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(Exponent)   Guy who wrote letter about fat Purdue girls got over a hundred emails and two death threats. Fark reference in article   ( divider line
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12896 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 May 2003 at 11:00 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-03 03:47:57 AM  

If you're going to write a ballsy letter to the paper, then don't back down!

Fatties... no energy.
2003-05-03 04:17:20 AM  
A whole thread with ugly guys bashing fat chicks?

2003-05-03 04:21:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-03 04:46:43 AM  
Americans arent traveling much these days, except to the nearest slop pit. A couple of years ago I saw an image that will forever haunt me:

I was sitting in traffic when a family I knew waddled groaningly twenty-two feet across the parking lot from their sagging but relieved minivan to the McFood trough, three generations of pure American morbid obesity. Dad and Grandma weigh in excess of 300 pounds each, Mom must dress out at 250 pounds easy, and Junior, all of six years old, weighs a whopping 110 pounds. Not only can he not run or play, he is already the target of teasing in school.

The family asked my advice regarding enrolling the kid in the martial arts, and have him compete at Junior Sumo tournaments where he can crush any kid his age. The kid told me that he enjoys hitting really little kids because they cant hit back hard.

I knew enough about them to know that they would never listen, and resisted the impulse to scream at them STOP FEEDING THAT KID!

2003-05-03 04:55:51 AM  
WTF? I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly.
2003-05-03 05:11:12 AM  
So much for free speech.
2003-05-03 05:44:11 AM  
I'm talking about people who are just spiteful, like the guy that wrote this letter, that are just trying to be mean.

I'm trying not to sound like a whiny ass, cause I'm really not. but when I hear my girlfriend say "I'm so fat" when she weighs less than 90 pounds, it makes me kind of sick.

Ok this is a personal opinion, however I think it may let you into why women can end up with eating disorders and can act like emotional idiots.

Women have 2 brains

1st brain is logical: It is the one that says I'm ok I eat healthy, I don't have spare tyres, love handles or saddlebags. The level of fat I have stops me from being a skeleton and helps my fertility levels I am good.

2nd brain is emotional: It says oh no I don't look equivalent to that model on tv (even though the model looks like a prepubescent boy). If I don't lose heaps of weight my boyfriend who has been with me for years through thick and thin will leave me I must now purge the lettuce that I just ate.

I have no answers to these 2 brains women have and I doubt it will ever change. Sorry men you wonder why you can't understand us. Secret: We can't either.

Also if you think this is only a female problem as more emphasis is put on the male figure think again there is a rise in male eating disorders. Not good.

Having said all that just one last thing

2003-05-03 05:51:16 AM  
Sic the feds on the death threats and presto. Another few articles.
2003-05-03 06:13:04 AM  
Why are Americans and Australians becoming so fat?


Inability of parents to say no. Learn the farking word.
Fear: parents who have to drive their children to school even though it is only 1 or 2 km away...let them walk or walk with them or ask their childminder to walk with them
Wrong food: why do you have all those biscuits, chips etc in your pantry its not good for you or them and they get a taste for it. throw it out and put some fruit and vegies in there.
Allowing inappropriate dress: If your son or daughters stomach is poring out of their pants grab them put them in the bedroom and tell them to change or they go no-where.

Money: many people complain about being poor however they have enough money to snack all day. Many years back the family could only afford the basic meals this stopped alot of weight gain.

To the people who are fat and think this is ok.

Do something
Go down the street and every old person you meet ask how old you are. write down how many are over 60, 65, 70 or 75
You will find that they start to diminish and over 75 you will see hardly any.

They either die or lose weight.
2003-05-03 06:56:43 AM  
I dont understand WHY people think because you're skinny that you live longer. It's not necessarily true. Skinny people die of massive heart attacks, and strokes all the time.

Yes, I will agree that sometimes excessive weight causes some problems. These same problems can be found in skinny people too. I know skinny diabetics and I know skinny people with high cholesterol.

Death doesn't care what size you are. If it's your time to go then you will leave here, period. Fat or skinny.

