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(Statesman Journal)   Study shows patients forget as much as 80 percent of what doctors tell them   ( divider line
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1993 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 May 2003 at 6:46 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-06 03:19:05 PM  
That's because I'm usually high on the drugs he gave me last time.
2003-05-06 03:19:24 PM  
I had something cool to say about this article, but I forgot what it was about.
2003-05-06 03:50:24 PM  
Yeah, and my recent doctor ignored every damn word that came out of my mouth.
2003-05-06 03:54:27 PM  
But that's because they always say the same thing...

"Eat better...Drink less...Get more exercise...blah, blah, blah...."

Farking quacks!!!
2003-05-06 04:17:37 PM  
If they made it interesting people would listen. They should try throwing stuff. Or yell. Body slam the nurse. Tap dance. Anything to liven it up.
2003-05-06 04:57:11 PM  
lets see who'se first...

I'm a Doctor of Journalism, man..
2003-05-06 05:01:52 PM  
I wish I could get high from the drugs I take, but alas, it's just Allegra and Nasacort for allergies. :(
2003-05-06 05:42:52 PM  
Sounds about right, Ditto.
2003-05-06 05:47:14 PM  
That's okay...I only pay 20% of what they charge.
2003-05-06 06:08:53 PM  
Experience shows that doctors forget over 95% of what patients tell them.
2003-05-06 06:11:13 PM  
Ditto's right - they did a study and found that doctors could not sit and listen for 10 minutes straight. They interrupted every time.

Then there was the anesthesiologist who nearly killed me...

Has anyone ever gotten advice/directions from a doctor that was new, unexpected information??
2003-05-06 06:16:12 PM  
May I be the first to add this cliche to this thread...

Statistics show that 87.1345% of statistics are made up/

/me done
2003-05-06 06:18:44 PM  
Well, if it's important, maybe the Dr. could have it typed up for the patient, eh?
2003-05-06 06:49:35 PM  
That is why your supposed to write shiat down.
2003-05-06 06:51:17 PM  
What wuz the subject ?
2003-05-06 06:51:19 PM  
This is why I do not go to doctors.
2003-05-06 06:53:33 PM  
"I put it on, but after a couple days I had to pee so bad that I cut the end of it off."
2003-05-06 06:54:25 PM  
Well I just got off the phone with my doctor, the good news is that I have a year to live... I forget what the bad news is.
2003-05-06 06:55:49 PM  
old age. perfect.

brandonsi, i'll be first. this is bat country. by the way, you're not portuguese!
2003-05-06 06:56:05 PM  
40% survival rate at the hospital I just opened out of my garage. I'll listen to what you say, just stop all the screeming.
2003-05-06 07:00:41 PM  
An old man is waiting for his test results to come back. The doctor walks in and starts talking. "Im affraid that the tests came back positive." The old man says, "What is it doc?" The doctor replies, "First off, you have cancer. Furthermore, you have alztimers." The old man replied, "Well at least it isnt cancer..."
2003-05-06 07:05:29 PM  
Are Doctor's giving the best service if they have to look at a chart to tell who you are and what your problem is? Try looking me in the face and remember the last time I came in.
Oh wait Dr.'s just want to get through as many patients as possible to pad their salary and then go do bureaucratic paper work. I just do not understand how a Dr. can do a full physical examination in less than 3 hours.
2003-05-06 07:09:08 PM  
I have to see my doctor every month. My problem is sort of reversed. He forgets 80% of what I tell him. So I have gone to typing it all up on a single sheet of paper for him. I high-light what's really important - Like "I am having problems breathing right now. HELP!" I have found this to work very well. On the flip side I don't have a f*cking clue what he tells me to do. All I know is every month I get a bag full of little bottles with pills in them. Noooooooooo idea what they are for. So I've decided to start collecting them for an erotic-medication bottle art exhibit. Any chance I could get grants from the NEA and the FDA???
2003-05-06 07:09:26 PM  
"Would you please slide down you shorts Mr. Lebowski"
"No she hit me right here"
"I understand, would you slide you shorts down Mr. Lebowski"
2003-05-06 07:11:37 PM  
doctors should be your last line of defense, like if you need something set or mended.

your cells are constantly sucking up nutrients from the foods you eat and the chemicals that you come in contact with. try making those chemicals they come in contact with few and make the food you eat nutrient rich and complete.

if every idiot didn't run to the doctor when they got the sniffles then maybe they would have time to fix other ailments.

nevermind, doctors are a good thing to have around. continue running to your doctor when you want a cheap bottle of cough syrup or benedryl. seriously.
2003-05-06 07:12:48 PM  
Three hours to do a physical? That's a little drastic.
2003-05-06 07:13:15 PM  
most people go to doctors, when they are sick, and the doctor ends up telling them you are sick....duhh
2003-05-06 07:13:47 PM  
The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.
2003-05-06 07:22:38 PM  
Studies reveal that 80% people think studies are bull crap.
2003-05-06 07:26:01 PM  
Mad Ogre:
I have no idea where you were going with your post. But if you are on some type of medication, Please tell me what it is so I can get some too.

