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2003-05-06 10:19:03 AM  
Pretty neat (uncanny?) how Stan Lee and co. were able to create the X-Men in order to to set up a "mysterious, X-rated - meaning sexy - and anything `extreme'" image for a generation that wasn't even born yet at the time. Holy shiat what a waste of time this article was.
2003-05-06 10:28:51 AM  
So called X-perts. What do they know?
2003-05-06 10:30:17 AM  
As a consumer, I've been given a pavlovian response to pop wood whenever I see the letter 'x' (ooooh).
2003-05-06 10:30:38 AM  
Why did this suck so much then?

[image from bangkokbiznews.com too old to be available]
2003-05-06 10:30:46 AM  
'Cause, if you put three of them side by side you get an instant hit with horny men!
2003-05-06 10:30:59 AM  
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2003-05-06 10:31:00 AM  
Interestingly enough, I don't think I've ever seen a guy driving an Xterra. *coughchickridecough*
2003-05-06 10:31:31 AM  
Color me "X-tremely" annoyed. XXXXXXXXXXX. Ok,I'm happy now.
2003-05-06 10:31:58 AM  
in my uber-leet (oklahoman) understanding of street lingo, I thought "X" meant "eXtasy", not "X-men".

And, in fact, "extasy" makes the headline more realistic.
2003-05-06 10:32:02 AM  
No comment.
2003-05-06 10:33:14 AM  
2003-05-06 10:35:01 AM  

"X never marks the spot.... Now where is that Roman Numeral 10?"
2003-05-06 10:35:05 AM  
[image from dattaway.org too old to be available]
2003-05-06 10:35:07 AM  
Centaur, I agree. I usually see single 20-something women with absolutely no need for an SUV driving around in Xterras. I think the mentality there is that these single women, being self-conscious about their inferior driving skills, need to feel safe. They buy large SUVs and tool around at 20 mph over the speed limit while oblivious to cautious drivers in Camrys or Accords. The thought process is something like "if I get into an accident, I know I'll be safe..."
2003-05-06 10:35:52 AM  
Look at me! I know lots of words!!! Watch how many letters I can use before you realize you'll never get that time you just wasted back...
2003-05-06 10:36:47 AM  
I forsee a disgusting amount of X-puns in this thread.
2003-05-06 10:37:19 AM  
This is just first in a series of 26. I predict next week 'E' - drug culture, internet (ecommerce etc), and it's becomming incredibly popular to use it in words in general.
2003-05-06 10:38:02 AM  
"I'll just change my name to Cowboy "O"! Yeeehaww!"

2003-05-06 10:38:35 AM  
Because they think most people are morons and will fall for any marketing ploy they throw at them.

Wait, that's true.
2003-05-06 10:39:48 AM  
05-06-03 10:35:05 AM Dattaway

and people complain that Dattaway doesn't post enough "interesting" pictures anymore
2003-05-06 10:39:57 AM  
I'd just like to dedicate this thread to whoever woke me up at the end of X2.
2003-05-06 10:39:59 AM  
Sex Pistols....or X, the '80s West Coast punk band).

Why is there a need to included two 20 year old bands when talking about the letter X?
2003-05-06 10:40:49 AM  
HorriblE social sciEncE!
ThE answEr is rathEr morE obvious: x is rElatEd to E, sincE both arE slang for the drug Ecstasy. That's why you sEE E in almost EvEry moviE titlE and band namE: thE matrix, thE sEx pistols, thE lord of the rings, Etc.
2003-05-06 10:42:02 AM  
Bass555 Damn my head is spinning... I can picture the cartoon, too... I'll get it, I'll get it...