As far as the clothes, I do agree some overweight people wear things that are inappropriate. I personally hate anything that shows rolls, so I buy my size and sometimes a bit larger for breathing room. Now this is NOT a problem for just fat people. I've seen skinny people who won't buy a bigger size. I've seen skinny people wearing hideous clothing.

The point that I'm making is, it's not a "fat" thing. It's society preaching that women should be like Victoria Secrets models and men can look however they want. If a man or woman has a problem with "fat people", that's cool. But remember, there is at least ONE THING wrong with EVERYBODY.

ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-05-03 07:06:32 AM  
I too lost all respect for this guy when he backed down.

The newspaper should make anybody who writes a letter in response list her weight.

For example,

"Purdue women are not fat! And you're a loser who will never get a date again.



241 pounds"
2003-05-03 08:03:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Is what she's drawing what she's really thinking?
2003-05-03 08:18:04 AM  
I think the point here is that it's sad and pathetic that Mr. Brown is under the impression that the girls of Perdue are there solely to impress and please him.

The fact that his girlfriend dumped him would prove that perhaps this is not the case.
2003-05-03 08:27:08 AM  
Pet peeve: College newspaper staff (who are often studying journalism or at least something English-related) who can't write to save their life.
2003-05-03 08:38:54 AM  

Here's another song about fat chicks (excuse me: the gravitationally challenged). It's called Wide Load:

Excuse me for calling you shallow,
You judge another by their weight, not their value.
I keep sticking to my thinking,
All the while, I hear you singing

Wide load, wide wide load,
Wide load, oversized load.
Wide load, wide wide load,
Wide load, oversized load.

Check out the size of that girl's backside,
I ain't never seen nothin' so wide.
When she walks by, the ground it does shake,
When she runs, she cause an earthquake.
She's a real big momma, size extra-large.
Throw her in the water, and use her as a barge.
[She's got more rolls than a bakery shop],
You'd be grouchy if she were on top.


That girl, she's a little biatchunky.
That boy, is a little bit hefty.
That girl, she's a little biatchunky.

I have to ask you a question:
Must you always emphasize dimension?
Check out the size of that girl's caboose!
I said, you try to get away but it ain't no use.
Better run for cover or she'll trample you.
She leaves footprints in the sidewalk as she passes through.
But aren't you looking at the surface?
You know you're rewarded without a purpose.


I don't want her,
You can have her,
She's too fat for me.
I don't want her,
You can have her,
She's too fat for me.
I don't want her,
You can have her,
She's too fat for me.
She's too fat, she's too fat, she's too fat for me.

2003-05-03 09:45:30 AM  
...fat and spiteful = new hotness?
2003-05-03 09:51:22 AM  
If sandwichboard-girl is representative of Perdue women, no wonder he's upset! Now that's a Pedue oven-stuffer roaster!
2003-05-03 10:01:06 AM  
fat chicks in sandwich board...

mmmm... sandwiches
mmm... chicken sandwiches...
2003-05-03 10:06:40 AM  
I think the point a lot of you fattie-bashers are missing is that people who have nothing better to do with their time or brain cells than jump up and down like little trained monkeys pointing and screaming "fattie wattie wattie, nanna nanna boo boo!" are ugly, no matter what they look like.

They may be fat, but you're stupid and at least they can diet.
2003-05-03 10:07:19 AM  
Here's another song about fat chicks (excuse me: the gravitationally challenged). It's called Wide Load:

wouldn't gravitationally challenged be a 97lb weakling? Fat ppl should be referred to as gravitationally inordinate?, I guess that's offensive too...
2003-05-03 10:25:36 AM  

what's a mouth-breather?? From where else do you breathe?
2003-05-03 10:30:01 AM  
They may be fat, but you're stupid and at least they can diet

heh heh
I guess can is the key word here, isn't it?
2003-05-03 10:31:53 AM  
Well, if we're posting song lyrics... Has anyone heard this one by Slick Rick (The Ruler!) with Morcheeba?

