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2003-05-02 04:35:08 PM  
No shiat.
2003-05-02 04:36:57 PM  
I can't wait for us to install this type of democracy in Iraq.

"A vote for Muhammed Al-Sharif is a vote for TEXACO !"

2003-05-02 04:37:06 PM  
2003-05-02 04:37:47 PM  
woohoo special interests can now do campaign ads.

Bush to McCain - kiss my ass.
2003-05-02 04:37:52 PM  
Damn, that pesky Constitution. If only the courts would give equal consideration to the other parts of the Constituion besides the first amendment.
2003-05-02 04:37:54 PM  
"And in return I will teach you how to make one million dollar. You say WHAT!? I don't believe. So simple. no skill involved at all."

I'm w0nky.
2003-05-02 04:37:57 PM  
I knew it was too good to be true. :(
2003-05-02 04:38:00 PM  
2003-05-02 04:38:12 PM  
Everyone head for the hills!
2003-05-02 04:38:24 PM  
Good to see the courts standing up for the little guy....and by little guy I mean huge multinational corporations.
2003-05-02 04:38:59 PM  
govern next year's high-stakes presidential election

When is the presidential race not high-stakes?!
2003-05-02 04:39:19 PM  
$cientologists for Bush!
2003-05-02 04:39:20 PM  
Thank goodness.....

The 2004 Election has been brought to you by Pepsi....

$ Grep 'sarcasm' post | more
2003-05-02 04:39:24 PM  

[image from smalldogdesign.com too old to be available]

This affects me in absolutely no WAY!

I like steak.
2003-05-02 04:39:32 PM  
Farking unions! Fark them. Fark. Farkers.
2003-05-02 04:39:51 PM  
This is should get a "Obvious" tag

it was a total attack on the first amendment. Not limiting Political speech is what the first amendment is about
2003-05-02 04:39:54 PM  

You only listed corporations - you're forgetting union political contributions. So it would also be NEA-AFLCIO-America.
2003-05-02 04:40:12 PM  
I'm gonna be lazy and just let you farkers tell me what to make of all this.
2003-05-02 04:40:38 PM  
This court decision was b(r)ought to you by the good people of Halliburton
2003-05-02 04:41:23 PM  
I can't wait to read the rational on this one once the Justices opinions are published.

If they are defending a corporations right to free speach I just may move to Cannada. CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE AND WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE. THEY STARTED AS A LIABILITY SHEILD IN SHIPPING!!!!!!
2003-05-02 04:41:42 PM  
2003-05-02 04:41:55 PM  

Excellent impersonation of the voting public watching political ads.
2003-05-02 04:42:08 PM  
The Incumbent Protection Act is dead!


/work surrenders today
2003-05-02 04:42:27 PM  
I feel that somehow, someway, my third amendment rights are being violated here.

Get out of my house!

Back to politics as usual I guess. Down with the grassroots - as long as big business is happy, the country will be happy.

Just think kids, someday, you can have a corporation buy you an election. If that fails, of course, you can just have the Supreme Court give you one.
2003-05-02 04:42:54 PM  
Placing a $1000 limit om political contributins violates the part of the Constituion that says, "Congress shall make NO law abidging freedom of speech"?

In other news...the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. And two plus two equals four.
2003-05-02 04:43:35 PM  
The apathy regarding this irritates me, but I must admit that it's probably better for the circulation.
2003-05-02 04:43:38 PM  

It's not JUST corporations' rights to free speech - it's any organization at all. The McCain-Feingold act as written would have prohibited non-profit groups as well, like the ACLU or the NRA.
2003-05-02 04:44:07 PM  
Thanks to the Rebubs, you no longer matter, Y vote?
2003-05-02 04:44:17 PM  
What a farking joke.

It's like I've always said "a government for the corporations, by (buy?) the corporations."

2003-05-02 04:44:25 PM  
Man I wish I knew what this all means. Oh well, back to the boobies.
2003-05-02 04:44:46 PM  

Do you still belive in the boogie-man and the tooth fairy? They are imaginary entities too, just like a corporation. Imaginary individuals were really not what the founding fathers had in mind.
2003-05-02 04:45:40 PM  
[image from students.uwf.edu too old to be available]

kim jong il can't believe it!
2003-05-02 04:45:47 PM  
05-02-03 04:39:24 PM CatchrNdRy


This affects me in absolutely no WAY!

I like steak.

Keep thinking that, moron. Your stupid opinion is whats wrong with the majority of Americans.
2003-05-02 04:46:33 PM  
Unfortunately, corporations ARE people.
Kind of makes me wonder why corporate raiders were never charged with murder.
2003-05-02 04:46:40 PM  
But they have to rule this way, since court precident declares that a corporation is legally pretty much the same as an individual.
2003-05-02 04:47:05 PM  
Farkin simpletons...all of you.
2003-05-02 04:47:11 PM  
And let me be surprised now at the ruling... OK, I lied. I'm not. Big businesses will always control the government and her policies, unless some Americans decide to start a revolution, nothing with change for the better, anymore.
2003-05-02 04:47:26 PM  
Onyx--are you trying to repress the tooth fairy? bastard!
2003-05-02 04:47:52 PM  
Legalized bribery remains legal because it benefits Republicans, and the courts are stackec with Republican judges. Welcome to fascism.

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini
2003-05-02 04:48:18 PM  
As long as they keep the 'Government Issued Cheese' coming, I don't care.
2003-05-02 04:48:19 PM  
While I might not like the results, these laws were clearly in violation of the First Amendment. They had to be declared unconstitutional.
2003-05-02 04:48:39 PM  
Who challenged the ruling? Anyone know?
2003-05-02 04:48:45 PM  
and yet, still no cure for the Patriot Act.

/new legal cliche?
2003-05-02 04:48:55 PM  
corporations simply provide money. the real problem here is that too many americans vote what their tv tells them, making corporate money necessary to buy tv ads
2003-05-02 04:49:00 PM  
Big Al
It wasn't me. i went away for a few minutes and my pug took over my computer. He likes steak.
2003-05-02 04:49:12 PM  

mmm ... government cheese
2003-05-02 04:49:15 PM  
Actually, it benefits democrats too.

Both sides get their take...and then they appoint federal judges. It's against the judges interests to rock the boat.
2003-05-02 04:49:45 PM  
Republicans have farks us all, and the worst part is that most American are too stupid/inbread/drunk to even know that they've been screwed!
2003-05-02 04:50:03 PM  

Special interest money and one issue voters are killing the entire democratic proccess anyway. What in the mane of Donkeysweat do i care if my mayor is pro choice or pro life?

Hell, I LIKE the ACLU and I still don't think they have a place contributing money enmasse to political parties. As a nation we need to take a serious look at how ORGANIZATIONS (Profit or non) are treated under the law. Every member of the ACLU has a right to free speach and the right to contribute to a campaign. The entity of "THE ACLU" is not real and "Rights" were never meant to be for make believe people.
2003-05-02 04:50:03 PM  
Reality calling - the only reason this bill got passed was because the congresscritters knew the SCOTUS would shoot it down. Hell, Rush Limbaugh predicted this over a year ago.

Policiticians love to talk about campaign finance reform - it makes them sound less sleazy - but they sure as hell don't want it.
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