totally agree but when Scot made that comment I had to throw his logic right back in his face. Be nice if people could just look past the color of someone and just judge them based on their character.
2003-05-06 09:36:07 PM  
But you can call a cracker a cracker, but you can't call a n****** a n******.

p.s. I am not in the least racist.

just pointing out double standards.

Love for any black farkers to respond...

(if there are any)

/Hoping not to encourage any stereotypes!

2003-05-06 09:37:39 PM  
And Doccm9 this screams class too :) Hey gotta cover both ends of the idiot spectrum :)

[image from www2.ncsu.edu too old to be available]
2003-05-06 09:38:04 PM  
Scotfarkus, too late.
2003-05-06 09:41:52 PM  
Relax people..50 cent will only be in the news for another 4-6 months at the most..Then he will disappear from the spot light like every other 2 bit rapper.

/unintentional pun
2003-05-06 09:42:33 PM  
Oh I am a black farker (and you're right there probably aren't many here) but I disagree with being able to call a white person a c* or h* or any other racist, hateful term and expect to get away with it. I try that here at NCSU in public and I'll catch hell just like if it was the reverse end of the spectrum.

And no offense Scot the only thing that set me off was the hint at stupid n*gga. As Andonbray said assholes can be assholes be them black, white, chinese, japanese, alien or what have you. IMO racism is stupid period no matter what your skin color is. Hate doesn't get you much of anywhere and keeps you from meeting some otherwise very cool people in life. Man can't we just get along?

Okay off the soapbox for I joined Fark to attempt to better my photoshop skills not to get in flame wars.
Hmm wonder how bad I've killed off my chances of getting votes now.
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