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(GameSpy.com)   GameSpy lists the Top 10 video-game babes. No, the Indian girl from "Custer's Revenge" did not make the list   ( gamespy.com) divider line
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2003-05-04 05:29:48 PM  
Wow... I am so shocked about the winner. I didn't see it coming.
2003-05-04 10:11:32 PM  
"Babes with guns. 'Nuff said."

I _really_ don't see what's so attractive about women holding guns.
2003-05-04 10:14:08 PM  
No Lulu? Booooooo.
2003-05-04 10:14:47 PM  
that is the saddest thing ever.
2003-05-04 10:15:09 PM  
[image from classicgaming.com too old to be available]
2003-05-04 10:15:37 PM  
fap fap fap
2003-05-04 10:18:08 PM  
I prefer real girls.
2003-05-04 10:19:44 PM  
Overlooking the indian chick? must be racism!

Never underestimate the publics willingness to blame the red man for anything they don't understand - The Smoking Man
2003-05-04 10:20:33 PM  
They all have huge boobies. Tifa Lockheart should have made the list most definitely.
2003-05-04 10:24:05 PM  
Yeah, that number one entry was a tad predictable.
2003-05-04 10:25:17 PM  
I prefer Nozomi from Shenmue.

I'm a dork.
2003-05-04 10:26:08 PM  
well when any of the others have a lousy movie that STILL gets a sequel they can think to challenge that title. Till then Laura as it hands (ahem) down
2003-05-04 10:27:32 PM  
Blasphemy. Should have been Meryl from Metal Gear Solid, or maybe Elise from SSX.
2003-05-04 10:28:27 PM  

I never liked tomb raider.
2003-05-04 10:29:43 PM  
OK I Should clarify, a lousy movie about just them, otherwise Sonja from the Mortal Combat series would qualify too (and Im a little disapointed she was left out here)
2003-05-04 10:30:19 PM  
not one squaresoft girl, have they seen the character designs for ffx-2?
2003-05-04 10:31:05 PM  
can't believe they forgot all the final fantasy chicks. specifically tifa.
2003-05-04 10:32:40 PM  
its not indian, its native american!!!

have you fools learned nothing from the indian restaurant thread?!

2003-05-04 10:33:01 PM  
What about Rayne from Bloodrayne? she was cuter than Samus, though less well known.
2003-05-04 10:33:22 PM  
Sadly, that's the closest some guys have gotten to a babe.
2003-05-04 10:35:20 PM  
First, get rid of Sophitia (and her little sister from Soul Calibur 2). Second, Lulu and Meryl BOTH should have made that list. Third, where the hell was Joanna Dark? And last, but not least, what about Jen from Primal? She's scary hot.
2003-05-04 10:35:57 PM  
As if overlooking the chick from Custer's Revenge/General Retreat/Westward Ho is not bad enough, they also overlooked the chicks from Beat Em and Eat Em and Lady in Wading.

What is the world coming too?

/That said, people who get off to video games scare me.
2003-05-04 10:36:35 PM  
I'm with Manfish. Ms. Pac-Man all the freakin' way.
2003-05-04 10:37:00 PM  
Reiko Nagase. (Ridge Racer 1-4). Not playable, just eye candy. Not bad eye candy though.
2003-05-04 10:37:16 PM  
I can't believe they put that hideous Everquest girl on it.

Should have called it "hottest video game babes from nerdy (mostly Japanese) games but Lara Croft wins anyway."
2003-05-04 10:40:49 PM  
Samus Aran only #2!?

2003-05-04 10:41:41 PM  
Only #10 rather...
2003-05-04 10:42:15 PM  
Grrr they should have put tifa in! Shes da bomb!
2003-05-04 10:42:49 PM  
Lara Croft is farking ugly. Even for a videogame character
2003-05-04 10:48:05 PM  
You know, I tend to picture Samus as being not very babe-ish -- gotta be in her early 40s with scars all over the place and pale skin permanently waterlogged from sweat, hair in cornrows, and very, very little body fat. Just IMHO.
2003-05-04 10:49:01 PM  
HomestarJunior, I thought the Mortal Kombat movies were cool. But then again, I'm only fourteen and they came out when I was a youngin'. I mean, a younger youngin'.
2003-05-04 10:50:15 PM  
bah, what crap!
2003-05-04 10:52:24 PM  
I loved the first Mortal Kombat movie. All you have to do is hit "mute" when it begins and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

The Liu Kang - Reptile fight was badass.
2003-05-04 10:53:52 PM  
No Infested Kerrigan from Starcraft? A horrible oversight!
2003-05-04 10:57:03 PM  
And where the Hell is Birdo?

Oh wait...he's a transvestite. Does that count?
2003-05-04 10:57:42 PM  
Anyone else think that the people of Gamespy are trying too hard to be geeky?
2003-05-04 10:57:52 PM  
05-04-03 10:53:52 PM ZTigerX
No Infested Kerrigan from Starcraft? A horrible oversight!

Another vote for Rayne here.
2003-05-04 10:59:53 PM  
You kids sure are spoiled these days... ;)

I remember seeing 'Stella Hart' in the 1990 (?) game, "Search for the King", or something. Nerdly Les Manley, trying to mix it up with good ole EGA Stella... those were the days...
2003-05-04 11:00:43 PM  
Man, I hate Gamespy.
2003-05-04 11:01:20 PM  
I'm kinda suprised the Princess from Super Mario Brothers isn't up there. Yes - she looks like a freak. But after 4000 games worth of saving her sorry butt - there's gotta be a reason video game guys continue to go for it. Ditto for with Zelda.
2003-05-04 11:01:35 PM  
I find it slightly odd but damn funny none the less that:
a) you guys know a plethora of game characters by their names, and
b) actually consider some of them to be hot.

I really need to get into this whole video game scene thingy you kids talk so passionately about...

2003-05-04 11:02:25 PM  
Where's the random rollerskating chick from Vice City?
2003-05-04 11:05:10 PM  

Anyone else think that the people of Gamespy are trying too hard to be geeky?

I did.

Then I read this comment thread.

Now I think that they are not trying hard enough, or at least not as hard as some (see above comments).
2003-05-04 11:05:12 PM  
Not_Todd, beneath the tires of my Sabre. Mwahaha!
2003-05-04 11:13:25 PM  
8 bit atari porn huh? How horney you gotta be? Damn!

Custer's revenge screanshot NSFW (just to be on safe side)
2003-05-04 11:14:34 PM  
Jesus.. I remember back in the day.. I believe it was a Hero's Quest Game.. maybe the 4th one where there was a naked chick that came out of the water and invited you in for a kiss..

...then of course she drowns you teaching the valuable lesson of never kissing naked water nymphs.. but where the hell is she?! Good ole pre-teen days..
2003-05-04 11:18:02 PM  
Firona Vie is pretty hot IRL at the Everquest Fan Faires. Ya know the real woman they modeled her after :(

She shoulda won :p
2003-05-04 11:26:24 PM  

Too much HTML for my standards
2003-05-04 11:27:14 PM  
Props to the headline writer for coming up with one helluva obscure reference. I believe that Custer's revenge was for the Atari 2600.
2003-05-04 11:28:33 PM  
I'll bet here's a strong correlation here between how many of those "ladies" the average farker recognizes and the last time he/she got any.
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