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(Miami Herald)   Nude flight takes off from Miami. Newspaper writer exceeds acceptable pun limit   ( miami.com) divider line
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2003-05-04 03:30:05 PM  
What a bunch of body-fascists.

Ooooh. Only young, pretty people should allowed to go naked in public.

If some wrinkled, sag-titted old swamp-donkey and her pot-bellied, man-breasted husband want to strip off at a well designated nudist beach - good luck to them.

If your delicate, sensitive minds find the prospect so aethetically traumatic, stay the fark away.
2003-05-04 03:31:40 PM  
[image from home.kc.rr.com too old to be available]
In the name of Hooter's Airlines
2003-05-04 03:33:00 PM  
I wanna be on the first nude flight Avixxen2 gets on
2003-05-04 03:35:44 PM  
The only time you see good-looking people naked... is when they're getting paid to be naked!
2003-05-04 03:36:34 PM  
i guess he was having a lot of pun...
2003-05-04 03:36:43 PM  

You live in the netherlands. When you're able to legally get as high as a farking kite, it makes ugly people's nakedness easier to deal with.

2003-05-04 03:39:13 PM  
Girl_in_Vegas The nude beaches in SB are ok during school. You get the college kids who want to experiment and it's not bad. Unfortunately, you probably won't see any students there during the summer. Bring the brillo to scrub your brain
2003-05-04 03:39:21 PM  
Why oh why must every other thread feature Ron Jeremy?

/fetal position
2003-05-04 03:41:16 PM  

Ron Jeremy is an icon. He's proof that even the fattest, ugliest man out there can get paid to fark hot chicks.

Call him a source of hope to all wanna-be pron stars.
2003-05-04 03:46:41 PM  
Somone better do a good job cleaning off the seats.
2003-05-04 03:48:09 PM  

That's a moot point. I can imagine a bad mushroom trip involving a naked Madeleine Albright would be quite stressful.
2003-05-04 03:51:25 PM  
Ron Jeremy is an icon. He's proof that even the fattest, ugliest man out there can get paid to fark hot chicks.

....yeah, but only if they have a dick the size of a Chevy. You kind of skipped mentioning that difference. ;-)
2003-05-04 03:51:57 PM  
[image from miami.com too old to be available]

Hopefully this didnt come from Castaways Travel Agency's PR department.
2003-05-04 03:55:55 PM  
Hey! No fair! That guy's wearing a sweater!

[image from channel4.com too old to be available]

/That should about finish Cola off
2003-05-04 04:00:16 PM  
Imagine all of Florida's beaches becoming clothing-optional. Factor that in with the fact that Florida is just one big retirement community. Then, take that horribly disgusting image of seeing your grandma or grandpa naked when you were a kid, and multiply it by 100,000.

/Forget the Brillo pads. You're gonna need industrial-strength rust remover
2003-05-04 04:00:47 PM  

Point taken.


Yeah, I did leave that out, but is it any wonder? Everywhere you look, you have all these feel-good groups telling men that women don't care about dick size.

Ron tells guys that this isn't true. He tells them that even if they don't have anything else, a big dick can count for something.
2003-05-04 04:00:51 PM  
Ron Jeremy is going to be at Deja Vu in Ypsilanti Mi on May 15. Why, I have no idea
2003-05-04 04:04:46 PM  

Two things:

1)Is it bad that a person can recognize a strip club just because of the name? You could have totally left out the part about Ron Jeremy being there, and it would have still sounded like a strip joint to me.

/hoping it really is a strip joint

2)I've hear that Ron Jeremy has gone to strip clubs and actually gotten more attention from the guys than the actual girls dancing got from the guys. Strange..........
2003-05-04 04:07:02 PM  
That is disgusting. Is that you?
2003-05-04 04:07:24 PM  
I just had nice thought...

Airplane flights are sooooooo cold!

Hard nips! wo0t!
2003-05-04 04:09:03 PM  
I'm surprised no one has picked up on the paragraph that said the flight crew and staff stayed clothed. While my perverted side says why not undress them, my conservative side knows I wouldn't be caught dead on a flight like that. (or beach, party, etc.)
2003-05-04 04:09:26 PM  
there's an acceptable pun limit? ...someone needs to tell dave barry. i like his columns, but c'mon, dude...
2003-05-04 04:09:43 PM  
JOHNDX.... latest farker to not read the article.
2003-05-04 04:10:11 PM  
SchlingFo: Of course dick size matters. But I hope Ron Jeremy's existence doesn't imply that that's all you need! Supposedly he was also a big sweetie, which made/makes the girls want to work with him over more attractive guys who are assholes. It would be nice if that made an impression as well.
2003-05-04 04:11:38 PM  
For real.

Oh, good. I thought the article was suddenly going to end there and say "Just kidding!"
2003-05-04 04:12:55 PM  

No, that's not me. I have some shame.

I am, however, an Iowan of voting age.
2003-05-04 04:13:03 PM  

I often wonder what movie stars in general, not just pron stars, are like to work with.

I remember that Diana Ross, back in the day, had a rule stating that nobody backstage (crew, staff, etc) could make eye contact with her.

I wonder how spoiled some of these people really are. I can imagine that it'd be easy to let it go to your head.
2003-05-04 04:36:03 PM  
SchlingFo-- I would imagine they're like stage actors multiplied by 200, unless they're young and unknown. I can completely understand actors who like to work in an ensemble, like Christopher Guest and friends. It must be pretty fun to go through your career working and creating continually with your friends. I bet the production crew prefer it as well!

