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2001-09-30 03:35:18 PM  
my link was better than this... it was accepted though
2001-09-30 03:35:59 PM  
that should've been. WASN'T accepted
2001-09-30 03:51:00 PM  
I'm sorry, but windows sounds have to be just about the most annoying thing ever. Next to X-10 ads, of course.
2001-09-30 03:55:04 PM  
it pains my eyes to see that on fark
2001-09-30 04:21:37 PM  
Most of the bottom links are broken, but the first set are good.

Loved the M203. "Thoop . . . . . . . . boom!"
2001-09-30 04:25:07 PM  
there's a reason I turned off the noises on my computer...
2001-09-30 05:05:20 PM  
I didn't know you could use .au files for windows sounds.
2001-09-30 05:09:23 PM  
oh good, now when the next kid goes on a killing spree they'll be able to boot up his computer and find these sounds.
2001-09-30 07:20:54 PM  
The exploding shell should be used when windows crashes...
2001-09-30 07:28:18 PM  
2001-09-30 07:44:05 PM  
Nah, sticking with the MS theme, the bomb wouldn't even go off, Merl.
2001-09-30 07:58:58 PM  
How about, every time one of those "OK" windows pops up, it plays the NutSackDance Squirrel tune?
2001-09-30 08:10:12 PM  
These aren't authentic military sounds, cause there's no soundbite of someone saying "Duh".
2001-09-30 08:26:20 PM  
*looks back at his military experience*

Nope, no "Duh".

Lots of "Hooah" though.
2001-09-30 09:02:54 PM  
Still in military, looking around today, lots less hooah than duh compared to 10 years ago.
2001-09-30 09:04:10 PM  
man, I hated "Hooah". Took me a few months to deprogram myself from reflexively saying it.
still have things floating around picked up from barracks-mates though.
2001-09-30 09:07:46 PM  
Nodhg you live in Land of Morning Calm? What a joke you are. The last time I troubleshooted an AWG-9 radar unit from an F-14 or the last time I broke down and rebuilt a Tomahawk cruise missle not a whole lot of as you say "Duh's" were flying around the room. Get a clue you dumbass. People in the military are not stupid as you seem to think. They, like I once was, are very patriotic people who gave some time from their life to serve the country they love. I will not give you the usual "hey if you do not love it leave it" crap. I think you can stay here and have the freedom of speech that you use to prove your an ass. That right that I fought for and sit back and let you prove your stupidity everyday of your stupid yet free life. This post was not meant to stop your thoughts. It was posted to encourage it because as long as idiots like you can say things that you said. We as Americans have free speech. To everyone else I am sorry. Back to our regular programming.

btw go Dbacks
2001-09-30 09:08:32 PM  
OK... what causes the vanishing articles?
There were two articles after this one for about 10 minutes.
One regarding the origins of the 1040 tax form (which was pretty boring) and one about a Colorado man who found a severed member in his fruit punch.
What gives?
2001-09-30 09:14:02 PM  
RandyJohson: I'm currently 4km from North Korea, keeping your REMF ass free as we speak. We get to play with live rounds over here every day, is that patriotic enough for you? I'm very proud that you "troubleshooted" something, that's very tough of you, hope your fingernails are still whole. I invite you to re-enter the military and continue your defense of freedom, or shut the hell up.
2001-09-30 09:26:01 PM  
I hate to be Reginald Denny here but can't we all just get along? ;-)
2001-09-30 09:28:27 PM  
Nodhg been there done that. Wait no I have not. You are sitting at a truce of a police action that has been there for 50 years. While I broke my back while being called in to as you say "troubleshoot" a F-14 in the gulf war. I would love to "re-enter" as you say. I have one request make it a desk job as I have trouble walking you cock.
I still respect your stupid yet free speech.

btw go Dbacks
2001-09-30 09:31:53 PM  
Oh, so you're a broke-dick and a remf? Been to that gulf war thingy, done that too, buried buddies, still here, and have plenty of desk jobs for the weak.
2001-09-30 09:33:38 PM  
Explain the meaning behind REMF? Not to interrupt the scuffle here... Just curious.
2001-09-30 09:39:18 PM  
REMF is rear-echelon-mother-farker.
As far as the scuffle here, my friend I apologize for all of the above. Read through it and said "Hey, when did I become such an asshole?"
Pray for war, kill for peace.
2001-09-30 09:45:32 PM  
Well, the way I look at it, we're all Americans whether we're serving our country or working a desk job. We should be angry at these terrorist farks and not each other. My grandfather served I don't know how many years as a Green Beret and did 3 tours of duty in 'Nam. My father was in for 7-8 years and went to Grenada to fend of a communist takeover and to help rescue students who were taken hostage and is now a State Trooper on the verge of retirement.

I, myself, was going to go into the millitary, but my father of all people, wanted me to go to college instead because its something he never got to do succesfully. I do have a great job now and would gladly give it up if my country needed me to serve due to need. I have high respect as a civillian when it comes to people who serve our country and have no problems taking up arms if it means protecting our interests. God bless ya man!
2001-09-30 09:46:55 PM  
Nodhg..So let me see the new name for disabled veteran is "broke-dick" and "the weak". I bet your mom, if you have one, is proud. I am still proud I served my country. And though you seem to have problems I am proud of you. Fight for us please. Because we need you.

Go Dbacks
2001-09-30 10:24:52 PM  
I think the sound files from CS and DoD are a lot better than this crap.
2001-09-30 10:35:43 PM  
Disabled U.S. Army Desert storm vet here. I heard a lot of "duh" cuz thats what the LIEUTENANT said a lot. Actually I said it a lot to confuse the REMF's from thinking I might be of value to them, you know, do thier job for them. Anyways, party on dudes, and bomb Bin laden to hell. 8-)
2001-09-30 10:42:02 PM  
Straight from the Special Operations.com front page.
"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat."
(Paris Sorbonne,1910)
The time for in-fighting and finger pointing has passed. Now is the time to realise that the lines that divide us are trivial and small. Those of us who wore the green, no matter what branch or capacity, are all brothers. "Broke-dick" or war ravaged vet we are all family.

