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(Dallasnews)   Inmates at Dallas County jails take smoking ban out on each other   ( divider line
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414 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Dec 2000 at 8:12 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2000-12-06 10:32:07 AM  
I asked my dad.... would he kill for a cigarette.. he said. "Son I''ve always loved you, but I just don''t know."
2000-12-06 2:03:16 PM  
I dunno...I''m an ex-smoker, and I''m all in favor of not having to huff up other people''s air pollution, but I remember what it took for me to quit...

This may constitute cruel and unusual punishment.
2000-12-06 3:35:47 PM  
I don''t understand where inmates get the money to buy cigarettes. That''s an expensive habit.
2000-12-06 5:57:02 PM  
Nilf: usually they can earn a few bucks working in the prison or jail, or have money sent in from outside.
2000-12-06 9:36:34 PM  
In Dallas Jails, you do not earn money. You have to have it supplied by a family member, or you go without.
2000-12-07 7:30:55 AM  
Would you walk a mile for a Camel?, remember those ads?,not me, I''d take the car.

Anyway, Big Cuban (Churchills) cigars are better, Clinton used them, and they are so good cuz they are hand rolled on the thighs of virgins....but...where they find 12 year old Cuban girls who know how to roll a good cigar is beyond me...heh heh.
2000-12-07 9:58:42 AM  
I considered it cruel & unusual punishment when I flew back from Greece, and I couldn''t have a cig. the entire time.

As for Prisoners, I wouldn''t bother making them quit. I don''t like them having matches, so I''d solve that problem. Guards/Wardens won''t even solve the rape situation in jail, and that to me is much more important. They say giving the prisoners a status system makes their jobs easier. In other words, let the toughest click run the place and take some responsibility off of the guards plate. It works for the guards, but not for some fresh meat coming in without ties to the inside. He is either "turned out", which means he has to be someones biatch, or he has to join a click and fit in.

Let them smoke. Don''t let the illegal contraband get to them, don''t let them rape each other, don''t let them kill each other, but for god sakes, give them their nicotine.
2000-12-09 3:15:49 AM  
I can understand the "no smoking" rules on planes - I have allergies and cigarette smoke gives me a splitting headache for the rest of the day. What confuses me is the last time I flew, they also stated "no smokeless tobacco." Now who else is that going to bother? I stuck a wad of Copenhagen in my mouth and used a barf bag as a spitter. Fark ''em. I think they should pass out packets of nicotine gum along with those goofy-assed peanuts.
2000-12-11 10:26:12 AM  
I tried to stop on the way to the airport but my family said no. We ended up getting to the airport early, and I was pissed. I flew all the way over without Kodiak. In Greece, I tried to find some but they don''t make it there. I couldn''t tell my family that I wanted chew. They said, "forget the store, here are some mints". I wanted to say, "I don''t want any farking mints"
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