With porn actors, though....can you imagine having sex on film with someone you despise? That must be quite the experience in willpower.
2003-05-04 04:37:25 PM  
i bet that flight smelled great.

I almost sprayed half a pint of beer all over the keyboard and monitor, via my nose-- thank you PurpleGoo! :)

/still giggling
2003-05-04 04:43:39 PM  
Read the FAQ for this site. It's classic.
2003-05-04 04:44:48 PM  
Don't bring your laptop on *this* flight.
2003-05-04 04:44:52 PM  
Wrong thread, sorry.
2003-05-04 04:49:49 PM  
''A nudist never met a stranger,'' said Donna Daniels, co-owner of the Houston-based Castaways with husband Jim Bailey and an in-the-buff traveler on Saturday's flight. ``These are professionals who lead very stressful lives and are ready to let it all go. They are adventurers and risk takers. They don't even want clothes as a constraint. ''
So I am never going to be somebody so long as I keep my clothes on...
2003-05-04 04:52:51 PM  



2003-05-04 04:53:09 PM  
With ...can you imagine having sex on film with someone you despise? That must be quite the experience in willpower.

The more I think about, the more I'm inclinded to say, "not really," Rillion. Consider instead the willpower necessary to work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year (minus sick/vacation days) for a boss/company you absolutely detest. Who's feeling farked there? A pr0n "movie" is filmed in something like, what, two or three days? It's over and done with quickly by comparison, unless someone choose to watch the movie repeatedly to relive the whole (no pun intended) experience.

Fortunately, I speak from experience, but not from present experience: my boss doesn't even understand what I do and therefore gives me free reign to do as I please and the complaintes don't materialize. It's a great "don't ask, you won't understand if I tell you" kind of situation.

/chicks with pale skin the Teh Best!
2003-05-04 04:57:10 PM  
I just emailed you three stories about my campaign for President in 2004. Are there any nude flights in Iowa? I've been there twice campaigning and I have yet to find one.

/Not that I'm looking for one, though
2003-05-04 04:57:18 PM  
[image from member.newsguy.com too old to be available]
I'm looking forward to nude flights.
2003-05-04 04:59:21 PM  
And towels. Lots of fluffy towels.

Read "Naked" by David Sedaris. Great book!
2003-05-04 05:00:50 PM  
I want Xxxjoel to make that argument while having Ron Jeremy's cheesy penis in his mouth. Then I'll believe it.
2003-05-04 05:04:53 PM  
RE: Imcguyver post

It is a little known fact that Donna Daniels and Jim Bailey are the most experts utilized by defense lawyers in internet chatroom crimes.

"ok,ok so he was naked while IMing 15 year old, this simply shows he is a successful high pressured business man imparting his knowledge to impressionable young minds"
2003-05-04 05:06:31 PM  
Dattaway, is that from your "drunk babes I've flown with" folder?
2003-05-04 05:14:49 PM  
I don't know of any commercial nude flights, but there are plenty of crop dusters and other small planes. I'm sure you could get one going with a case of Bud and some greenbacks.
2003-05-04 05:16:31 PM  
Yeah, Cola, I was about to say something similar. I think you have a point, Xxxjoel...but however much I might hate my boss, I still don't have to closely associate with his penis. Of course, I have never worked for people that I actually despise so I don't really have a concrete basis for comparison. I'm hoping I never do!

/all hail pale chicks
2003-05-04 05:25:31 PM  
speaking of nude, i would like to take a nude flight with the featured girl in the fark personals today. That's all.
2003-05-04 05:30:31 PM  

I'm hoping I never do!

And, while we're at it, here's to hoping I win the lottery tomorrow :)

2003-05-04 05:31:32 PM  
I want Xxxjoel to make that argument while having Ron Jeremy's cheesy penis in his mouth. Then I'll believe it.

Point of clarification, Cola: I don't do gay pr0n and I don't think Ron Jeremy has either. To flip the argument, would I 'go south' on someone I think is a skank, say Ginger Lynn or Christy Canyon? Yes- assuming I'm willing to take the risks of the adventure, like assuming the risks of workplace violence when working in a stressful corporate environment or the average American high school these days.

I know it's a "six of one, half dozen of another" kind of argument, but to slightly re-phrase your question and give an answer, yes- I would do pr0n with a (female) skank if that was my chosen line of work.

Please advise if you think my side of the argument here sux ass and I'll rephrase as necessary.

/hails pale chix
2003-05-04 05:32:50 PM  
Dattaway's photo just contributes to my fear of sleeping in public....after all, some jerk might take my photo while pulling a stupid face and post it on Fark or something! Bet that girl doesn't look half bad when she's conscious...
2003-05-04 05:36:20 PM  
Xxxjoel, you can't compare Ginger Lynn and Ron Jeremy.

Would you lick the smegma off the cooch of a fat ugly excessively-hairy 50-year-old woman? I'd rather do tedious office work, myself.

But hey, different strokes.
2003-05-04 05:41:03 PM  
I'm sure you will, think of the promotion sweetie.
that is if you boss is a 50 yr old female....
2003-05-04 05:41:09 PM  
Smegma? No. Beer, yes. Been there, done that (our ages were much less than fifty, but still about ten years apart), had a great time and didn't ask for or get a dime for my efforts. Still, it was a mutually consenting situation between two adults, without video cameras, so I suppose that moots my argument right there.

...and I'm now stuck with the office work.

/I'd rather lick cooch for fun & profit!
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