Was it a Sesame Street, or something, where Cowboy X was branding an "X" on everything in town?
2003-05-06 10:42:40 AM  
yes, not interesting, obvious.
2003-05-06 10:42:42 AM  
That bad, eh?
2003-05-06 10:43:59 AM  
Did the font of "farker name" just change?
2003-05-06 10:44:38 AM  
I swear boston.com is now getting story ideas from Fark. We were just talking about this topic the other day in the thread about the ice cream. They also get "weird" stories about a day after they show up on Fark.
2003-05-06 10:44:56 AM  
Stebain:- I'm exaggerating a little, but I found it like the first - lifeless and unengaging. The last reel dragged on forever and was genuinely boring. There were a few good set pieces though - Nighcrawler at the start, and some good stuff in the school in the middle.
2003-05-06 10:45:32 AM  
Instead of working on my personality, I'm just going to change my name to "XDarryl."

It will at once make me hipper, edgier, and a little bit.... mysterious.
2003-05-06 10:46:27 AM  
I ought to add, that Matrix trailer looks farking good on the big screen though.
2003-05-06 10:46:30 AM  
I f'ing hate that this whole 'X' thing has lasted so long,
kind of like the 'Alternative' music scene. I think being 'alternative' ended right around the time it began to gain popularity. Here in Dallas, there is a radio ststion 102.1 that bills it's self as 'The New Alternative'. It's been around for (guessing) 8+ years and hold a large market share. Folks, it's not alternative if it's mainstream.

/rant for any marketers listening.
2003-05-06 10:46:43 AM  
[image from people.uncw.edu too old to be available]
2003-05-06 10:46:56 AM  
Even worse is the overuse of the misspelling "XTREME"...

[image from tomalevine.com too old to be available]
2003-05-06 10:47:05 AM  
i sure hope computer operating systems don't hop on this bandwagon. you know, mac os x... windows xp... linux... unix... windows 9x... system 7.x... xerox...
2003-05-06 10:47:39 AM  
I thought it was all about pirates, forever making their treasure with an X.

That was WELL before television, or any kind of instant communication.

The link with X-Men is just plain lazy.

It is the word THE that we must be fearful of. Like a virus, it has integrated itself into our language, we are unable to stop it, THE has grown too strong too quick, a full sentence cannot be made without using that evil work.

Fear the THE

2003-05-06 10:48:19 AM  
all you marketers: please take bill hicks' advice....
2003-05-06 10:48:20 AM  
Yeah, 'cuz Xerox is so hip and cutting edge. Truly the punks of office productivity.

If marketing was a occupation in Shakespeare's time, the famous line would have been: "First, kill all the advertisers!"
2003-05-06 10:48:26 AM  
[image from alabev.com too old to be available]
2003-05-06 10:48:28 AM  
this a bad joke?

not only do I think we could all notice that X is used in this manner, but that most of the xamples (haha) were originated far before this was a trend (x-men) or titles that are doubtfully intentionally using this ploy (x-files) to names that have absolutely nothing to do with this at all (Sex Pistols?!??)

This sounds like a bad english paper, if it was, it'd probably get a C-
2003-05-06 10:48:37 AM  
Mr. Madison, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiodic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

/billy madison

it's the first thing that popped in to my head after reading this article
2003-05-06 10:48:38 AM  
2003-05-06 10:48:54 AM  
that was x-hilarating
2003-05-06 10:49:02 AM  
They should do away with 'X' completely. I'm sure anyone taking algebra at the moment will be with me on that one.
2003-05-06 10:49:10 AM  
[image from image.allmusic.com too old to be available]
2003-05-06 10:49:24 AM  
What the hell is a turntable group??
Never mind, I think I don't want to know....
2003-05-06 10:49:54 AM  
I enjoyed the new X-Men movie, but I still can't call it X2, because that name is dumb. That is my opinion, and it is right. If I were to choose a fun letter it would be 'O' cause if all goes well, I'll be showing her my 'O' face tonight.

-the Hun
2003-05-06 10:50:16 AM  
Jay_vee Algebra is bad? Geez, take some calc, then let me know just how bad algebra really is. That's the simple stuff.
2003-05-06 10:51:21 AM  
Xzibit is "alternative music" ?
2003-05-06 10:51:46 AM  
Xanax, a designer drug? Here this whole time I thought it was a legitimate prescribed drug, recommended by doctors.

I want my 5 minutes back.
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