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2003-05-06 12:54:39 PM  
This is for Canada, but the US government is saying the same thing...

At the same time however, Exxon-Mobil posted record profits for the period leading up to and including the war in Iraq... You know, when the price of crude was high as well?

2003-05-06 01:05:57 PM  
It's a shame gas prices are falling. I've been enjoying watching the SUV owners squirm.
2003-05-06 01:19:43 PM  
Unfortunately, oil and energy companies are pretty much all bastards.

The guy named Konrad Von Finckenstein made me laugh.

Also, if anyone cares, the 0.44 CAD/litre price of fuel quoted in the article is about 1.20 USD/gallon. And yes, that's pretty cheap. However, I have no idea if that price is true or not.
2003-05-06 04:38:34 PM  
2003-05-06 04:38:39 PM  
Like hell it's not rigged.
2003-05-06 04:40:08 PM  
In other news, professional wrestling is also not rigged.
2003-05-06 04:41:28 PM  
Gas prices AREN'T rigged. They're fixed.
2003-05-06 04:41:31 PM  
Yeah right.
And the Pope is not Catholic, and bears don't shiat in the woods, and the checks in the mail, and I won't com....
2003-05-06 04:41:58 PM  

Gas prices are ABSOLUTELY fixed. They don't fluxuate with the decrease of oil prices unless it's a prolonged decrease, but if there's an increase in the price of oil, the price at the gas pumps will jump that day!.

The price rise every summer to increase profits.

It a fact.
2003-05-06 04:42:16 PM  
Then why do we pay more than the rest of the country in Alaska, we are one of the few places that actually produce the crap.
2003-05-06 04:42:22 PM  
and now for something competely different...more MP references.

also, the OJ trial was not rigged.
2003-05-06 04:42:32 PM  
Federal reports rigged, says Gas industry report.
2003-05-06 04:43:46 PM  
2003-05-06 04:45:09 PM  
NickTheShouk: Gas prices AREN'T rigged. They're fixed.

Looks like they're still broken to me.
2003-05-06 04:46:20 PM  
Exick - there was a special "promotion" this weekend where the gas companies generously reduced the price to $0.449/litre, in Toronto only (to try and generate some tourism in the wake of SARS). It's back up to $0.68 today.
2003-05-06 04:46:21 PM  
2003-05-06 04:47:21 PM  
All you liberal commie pussies are just a bunch of traitors.

What's wrong with a little profit? This isn't the Soviet Union, as much as that disappoints you. The market decides these things. Don't like it? Don't buy it, and quit yer whinin'.
2003-05-06 04:47:35 PM  
Thank you, Dylanspurgin.
2003-05-06 04:47:40 PM  
hmmm,,, in Sweden, 1 litre is like USD 1.20,,,
2003-05-06 04:47:52 PM  
gas delivered at 7AM : 1.05 a gallon

gas pumped into car at 830AM : 1.69 a gallon

raising the price of gas youve already paid for by 15 cents at 930AM : gouged
2003-05-06 04:47:55 PM  
Look closely, I bet that report is written on Exxon-Mobil letterhead...
2003-05-06 04:48:00 PM  
My ass. It goes like this:
time leading up to and during the war: $$$$ Large GAS PRICES
after the war: $ LOW GAS PRICES

reason for this change? PRES BUSH is just GIVING BACK TO THE PEOPLE he so DEARLY LOVES
2003-05-06 04:49:42 PM  
Last time I was in the Canada, the fuel was ~$0.699/L, I believe.

T'other day, I paid $1.37/gal for the petrol. Not bad, but I think it is up to like $1.43-1.47 now. Crazy flucuating petrol prices.
2003-05-06 04:50:18 PM  
Canada has the second lowest gas prices in the WORLD? I know bull shiat wen I smells it. I live on the border of the US and Canada. I know the US isn't the lowest in the world, and yet we have TONS of Canadians who come over to fill their gas tanks. SO who is shiatting who here?
2003-05-06 04:50:22 PM  
Oh, come now - with a topic as inflammable as this one, I'd expect posting to be so much faster!

2003-05-06 04:50:44 PM  
federal report? Checks in the mail, too.
2003-05-06 04:50:56 PM  
The federal report also stated that rosie o'donnel wasnt fat

guess it cant be trusted
2003-05-06 04:50:58 PM  
Really, what difference does it make whether or not they're rigged, when people drive SUV's that hardly, if ever, go offroad ? Don't think for a second OPEC doesn't notice how wasteful America is concerning gas, and says, "Fark 'em, let's gouge them for all we can". Then the little gas station owner acts the same way, and raises prices to $2 a gallon or more.

My friend lives in Revere (Ma). He has an SUV. Absolutely no good reason for him to have it, except he likes the size of the thing. So suck up those high gas prices.

2003-05-06 04:51:27 PM  
I'm pretty conservative, but even I can see the energy industry needs a massive colonic.

I'd love to see a vialable energy alternative that could be placed in the hands of the little guys - something like an in-home fuel cell that can also power your car. Take your home off the grid and your car out of the service station line, or at least decrease your need of them by a factor of at least 2X.

That's gonna be a while though. At least until some of the larger energy companies can re-invent themselves in a changing market and world.
2003-05-06 04:51:33 PM  
If the Government were to actually find out that they were fixed, it would mean lower prices at the pumps, and lower taxes to the G-men. This fact alone keeps gas prices as high as the market can bear.
Three years ago, Canada made the oil companies reduce the sulfur in their gas to tolerable levels, and they pissed and moaned, raised prices, and had another record-breaking year for profits. And Petro-Canada had the balls to sell off their art collection. THEIR MOTHER-farkIN' ART COLLECTION! What the hell do they need art for anyways? And it was a million plus dollar art collection!