The name of this entertainement
is women lose weight
Our first years of mariage
everything was just great
But after two kids
and a weight gain factor
The fact is now
she's completely unattractive
Look fat chicks
I don't mean to sound rude
I tell her nice hit the gym
and don't eat so much food
But no, 'Your shallow,
you need to run the course
of unconditionnal love and
so forth'
But how If desire's is not there
that's just delayment
Divorce is, child support,
alimony payments
My happiness I doubt
So hurry for an easier way
out of this marriage
Meanwhile my secretary June,
well groomed
'When you gonna leave
your wife?'
I tell her soon mommy soon I
Or my destiny is blue
Interestingly the only thing
left for me to do
Is to kill her
What a surpriser
Open your eyes, A
Woman advisor
I'm going to have to kill her
Of course there's laws
which enforces divorces
I'll send that ass right
To the morgue miss
My plans against or
shenanigans kinda ran thin
Knowin' nothing about
poisoning and I can't swim
Bad intentions pumping,
might as well become numb
Cut her lungs or the obvious
robbery gone wrong
But the catch is do I
have the nerve to dispatch this
Who can i get to help me
murder this fat chick?
I guess i'll have to play
a dude robbin
On Wednesday the day
she usually goes food shopping
Anyway, long story short;
hit the side of her Chrysler
And sent her clean over the divider
You bastard she said as the
went tumblin down the hill
I thought she has to be dead
Later on get a call from a
Lieutenant O'Rourke
Had me leaping like a frog
'We need you at the morgue'
So I selfishly pursue
Boo Hoo there was nothing
else for me to do
I had to kill her
What a surpriser
Screaming who done took my
Acting shakin up a lot
At the funeral, though everyone
was lookin at me odd
Like i did it
Like i was the reason
my mates slain
Murmuring, I heard he was
displeased with her weight gain
While my secretary sort of a
sexy blonde, can't cook
All she does is order from
All of the sex you want
I doubt could adress
Clothes not washed proper
and house look a mess
And talkin to detectives
that was waitin outside
How I took a long lunch
break day the wife died
I darn near turned pale
And because of betrayal
They indicted me and
gave me an impossible bail
Good fortune to anyone
admiring the rawtent
Moral of the story
is desire is important
So watch your weight
It'll keep you mate smitten
It's a given
Though looking back I realise
I didn't have to kill her
What a surpriser
Well there you have it
Keep trim,
keep your mariage healthy
Do you know what I mean
A small message from Morcheeba
and Slick Rick the ruler
2003-05-03 10:37:09 AM  
what's a mouth-breather?? From where else do you breathe?

sorry Ordinary_Girl, I guess Rubeoni was assuming that everybody had a nose. Well, some of us do, anyway. Shame on you Rubeoni!

2003-05-03 11:22:14 AM  

I disagree with the "bastard" part of your statement, but otherwise you're right on the nose. I am saying that McDonalds is at least partially to blame for America's obesity problem.

And I think that, in many cases, telling a fat person to diet and get some exercise is like telling a stupid person to just pick up a book. I don't think it's that simple. This isn't to say that fat people are incapable of diet and exercise, only that it's much harder for some people under some conditions than it is for others.

With regards to people whining, I can't say that I've ever experienced that. I mean, I've known a bunch of overweight people, and very few of them go around crying "Waah! I have an inactive thyroid! Waah!" Maybe if you gave them shiat they'd say that, but I try to avoid giving people shiat, so I wouldn't know.
2003-05-03 11:49:47 AM  
I'm a fat man trapped in a skinny man's body. Only a real woman can set me free.
2003-05-03 12:11:04 PM  
Farkin_lady, fair enough, but the fact is that there are a lot of fat people in the US. I'm not exactly Mister Universe myself, but at least I work out regularly, and have some concern for my diet. It's when people just don't care at all that it's a huge problem.

Seal Hunter: I am saying that McDonalds is at least partially to blame for America's obesity problem

I wouldn't say so. Sure, their food may be to blame, but whose choice is it to eat that food? Since when was it the job of corporations to make sure we wipe our bottoms and live good lives? If a person can't make good choices for themself, then that isn't a problem that any company can fix.
2003-05-03 12:27:50 PM  
The Oprahization of America continues...

It's fine for women to say men are insensitive and selfish, but point out that a woman is a blimp and watch the PC police throw a fit.