I'll try to remember it. Or at least 80% of it. But from the sounds of it 80% is all I could handle.
2003-05-06 07:26:08 PM  
It looked like there were so many details in the article I couldn't read it. Would someone summarize it for me?
2003-05-06 07:49:39 PM  
2003-05-06 07:56:51 PM  
Funny war story from work:

18yo female presents with stomach pains. Claims to be a virgin. Turns out to be 8 months pregnant. Moral of this story - some patients lie, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Then there was the guy with appendicitis who claimed he didn't have an appendix...and the guy who claimed he had appendicitis when you could *see* his appendectomy scar.

2003-05-06 08:08:54 PM  


"Let's get down to brass tacks. How much for the ape?
2003-05-06 08:08:59 PM  
wooooooo, utrecht university rocks.

god am i drunk
2003-05-06 08:46:30 PM  
I think the same could be said for car mechanics. I never remember what those guys say I need to do / get done.
2003-05-06 08:56:54 PM  
gee and when i try to ask questions of doctors i get interrupted and brushed off. maybe people can't remember because doctors aren't having a good dialogue with their patients. i have left a few doctors office frustrated lately because they seem to discourage questions and sharing of information.
2003-05-06 09:22:25 PM  
Damn, you must all have some sucky Docs. Mine ALWAYS listens to what I have to say. Of course, hes my best friend so he might be biased. One thing I've noticed- If you are talking to a Doc and he seems to be "steering" you with questions or interrupting you, it's usually because they already have a pretty good idea of what is wrong and are trying to determine if they are right. Not all the time, but having worked with many Docs, I can say this is usually the case. *YMMV*
Me: My face hurts, body hurts, my nose is stuffed up, I've got a fever, and it hurts to swallow.
Him: Does it hurt when you lean forward?
Me: What kind of stupid question is that?
Him: Lean forward....
Me: Fine *leans forward* ARGH!!! You bastard!! Teh pain!!
Him: Sinus infection.

Then he does a quick exam to rule out anything else. No need to him to go over me with a fine toothed comb to look for things he knows he wont find. (Like he did when I had crabs)

Bottom line- Docs are like mechanics. You really need to shop around for one you like. Once you find a good one, they will remember your name and history.
2003-05-06 09:43:28 PM  
I gotta start looking for a better doctor- those stirrups are uncomfortable and that speculum! Could it be any colder?! I wonder if I should contact the HMO for a revised list of physicians in my coverage plan?
2003-05-06 09:46:12 PM  
Experience shows that people understand 5% of what doctors are saying. lol. When I give medical advice to a friend (I'm not a doctor) they are like "Okay, run that by me again.." so I do, and they give that head shake people do when they pretend to understand, but don't.
they say "Yeah, my doctor said it was something that started with an 'm'" *points to removed mole*
I say "melanoma?"
they say "No, no.. not that"
I say "medical-don't-understand-itis?"
they say "Yeah! That! You know, a mole!"

2003-05-06 09:50:12 PM  
Mad Ogre
Drastic ultimatums!
Why couldn't I revel in the knowledge that humans have attained the godliness sought from the constant drive to better ourselves?
Rhetorical Question -> We could and we will.
2003-05-06 10:22:17 PM  
Mad Ogre is right, you know....sooner or later we're going to stumble onto something somewhere that will totally fark us...some people think that might have already happened, but they tend to disappear mysteriously, so I guess we'll never find out what it was...
2003-05-06 10:54:48 PM  
I was standing at a urinal in a bar one night, and in front of me they had a poster up with some interesting but essentially worthless factoids, one of them was that you forget 80% of everything take in during a day. Considering how much you take in every day, 20% of it being worth retaining sounds right.
2003-05-06 10:59:02 PM  
What I foresee as a good physical examination would include a full once-over by Doc, then about 1 hour of strenuous exercise hooked up to the heart monitor machine, then about 1 hour cool down, during which Doc could ask you how life is going, diet, lifestyle, habits, etc.
/Albeit looked down upon in today's society but having Doc get (gasp) emotionally involved and actually caring about the patients handicaps and not about his own (golf course)
//Haven't seen a Doc since I got hit by that car...
///Don't listen to the man behind the curtains
2003-05-06 11:41:12 PM  
I am pleased that I am not the only HP Lovecraft fan.
2003-05-07 02:20:12 AM  
I guess 50 cent forgot where he left his doctor's bill.
2003-05-07 04:23:06 AM  
Anti_Freak_Machine - I'm a med student, and the last thing you are supposed to do in taking a history is lead the patient towards an answer, even though it's easier to do that. Just thought I'd let you know, like.

"Don't worry, you won't feel a thing.... Until I jam this down your throat!"
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