Face it people, it's the blind being led by the crooked.
2003-05-06 04:52:14 PM  
...and its just a coincidence that almost all gas station have the price set at 10 cent difference between grades.
2003-05-06 04:52:40 PM  

---I'd love to see a vialable energy alternative that could be placed in the hands of the little guys - something like an in-home fuel cell that can also power your car.---

We need "MR FUSION" from back to the future.

awww yeah.
2003-05-06 04:53:19 PM  
If gas prices aren't fixed, then they won't be raised on Friday morning of the next long weekend.

Yeah, I thought so.
2003-05-06 04:53:39 PM  
I think it was CBS news that reported on how the same truck delivers to two gas stations, one in a lower income area and one in an upper income area, and charges less or more for the same stuff.

Anyway, nice to see justice (un)done.
2003-05-06 04:54:00 PM  
skinink, I drive a suzuki with a 1.6 litre motor.. I get about 20 miles to the gallon, because the gearing sucks. I can barely afford gas in MY car.. So I dont think it's aimed DIRECTLY at the SUV-driving dumb shiats. It's aimed more at the whole country. But it's probably done more by the american oil companies.. Here, gas prices are usually about 15 cents cheaper than they are 5 hours north of here.. I did the math on transportation costs once, and it should have raised prices only about 1/10 of a cent per gallon.
2003-05-06 04:54:38 PM  
Here in CA i've noticed that Arco, the cheapest of the chain gas stations, recently lowered their "premium" from 92 to 91 octane, yet the price is the same.

does that decrease performance of the gas? WTF's an octane anywho, any of you car-inclined help me out?
2003-05-06 04:55:54 PM  
Oh but I've heard they've raised the chocolate ration, so that's good.
2003-05-06 04:58:13 PM  
Father_Jack: Octane is the amount of, essentially, gas in gas.
The other stuff burns, but not with the same power.

For most people, regular gas will work fine in their car, and premium, which burns slower and is designed for higher compression motors, will end up not burning completely. That will lead to clogged catalytic convertor and thinned oil, which leads to engine replacement.
2003-05-06 04:58:18 PM  
You're an asshat!
2003-05-06 04:58:26 PM  
He's lying about the 46 cents thing. Although a couple stations are inexplicably still at 49.9, the average is currently around 62 and rising.
2003-05-06 04:59:09 PM  
From how stuff works:

The octane rating of gasoline tells you how much the fuel can be compressed before it spontaneously ignites. When gas ignites by compression rather than because of the spark from the spark plug, it causes knocking in the engine. Knocking can damage an engine, so it is not something you want to have happening. Lower-octane gas (like "regular" 87-octane gasoline) can handle the least amount of compression before igniting.

The compression ratio of your engine determines the octane rating of the gas you must use in the car. One way to increase the horsepower of an engine of a given displacement is to increase its compression ratio. So a "high-performance engine" has a higher compression ratio and requires higher-octane fuel. The advantage of a high compression ratio is that it gives your engine a higher horsepower rating for a given engine weight -- that is what makes the engine "high performance." The disadvantage is that the gasoline for your engine costs more.

The name "octane" comes from the following fact: When you take crude oil and "crack" it in a refinery, you end up getting hydrocarbon chains of different lengths. These different chain lengths can then be separated from each other and blended to form different fuels. For example, you may have heard of methane, propane and butane. All three of them are hydrocarbons. Methane has just a single carbon atom. Propane has three carbon atoms chained together. Butane has four carbon atoms chained together. Pentane has five, hexane has six, heptane has seven and octane has eight carbons chained together.
2003-05-06 05:00:14 PM  
I travel to the same 3 separate towns each day and I can see the same company selling for 3 very different prices in each of the three cities. It matters where in each of the cities they are located, HWY, downtown or suburbs.
2003-05-06 05:00:38 PM  

I beleive that like I beleive california electricity prices
weren't fixed by Enron and the like.
2003-05-06 05:00:52 PM  
Father_Jack - Basically what CaptainBurly said.

Octane actually inhibits combustion. The longer combustion is inhibited, the higher the pressure and more power is produced when it finally occurs. That's why "premium" gas isn't necessarily higher quality and is a Bad Thing to run in a car that requires standard gasoline.
2003-05-06 05:01:51 PM  
Bamf75 - probably because it's got to be shipped through new mexico or something before it comes back up to you. I think the same thing happens in Alberta, where the oil is sold to, and then bought back from, somewhere in the states, even though it's produced right there in Alberta. (I think).
2003-05-06 05:01:54 PM  
(forgot this paragraph)
t turns out that heptane handles compression very poorly. Compress it just a little and it ignites spontaneously. Octane handles compression very well -- you can compress it a lot and nothing happens. Eighty-seven-octane gasoline is gasoline that contains 87-percent octane and 13-percent heptane (or some other combination of fuels that has the same performance of the 87/13 combination of octane/heptane). It spontaneously ignites at a given compression level, and can only be used in engines that do not exceed that compression ratio.
2003-05-06 05:02:07 PM  
Show me ANY other product that has 60+% price fluctuations throughout the year.
2003-05-06 05:03:48 PM  


2003-05-06 05:06:17 PM  
I run nothing but premium in this:

[image from netdesign.net too old to be available]

AND, liberal friends who accuse me of destroying the Earth just stand there speechless when I tell them what I get for combined fuel mileage if I run the stock EPROM and ECM. Even with the performance EPROM I get 20-21mpg combined.
2003-05-06 05:06:51 PM  
Let me guess, when democrats were in office, gas was free, right? Pfft.

Quit yer cryin' about SUV's, if you could afford one, you'd drive one too, pinko.
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