And I'm a liberal - and proud of it!
2003-05-03 12:40:06 PM  
Well spoken, Revtiernan. For some reason I have a hard time believing that all of the people in this thread are stunning examples of physical beauty. If you're not attracted to fat people, fine-- don't date them. People can't help what turns them on and what doesn't. But slamming them for it? Even though I'm not fat myself, I couldn't date someone who did that-- stupid people are not attractive.
2003-05-03 01:15:48 PM  
I'm a fat guy, so I'll speak out on all this here. I'm lazy. I'm slothful. You can call people fatties, but remember, we dont eat babies. Scientologists eat babies. Fat people eat Scientologists. Bring me Kirstie Alley, slow roasted to a golden brown, before she eats anymore innocent infants!

that is all.
2003-05-03 01:42:44 PM  
Seal Hunter

Sorry, no. You can eat healthy, no matter how many McDeath's and KFC's are around your office. It's not about being fat, it's about accepting some responsibility for your fatness, and either doing something about it or not minding it. There are some really nice flab-fetishists out there. Plus, with most of america being "obese", we'll soon be changing the standards of obese. Then nobody'll be fat anymore.


[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-03 02:06:16 PM  
2003-05-03 02:09:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-03 02:26:52 PM  
Well, I guess it's a continuum of sorts ... lets say that McDonalds had a government-sanctioned monopoly on food, and you couldn't get it any other place. You couldn't even grow your own. Would McDonalds be to blame if people were obese in that case?

Now say that you could only buy food at McDonalds, but you could grow it on your own. That's a lot of money and time and hard work, but it is another option. Is McDonalds to blame for the nation's obesity in this case? If so, is it less to blame?
2003-05-03 02:34:47 PM  
I would say yes in both cases, though one big problem we have when dealing with these issues is that we don't have a very good model for apportioning blame. People seem to use a few general heuristics:

Someone or something can be said to be at fault for an even if:

a) it can be shown that said event would have been less likely in the absence of said person or said thing (i.e. causality)

b) if blame had been apportioned to similar people or things under similar circumstances (i.e. consistency)

c) if said person or thing is not the same person or thing distributing the blame (i.e. not me)

Using these same heuristics, you'll get different results asking different people, which is why we tend to spend a lot of time arguing and don't seem to make much progress.
2003-05-03 02:59:20 PM  
To no one in particular:

You don't see any fat women in Africa, do you?
2003-05-03 06:41:46 PM  

'Cause there's not much of a welfare program across the lake from me like you folks have in the US?
2003-05-03 09:34:07 PM  
I don't think it's likely the writer of the article will go through the rest of college without getting laid. Women, like men, don't all share an opinion on this kind of thing.

/m i s a n t h r o p i c - biatch
2003-05-03 09:50:08 PM  
But for every bad thing that someone has said about this newspaper, or however many times it is called "The Excrement," there are praises and rewards. Yes, from time to time, we get thanks for what is printed.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-05-03 10:43:04 PM  
some kids call it the excrement! kids at purdue are great
2003-05-03 10:58:55 PM  
Rillion: Thank you. I agree with you. I'm not claiming to be any miss America, but in my experience people who are cruel to someone about their looks lack the degree of depth and thoughtfulness I consider essential to beauty. I don't care if they believe the person can change or not. Why should they have to just to be treated with simple adult courtesy? It says more about the insult-slingers than it ever could about their targets.

Crazy_gaijin: Indeed. And I would rather date the overweight man who can lose weight and chooses instead to value himself for who he is regardless of whether or not he diets than the slender man whose self-esteem is so nonexistant he has to put the overweight man down to make himself feel good.

Would rather, and have. Fat may be unhealthy, but it's nowhere near as ugly as cruelty.
2003-05-04 12:44:24 AM  
The Exponent isn't worth being used as shiat paper. When I saw the letter posted on Fark, I actually thought, "That's the most coherent and thoughtful thing I've ever read from the Exponent."

An engineering school shouldn't have a newspaper. School of Liberal Arts my ass.

/end anti-Exponent rant
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