-KingOFthePOOPeaters 11B/91B
2001-09-30 10:47:44 PM  
I know, I know, I said I'm sorry, I apologize, I shouldn't have erupted like that. Was trying to make a lame-ass joke with the "Duh" above, but forgot that for many of the stupid I have to put the word sarcasm in front of the joke. I'm sorry,sorry,sorry, is that good enough?
2001-09-30 10:48:11 PM  
I'm not sorry, haha.
2001-09-30 11:03:19 PM  
I don't want you to be sorry. I just want the voices in my head to STOP .
They tell me to say stupid things, and make me make others eat POOP. I can't stop jerking off! Please mister voice in my head, let me stop jerking off.

BTW, most Lieutenants who say "DUH" are products of ROTC. If we have to turn on members of the armed forces, lets farking fry the "rots". Six years of experience and some college kid who didn't even have to go through basic is telling me what to do.
That's why I love America.
Nodhg: thanks for keeping it real.
2001-09-30 11:13:45 PM  
Hey! You got one of those funny jerking off voices too?
2001-09-30 11:22:54 PM  
You share my pain?
I find that when I hit myself in the head with a cast-iron skillet the voices subside for awhile, at least until I regain consciousness. Then they come back.
Gotta go jerk off, later.
2001-09-30 11:24:56 PM  
sweet..but the sounds in Infiltration are way better..at least they sound real :p
2001-09-30 11:25:50 PM  
no it seems you are sorry Nodhg. I hope that helps. I still hope you the best.
yours truly "the broke-dick" and "the weak" disabled veterans of america.

Please America help and assist the "broke-dick" and "the weak" veterans in your town they need your help. Because with people like Nodhg a helping hand will get cut off without your help.

Go Dbacks
2001-10-01 07:10:45 AM  
I'd try it out, but..heh... OSX 10.1 doesn't support Winblowz soundsets.. damn shame

booYaKa niggy!!
2001-10-01 11:43:20 AM  
Hmmm.. Being a product of AFROTC training, and on active duty (Yeah Im a REMF, but my eyesight disqualified me from flying, so STFU), I have learned to respect the enlisted troops and NCOs as the ones who know their jobs. Officers are managers.

Now you Binklord, who pretty much thinks your officers are worthless, should realize that if you take care of your Lieutenant, he'll take care of you, keep the heat off YOUR ass, and let you do your job. Thats what he/she gets paid to do. As any good NCO will tell you, make your officer look good, he in turn will take care of you.

I'll admit that I didnt know anything about the job when I came on active duty. But we rely on YOUR technical expertise to get the planes fixed, the missiles maintained, and the mission completed. The NCO should take it upon him/herself to say 'Hey, el-tee, this is the way we do things around here'. The officer should (if they're not Academy pukes) say 'OK, show me', STFU and learn something.

Academy grads are the worst officers to deal with, since they have been bred with an inherent sense of superiority and forget that they know nothing of the outside world. after being sequestered at West Point, Annapolis or C-Springs for four years.

Thanks Nodhg, for sitting on the DMZ. Most of my buddies have spent their time at Kunsan or Osan, Unfortunately there's limited trips to ROK for my career field.

To RandyJohnson, Binklord and KingOFthePOOPeaters, STFU and get your heads out of your respective rectums. TRAIN that officer of yours, share your knowledge with that lieutenant or captain, and maybe he'll quit saying 'duh'. Jesus H Christ, Im glad Im not in your units, Id kick your asses myself.
2001-10-01 03:31:53 PM  
hooah? duh? stfu? Sorry guys, I know yer talking shop, but this thread stopped being in English many messages ago... Anyone here patient enough to explain to some of us dummies what the above terms/acronyms mean? :-)
2001-10-01 04:49:09 PM  
ex-19k10 (M1 Abrams Tank crewman)...
'hooah' = crunchie (think about the sound of infantry grinding under tank treads) mating call - somehow adapted to the rest of the military to mean 'Hell Yeah' or 'Damn you're a dumbass, but I will make agreeable sounding noise to make you think you have motivated me - now please go away and let me do my farking job'
'duh' = 'duh'
'stfu' = 'shut the fark up'
'snafu' = 'situation normal all farked up'
'bohica' = 'bend over, here it comes again'
there are many many more of these...anyone know of a link for our military lingo challenged friends?
2001-10-01 05:30:48 PM  
Dear Deerslayer, I know this is troll feeding BUT, I have to live with the mistakes of others for the rest of my life. I am currently wheelchair bound due to a FREINDLY fire mishap. Spend a little time in my shoes (or whats left of them) before you decide to praise your Air Force experience. done troll feeding, nuff said. 8-)
2001-10-01 06:08:19 PM  
Grenwulf: thanks! :-) much better.
2001-10-01 10:58:02 PM  

Grenwulf: You forgot 'FUBAR" = 'farked up beyond all recognition'
Seems like everything is fubar anymore.
2001-10-01 11:07:57 PM  
I cant feel your pain, I cannot imagine what your life must be like. Im terribly sorry for what happened to you. I know that you cant blame ME for what happened, it seems you're bitter against anyone who even says anything good and positive about the military and tries to be a bit constructive about it.

I was trying to tell these guys who had nothing good to say about their leadership that maybe they should train their leaders, and make them better.
2001-10-03 09:24:36 PM  
my condolences binklord.
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